Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ding Dong The Bells Are Ringing Tuesday!

Bridesmaid's earrings are by Kate Spade.  

Just thought You'd like to know.

TODAY'S SHOW: Monica!! She said Liz's baby looks LIKE LUCKY! heh... I so miss Leslie. Epiphany told Lizzy to get the DNA test if she really thought the baby wasn't Nikolas'. 

HATED Siobhan and Lucky...so not needed to be inserted in there.  "You have a funny accent" he says to her. NO sheeze. I wish they would have shown some real immigration lines/stuff. That's usually crowded and a mess, not some guy saying "oh, by the way, you need a visa" LOL. 

The Wedding was soapy!! Eeeeeeeee! TOLD YOU DANTE wasn't that baby's DADDY!! It was Alesander's baby!!  Although Suzanne knows more than Brenda. Geesh. AND it also begs the question as to why Suzanne just didn't kidnap her ass in Paris! LOL Oh well. I loved Adrienne and Daniel today...they were awesome!!
Sonny was quite mature during the wedding scenes, wasn't he??! He remembered the WIRE in a good historical context.  It was really a pretty ceremony. Dramaz and forgiveness and the Wub..don't forget Da WUB...

Diane is going nuts when she found out about The Balkan!! She was all  dressed for the reception, I guess since she forgot the ceremony time?? LOL. Shawn sure flipped sides easily, didn't he? That was like instant...
Lulu was not a happy camper eh?

In her chat on ABC.COM today, Vanessa said this about  Bradford (Spinelli) and acting with him!
I find myself being an audience member with him - he's just so great. I just stare at him in awe, forgetting I'm supposed to be speaking

She also said she doesn't wear hair extensions, although she's asked all the time about that.  

 Heidi - I'm still starstruck by Maurice and that's 100% true. Maurice can confirm! My palms sweat, and I worry that I'm ​disappoin​ting him!

Haley, who plays Molly, is like a little Lucille Ball!
READ THIS Article on Daytime Confidential about possible changes coming to the ABC Daytime line up in the fall. eek!  

Those of you following me on Twitter may have noticed I was put in twitter JAIL at 3:33 pm. DAMN IT! You can only tweet so much per hour, then you go over and you can't get on anymore. Whoops. I do it TODAY of all DAYS?!! whoops!!


  1. I was wondering where u went bad girl lol -nan

  2. Did Suzanne actually say "Brenda was surrounded by security. I couldnt get to her. Surrounded by Sonny's men"?

    Maybe I heard wrong. But I thought she said that and I thought "Oh, Really? NAME ONE!"

  3. How long does it take Milo to go out and get a pizza?

    Is Max still unconscious on the floor?

  4. I have to admit i LOVE The Balkan & Susan.I hope they stay on the show.
    I also like Shaun & hope he stays.

  5. So, Monica can see that Aidan looks like Lucky, but can't see that Jake looks like Jason?

  6. Jeeze, JMB can cry at the snap of a finger! She always gets to me when she tears up.

    Diane's coat was FABULOUS!!! That fur collar, whew!! And CH looked flawless.

    The make up people were so heavy handed with the cast during the S&B wedding shoot or the lighting crew was angry because they had to work such long hours. Either way, they should have taken a closer look before editing in all of those close ups... wow!

  7. Dante's not the dad... HOLLAAAAAAAA!! Yay!! :)

  8. Anon #5, you literally took the words out of my mouth.

    How stupid is it that Monica of all people notices the resemblance between Aiden and Lucky, but doesn't notice the resemblance between her own son and grandson?
    Figure that out and get back to me please!!

    She raised Jason, and Jake is like the spitting image of him. What's the old adage, the insert choice (acorn, apple, etc.) didn't fall far from the tree, well in their case it didn't fall off - might aswell been born asexually.

    Sometimes I just wonder....

  9. This site is as racist as GH and its writers. Its amazes me how posters attack the actress who portrays Maya. And these posts are never removed and how this site pimps an actress who looks like she's ten with an adult male just, because he's paired with a beautiful black woman I am glad I stopped watching this bullshit!

  10. Anon WTF are you talking about?


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