Friday, February 18, 2011

SID saying Becky Herbst is STAYING on GH... Fishy or Wishy?

Back in January I asked a simple question about the whole Rebecca Herbst firing... Brilliant PR move or just plain stupid? Hit the link and read the whole post. Like I said it was a WIN-WIN no matter what happened. 

If it WAS a PR stunt it worked perfectly-- the show got a TON of mail, phone calls and even a cover about it on SOW. NOW they look like the GOOD GUYS for saving Becky from leaving the show.
If it WASN'T a PR stunt, they still look like the GOOD GUYS for listening to the fans. 

I am so cynical. Heh.... and given the fact people suspected something was up from the get-go, you just gotta wonder.
Either way, CONGRATS to the Becky fans out there, you poured it out and it worked!! Maybe everyone on set reduced budgets across the board? We'll see.
Also, the story arc for Liz will have to be  changed, so spoilers are probably off. 

Check with Soaps In Depth today for full story. 
Update: 10:28am: @lldubs tweeted: I thinks its true Becky is staying! That's Laura Wright, who plays Carly. 


  1. I'm happy RH keeps her job because I know she needs it but if I were her I'd tell them to suck it. Her s/ls are so pathetic. Hopefully they give her something of quality to work with.

  2. I agree with Carrie fully! Though I am glad I don't have to completely give up on GH, I think Becky should take her talent to some one that doesn't (pardon my french) dick her around.
    Congrats to Becky though!

  3. I was thinking about that, but really with her kids and all, her salary has to be pretty good because she's been there so long. It would be hard for her to leave I would think. I just HOPE THIS MEANS good stories all around.

  4. I wonder if she took a pay cut?

  5. All I can say is GOOD. I really hope the writers give her a decent storyline. Hook her up with Jax!

  6. GET OUT!!!! REALLY?!!?!?! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I wonder what happened! :) I want the real story! :)

  7. I am thrilled that Becky isn't we just need for Guza to undo the mess he's made of her character...good luck on that one.

    Had a thought last night...Franco is on his way in and the Balkan mess is in full swing...could it be that Theo and Suzanne had yet another son? and his name is Franco???? would explain a lot i think...then again,lol

  8. I am so happy Becky is staying...good move gh... youll stay on my dvr now

  9. Oh so happy about this. After being a GH watcher from the time I was 14, (which coincidentally was around the time when Becky joined the cast), I was seriously going to quit the show over this. I've threatened that before over lousy writing and mismanaged talent, but this was actually going to be it for me. I wonder if they were smart enough to make this a PR stunt.

  10. Now all they have to do is give her a story that doesn't suck!

  11. Karen so far no official announcement from ABC. Should we worry.



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