Friday, February 4, 2011

Soap Opera Friday: FINALLY!

Here we are, another Friday under our belts!! This week seemed SO LONG when watching  GH.  Goodness. Yesterday was a chore. Today? tell  me.
NEW SPOILERS are up!! Some wedding things are coming in...I'll  be getting more all weekend I hope. Sonny's missing his wedding ring...what else can go wrong??! 

              Ingo and his son Peanut, skiing the other day. He tweeted this out to the GH fans!!

AMC...who lets a lady in a hospital gown out in the middle of nowhere in the snow?? Some stupid cab driver, there.Loved Colby being handcuffed. heh ambulance: SUCH A CLIFFHANGER!

OLTL: A DOUBLE WEDDING soaptastical day!! woot!! Loved Vamal and Rama in their Indian Finery!! Such a fine, wonderful drama for a Friday!! Marty remembering and Clint being all nasty. Delish!! Clint was just nasty!!  baby reveal: SUCH A CLIFFHANGER! 

GH: Carly tells Sonny. Sonny wants to kill Carter but Jason already did it!! Save those bullets!! need to start looking around instead of blaming Dante. Judge HAYSEED for one. He sentenced Michael. And covering up the crime is a huge one. Whatever. And doesn't Carly have to bitch about Brenda right before leaving!! This should have been about Michael. ugh. 

Liked that Brenda brought back wedding cake samples. I like that stuff. 

THEN Carly's skulking around the PH..and overhears Robin/Brenda. SINGLE BEST scene was Robin and Brenda trashing Carly while she listened. 

The Haunted Star-- I really need them to stop showing it in February. 
LUKE'S BACK!! Mac arrests Tracy for the he wouldn't know Luke did it instead? Uh...d'oh.

Lucky arrests Siobhan. Such a great plan, too bad The Balkan walked right in. Heh. Siobhan is smuggled out and then remembers that she HEARD bells of a certain Ferry in the phone call from her sister Megan. BUT she can't tell that the BALKAN is Theo. A guy she's talked to a billion times. :throwing up hands: 

Maxie is turning into Amy Vining!! LOL... all she does is sit  at Jake's and talk to other people. 

GH'S CliffHANGER? Brenda's dress is in tatters. sniff.

TODAY'S TwubberChallenge on Twitter: If Brenda had had her baby, what would you name it?
@edoublerin: Stone Micheal Barrett or Barrett Micheal Falcon    
@tlhJax4425 Jason Dante Barrett!
 @nanabeech: Michael Edwards 
@patriciajmason: Brian Austin Barrett@lavendarewe: Michael Jasper Barrett or Jason Jasper Barrett
@Crissete Brenson Michael Barrett
@TXKSimonfan Jasper Dante Michael Morgan Barrett..
@kindafunny: Damian Millhouse Spinelli
@hollyhilliho: JaxSon Morgan Barrett
@Kalee68: Jasper Angelo Barrett
@twilarose: Braxton Stone Barrett"Mine is: Brasher Edward Barrett...why? Brasher is totally a SOAPIE name..and Edward is after Eddie Q! 
What's yours!!?

Ingo wrote: @sebroche u r a very ugly man. And I can smell ur breath from here. Maybe we can to lunch today 1230 ish.

@whitewatercrew (Kim McCollough) In other news, I turned into a boy today and got a 55inch TV.

@carolynhennesy: Going to film the Miller Lite commercial today! 


  1. Does anyone know how Siobhan will betray Lucky^ Will he break up with her and go back to Liz? What do you think will happen when he finds out about Aiden?

  2. Does anyone on this show not turn everything around to play the martyr? poor sonny, poor dante, poor carly....what about Micheal people? same old, same old.....blah blah blah!

  3. Nows the time for AJ to come back, and say i told u so. Or will someone pull a gun on carly.

  4. All this security to safeguard Brenda and Carly can walk into the penthouse any time she feels like it...and shred the dress. Give Me A Break!!! Oh, and if someone else did the shredding that's even worse. HELP!

  5. I saw Carolyn Hennessy in an orange juice commercial last night. She might be quite a busy lady.

  6. Loved Brenda and Robin. And when you sneak around and eavesdrop you get what you deserve, Carly. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of Carly getting what she deserves.

  7. I don't think I have that "Betray" spoiler up do I?? I'll have to look. I didn't hear Siobhan betrayed him. Unless it's the old one...

  8. What's the point of having Maya and Ethan married if they never even show their married life. Of all the new couples Mabby, and Nookie, Mayan and Maya gets less airtime. And please Maya is a good actress I saw her on "Entourage' and I doubt she would get a lead role on a primetime series. Sioban, Sean(whom I like). and Terrell (who I don't} all get more airtime than Maya, I hope Ethan moves on the actor beyond GH. The actor is talented and I dread them pairing him with an actress who looks ten sorry Ethina fans! GH is only mob and Brenda the forty-something teenager I hope Becky gets cast on YR they were excellent last week unlike GH!


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