Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Surgery: Missing Charts, a TON of you loved the show on Friday! All the BOOM and the DRAMAZ going on!! I of course, noticed all the holes drilled into the story--which naturally, drove me insane. I swear the continuity people were on vacation along with the editors. Since they had a WEEK of the wedding, you'd think they could have told the tale in a more detailed, woven way.  We know the actors are's the rest of the sheeze that bothered me. AND YOU KNOW I'm going to dish about it today!! 

Some observations:

1. Most obvious omission: Food and Music at the reception.  They didn't even TRY to pretend. Hell, there wasn't even utensils or plates on the tables. LOL. Carly said "The food is great" and then Michael and Abby sat there tasting air. The silence was deafening as well. Nothing? No background anything? God,  get an ipod dock!

2. Second most obvious omission: Carole the wedding planner. Er...last I looked they were everywhere during a wedding and at the reception.  Surely they could have paid to have her on a few more days. 

3. Missing Persons: Max gets knocked out by Carly-she has time to change, do her hair and go to the entire wedding. Milo was sent out for pizza. Are you telling me neither one made it to the reception? If only to check on things?? Sonny didn't even ask where they were when Carly showed up!

4.  More Missing Persons: Diane comes into the office, dressed for the wedding (which she didn't attend as it was going on when she was in there). Finds out about the Balkan--and is never seen again. Never made it to the party. 

5. Time Warp: Johnny and Lisa were at Jake's when the wedding was happening. They had time to get back to his place, sleep together and then WAKE UP...all while the reception was still going on. It was like a night flew by for them,  but no one else.

6.  Transporter: Carly was an EXCEPTIONAL speed demon-- she leaves the reception and in a split second finds Shawn at the Pine Barrens -- not only that she sees him in the pitch dark, lying on the side of the road. She gets him in the car and takes him home-- all in about the time it took for 3 people to make "toasts" at the wedding.

7. Jason and Sam: First off, they get to the offices of Diane and Alexis in 3.4 seconds.  How Jason knew where they were, no one knows.  Secondly, Jason gets to Carly's house, holds Shawn at gunpoint in about 1.1 seconds. The whole time, Sam is gone, not one person asks about her.  Not Alexis, not her sisters--no one.  I think Carly mentioned in passing. Jason was really not concerned after she was taken by the Balkan as to her whereabouts.

8.  The bomb aftermath: While everyone was standing around-- we only saw the back of ONE fireman's helmet.  That was it. You'd think Mac would have ran in? Ronnie? People were freaking out a bit--but outside? Pretty calm for a bomb going off, imo. It needed to be WAY more dramatic for me. The best part of course, was Jax/Sonny confrontation. Thank goodness that was written in or I would have been major upset.

9. Siobhan and Lucky: Oh, why-why WHY were they stuck in Ireland rescuing Megan? Given the fact that The Balkan really had NO use for Siobhan other than to make us crazy, and the whole "Ireland" rescue took on a level of stupidity not seen for a long time. Making Suzanne the Balkan's wife was clever but it totally negated the Siobhan saga. He didn't need her as a "spy" or anything else. That's why rewrites never make sense. 

10. The little things:  These just bother me. Where were  Steve and Olivia when the bomb went off? I guess they left.  No way Carly wouldn't have gone to the reception site after the bomb blew to see her kids. I don't care who's bleeding on her couch. Edward made it there in his PJs ...but Tracey didn't? Mac or Ronnie should have shown up.  How did Brenda pee in that wedding dress? hee hee..ok, I just threw that in there to see if you were paying attention. 

I really wish people would have had coats on too--it's damn freezing here in the winter. Besides Carly, it was like summer. I am eternally grateful that Brender changed and put on her sweater. 

You know I did love parts of the wedding... I just believe that they could have done SO much better with timelines/continuity and flow.  Sonny acted SO out of character after the reveal,  it was hard to swallow. I am happy for SnBers though-- believe me I know you waited a long time.  Congrats! Now, we get to watch Brenda lay around the Bat Cave for days. *sigh*
She will realize though her baby could still be alive because Suzanne was there-- although how she could have given birth knocked out is a whole 'nother pain in my brain! Check out the SCOOPS for all the action. Hit a sponsor to keep the wub going! Thanks!!

OSCARS tonight! I'm on #GHOscars timeline if you want to play!!


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  2. Great post And yes these thing bothers me too..
    and I love that you mention Mac&PCPD this was the wedding of a major Crime figure!! shouldn't mac be there ? especially when Robin is involve UGH

    Don't forget Karen that when both Sonny&Brenda were planning to leave the reception cake was full!!!!! also when Scrubs entered the church after the bomb went off the cake was seen and was FULL!!!!
    now, I was on the chat w/KMC and she said they shoot the scrubs scenes earlier before the scenes of the bomb...
    But couldn't they think of that???? if the scenes are after the wedding where they suppose to eat the cake.....

    About Jason&Sam that part I can understand why Jason wasn't asking about Sam, its for the drama..
    Sam told Jason that she has feeling that she should go w/him&Shawn he didn't want it he wanted to make sure she is safe, so that is what he thought.. Alexis thought That Jason Is w/Sam doing something like always so she had no reason to worry...
    Sonny&Brenda were more about themselves so they didn't really think about Jason&Sam..
    Carly did and Spinelly told her he has feeling that something bad is happening..
    when he came to Jason,Jason thought SPinelli left before Sam came..
    when Jason was w/Sonny after the explosion I don't think he thought something will happened to Sam.

    So on Friday when It was Sam. you saw Jason's pain and shock, its going to be about Jason not listening to Sam when she had feeling that she should stay w/him its the story and not really the writing that was w/holes JMO.

    Friday episode for me was the best of the week everyone gave amazing performances MO Ingo Kim and Steve at the end when Jason saw Sam..
    and the cliffhanger was real cliffhanger that made you wish for monday,something that GH didn't Do for long long time!!!

  3. I so agree on the actors, you know that. They are ALWAYS brilliant no matter what. LOL

  4. I totally agree with the bothersome items Karen. I also have something that drove me batty. Is it now the "in thing" for bridesmaids to carry bath scrubies instead of flowers? That drove me nuts all week. I love wedding flowers and all I could think was, "couldn't someone run to the nearest box store and get those girls some daisies"? And is anyone getting a little bored with Patrick whinning at Robin that he loves her all the time? Stop begging dude. Sheesh.

  5. did anyone take photos? i know there was no papparazzi for the world's most glamorous super model, but did any of the guests take photos?

    i thought people did that at weddings.

  6. Karen how could Brenda pee in her dress? ROFL! She could hardly walk in that thing! ROFL! Luckily she didn't fall on her face! :)

  7. Karen,

    I think they were more concerned about the budget than is it that OLTL can have outdoor shots, location shots, be the best show on ABC Daytime and manage to be the only show that stays under budget? Probably because they spend next to no money on any Click,Boom is more important to Guza to blow something up than to worry about a little thing like continuity or actually having people (and staff) at a wedding reception...

  8. I watched Friday's episode on Hulu. At the 18:00 minute mark, when Lulu and Dante are talking, Dante calls her Brenda?!?

    Lulu: "This is not important right now."

    Dante: "I, I actually think it is important, Brenda."


    Loved Ingo's speech to Sonny. Very powerful, spot on, and something that needed to be said to Sonny's face for a long time.

  9. Did you notice at one point before the bomb goes off, Robin goes back into the reception and the wide pan shows the cake still untouched!?


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