Saturday, February 19, 2011

We Wub Brenda's Wedding Rejects!!

Exclusive: Only on the WUBS Network can you see the wedding items that Ms. B almost used for her big day. With so many people providing input, she had to pick and choose just what she'd wear and decorate with. In the interest of fairness, I thought you'd like to see what ALMOST happened.

This was the divine dress that Siobhan sent...she "taught it 'twer der loverly'...

Kate sent this off the Milan runway. The octopus "legs" can be pulled up to reveal machine guns which she knows are so often needed when marrying Sonny Corinthos.

Rejected Cake sent by Anthony Zacchara (made in the prison bakery)
Coleman thought this would be PERFECT...but alas, Brenda didn't have the chestaloons for it.

Molly found this DREAMY and loved the little animals too. She and Krissy would wear
the "Jasmine" and "Belle" bridesmaids dresses.

Jax wanted Brender to wear this number so she hopefully would never be able to remove it.
Diane had every intention of sending these shoes ....but kept them for herself.

Alas, Spinelli's great vision of matrimony could not be realized. 


  1. Those are great!!!!! Really fun blog post!
    You found just the best pictures and captioned them perfectly.

  2. That one dress was gross. I would think her family wanted to crawl under the pews;)

  3. That was the best post EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tee hee hee . . .Especially the "chestaloons!"

  5. Surprisingly, there were several dresses like the one with the boobs popping out on the net!! LOL...

  6. Really funny stuff. I loved Spinelli's dream wedding! Just perfect.

  7. I must be related to Molly, cause I actually loved that dress, but my favorite part was the wedding cake! Priceless!!

  8. Woah! These are actually disasters! How can they even think wearing such a thing? Oh my god! This is outrageous. People must go to wedding expos that keep happening in venue NYC. There they have beautiful gowns and wedding ideas. These people need it very badly!


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