Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Interesting Ingo Tweet

Just tweeted:

Dont expect to c me much on GH. once a week seems to the norm for me if that. I must have peed in the pool and was fresh out of chlorine :-) 
I’ll be on the air for the next week or 2 a bit. But after that a lot less. Sorry guys. I don’t know what to tell u.  It’s not my call.”

Interesting because we know he's not been on a ton--there are rumors many people have taken time/pay cuts  (all over ABC daytime, not just GH) -- and  he may just be cutting back by taking more time in little bits than in great chunks.


  1. I wonder if this post was a subtle request for Ingo/Jax fans to get to campaigning for his airtime?? I definitely will be sending off a few postcards today!

  2. I sent off an email for save Jax and Kate.

  3. I think this is sad. He was angry and nervous after the initial Becky reveal, and now he gets to see Becky saved while he's kicked to the curb. I'm not a big Jax fan, he hasn't been written positively in quite awhile, but this is still disheartening...

  4. Okay - so we have all of these awful newbies, but Ingo can't buy airtime? Booooooooo!

  5. I think Ingo is expecting something, because after saying it was good the fans were able to get Becky back, he said

    "I can only hope For that kinda love if I get fired."

    Maybe he's heard the rumors too.


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