Monday, February 28, 2011


Did anyone see Amber Tamblyn at the Oscars? Here she is at the Independent Spirit Awards. Since 127 Hours was up for Best Picture, she should have been there. Hmmm. This dress is so casual! I'd wear it in the summer!! LOL 

OLTL: I can't stand JOEY!! Not this actor...My hamster's name was Joey when I was a kid. He kinda reminds me of this Joey #344.

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  Luke said the limo was "Bomb Proofed"...whatever.  How stupid. He and Edward looked like two old men sitting on the bench, I was expecting pigeons. I love them though. I wonder if they are going with the dementia story for Edward. I so hope would be perfect. Tracy asked Luke to stay. Awww.

I also still can't believe Carly wouldn't at least CHECK on Morgan..traumatized by the BOMB. WHERE IS JOSSLYN!!?? When Morgan calls someone to get him, he calls Michael, not Carly or Jax? Okay...

Sam's in the hospital and Jason looks so sad  --Olivia is worried about Dante. 

The whole Balkan thing is really written poorly. Episodes of Batman were written better in the '60's. OR at least made more sense! The Theo/Suzanne thing? Stupid. We're supposed to believe Suzanne couldn't get Brenda for Theo all those years? All that stuff in Rome?? What was that?!! waste of time!! We watched her trying to get grabbed in Rome for weeks and weeks. WASTE!

I noticed that Suzanne and Dante have the same hairstyle. 

And Dante realizes that they used the Catering truck as a red herring. A CATERING TRUCK at a wedding with NO Food. LMAO Catering truck. Ha!!
Franco asked Jason about botox and posing nude!! Nice one!!

I have to mention Charlie Sheen.  Good God, either he's got a drug in him they can't test for or he's completely manic or brain injured. Or both?? Now he has no publicist (Surprise!?) I think Michael Lohan could do that job. damn sad to watch!! 


  1. Didn't Jason wake up Sam asking if she could hear him and she squeezed his hand? Then she couldn't hear him after she was fully awake?

  2. is Theo?balkan going to kill his wife? sure seems that way!

  3. Haven't been on a plane in a while, or I just can't remember, but do they serve coffee in those types of disposable cups?

    Just found it weird and random...

    Karen, I know you've said it so many times about the editing and how bad it is. WOW!! It really is terrible. And, seems to just get worse with each passing episode.
    Aren't soaps known to be repetitive in the opening? Today, nothing!
    So choppy.

    Forget Carly not checking on the kids. But where are the guards? Shouldn't the kids be under guard after all this?
    Michael doesn't tell his dad he's going to the hospital. Then, he doesn't tell Jason he's going to pick up Morgan.
    And, no one bothers to ask.

  4. Dante & Suzannes' hair styles...good one!!:-)

  5. Isn't it funny how after Sam was discovered they remembered that the limo was bomb proof. Did no one to think to mention that when it happened? Why is it that EMS didn't even check for a pulse? Just throw a tarp over her..I was thinking the same thing about Carly.. Then again children are always an after thought on soaps. I still say pair Jax with Elizabeth!

  6. I say pair Elizabeth with someone fun too. Jax would be perfect!!

  7. I'm all for pairing Jax with Elizabeth. Didn't the actors used to date once upon a time?

  8. Did anyone else hear them "paging Dr. Julian, Dr.Leo Julian" at the hospital today?

  9. So Shawn passed out on the ground, so how the hell did Carly get him back on the couch?!? :) Carly is one strong lady!!!! :)

  10. Actually, there are bomb proof Limos, that if a bomb explodes outside the car, the interior stayes intact.

  11. Oh wow, finally! I was unable to post for some reason and I couldn't figure it out. I went to history and hit wub tub and got it back. Wonder what always made the screen go blank?

    I agree not much in the Balkan story makes a lot of sense. They are rushing Lucky into a green card marriage so he will be unavailable when Liz finally gets proof that Aiden is his son. Hate it. I really like JJ; his storyline not much! In his usual way, I think Guza was planning to make Liz a scheming witch before she left --so we wouldn't miss her so much?--and not she is staying he has to re-write. At least I hope so.
    I would like to see Jax with Alexis--they were always great together.

  12. It's doing it again...I get only a white sceen when I try to go to reading posts or posting. I can only get on by going to history and an old hit--and not always then.

    Any reason for this, Karen?

    I'm sure I didn't offend in any way--I don't do that stuff. I can get a little long-winded, but so do others.

    Anyway, I wish I knew how to get on with a simple's frustrating. I'm going to sign MH so you can answer, even though I am another anonymous...

  13. Apparently I can now only get on this one comment page--today's-- and I wanted to comment on the OSCARS.

    I did think Franco did a poor job, but felt he was very stiffly nervous, as who wouldn't be? He was also up for the top award. He shouldn't have taken it on because of that. Ann did a nice job. She looked lovely and her gowns so glamorous. Neither are good at jokes, but she was at least enthusiastic.

    Frankly, I don't know why so many people are so critical. The show was classy and they showed good clips of all the shows and actors which I appreciate because I only saw one of the movies and I like to know what the performances looked like. The show also honored the past, which I appreciated. Nobody went on and on and on thanking, no two presenters stood there doing awkward unfunny repartee, which always makes me cringe. It slowed during the minor awards, but that's inevitable. For once they didn't do one of those unending musical numbers--none of the music up for awards was especially memorable, but the songs weren't long, either. Colin was gorgeous and gave a dryly witty speech--perfect.

    When it was over, I thought, pretty enjoyable, quite a classy show for a change. No dumb skits, either, unless you count the unfunny Franco-as-Marilyn moment--that was dumb.

    Of course, there were no surprises--all awards went as predicted, and maybe that is what made some hate it. ??

  14. I saw a picture of one of Charlie Sheen's Goddesses wearing Fronky Booties!

  15. I SAW the fronkie booties today!! Put it on twitter!

    I don't know about the comment thing... there are a lot of posts on blogger about people having trouble. Has to do with cookies..I think if you don't have them it screws with the log in. I'm sorry ;/ it sucks


  17. I think Sam woke up as Jason was holding her hand and didn't hear what he had to say.

  18. I was unable to read comments and have been unable to post for many months, but our IT guy just told me to hold the control key. This opens a window above the screen where the comments can be read. And I was able to post by holding the control key. Yay!


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