Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Under One Life To Live's Spell....GH WHO??!

Sorry but the last 2 days of One Life to Live has left me breathless...phew. Just perfect writing and even the "other scene" narratives dovetailed  off the events.  They had 3 reveals...and all in a timely fashion. SO GOOD!!! ahhhhhhhhhh. What a wedding!! 

GENERAL HOSPTIAL: Well, you read the rumor about someone leaving.  I'm sure there will be more rumors out and about soon. GH has been cast-heavy for awhile now. Maybe getting them out there will make someone give a statement about something. LOL

I hate that they are doing this STUPID story about Nik/Liz/Brooke. Nik should be bonding with Liz and Aiden so when the DNA REVEAL comes out we CARE about it. Now? Not so much. Liz looks pathetic,  Brooke Lyn desperate and Nik so bored it hurts. 

Robin and  Terrell. Hmmmmm.

I would have killed KILLED to have had the doorbell ring and a package come for Michael. He opens it and a little cymbal Fronkey was inside!! All clapping and clanging!! 

I would love Kate Howard to walk up to Brenda and throw her bullet/blood soaked wedding dress at  her. I still can't imagine Sonny is OK with having his kids at this thing with the whole Balkan mess going on. Like his weddings have gone SO WELL. @@ 
Speaking of..where's Claire? Way to keep that going... she'll pop up again at the STUPIDEST time. 

Luke and Lulu: Bright spot!! Carly and Luke..'nother bright spot!!

Now, every corner in Port Chuck has a camera-- wouldn't the Pavillion have one?? Spinelli could hack in there...or the PCPD could pull them. Oy. My head hurts. And BTW, Sarah Brown's Carly would have totally flooded that Pavillion---Laura Wright's, not so much. :) I did like seeing Ronnie today. 

Random Suzanne sighting...makes her look guilty!!

and....AJ  and Tony Jones mentions from Sonny today!!

OPRAH today!! I'm going to try to watch some, I will  be walking the dog for part of it. Maybe Oprah will buy all the soaps and put them on her OWN station and give them  unlimited budgets. :) I SO HOPE she does!!

Susan Lucci at 64 is AMAZING!! She doesn't look like stretcher-face either. She also talked her pay cut. wow. And it was a surprise that her "hubbies were there! Oprah/Lucci love fest or what!!? ALL OF Her HUBBIES in one room-- was such a GREAT thing!!!! Travis... Jeff...OMG, ROY!! Tom and Dimitri-- PHIL Brent!!!!!!

I cried when Luke/Laura came out...seriously. That was my High School life. MY High School  LIFE!! sniff. Daytime Confidential reported that Tony had an affair --he let it 'slip' to them!! 

Genie Francis: "There is nothing in me that wants to play a victim anymore." This was in answer to Oprah's question about coming back...Genie just about said the writing was crap for her when she came back before. GOOD for her!! BTW, she looked stunning. So did Debbie Morgan!! 




  1. Genie looked so beautiful and I was so proud of her when she made that statement!
    one life had me so caught up in all going on that I dont think I even took a potty break! :O)

  2. Genie looked way too young to play the mother of nik ...she looked great!

  3. Asked this earlier and never got a response because it was a late comment to a post. Does Dante know about Lulu and Logan, and the cover-up that followed? I can not remember at all. Or is this another storyline we are supposed to forget happen?

    I know Ingo gets lumped in with Tony for the extended leaves, but he actually has not had any extended vacations in awhile (other than ones the entire cast get when the set is dark). When he signed his last contract, he did not get them, and had even said the reason is commitment to the show. I think it also has to do with his son, and wanting his life to be more stable. I know there have been extended times Jax has not been on, but that is due to the storyline, not Ingo's breaks. The way to tell is Jax has not gone after Jerry for awhile. ;D

    If the storyline with Jake does take place(which I hope it doesn't), let it be Lisa. She needs a way out anyway, and I would hate to see another long-term character like Robin be a killer, even an accidental one. It's another cliche on this show, like the long lost relative.

    I actually thought the same about Oprah's new network taking any canceled soaps. She obviously appreciates the history of soaps. It would be a win-win. Her network gets a built in audience and the soaps have someone who cares. Maybe the petitions should start now.Even if none are canceled, her network could be a perfect replacement for SoapNet, even if it is just one repeat episode per day.

    Yay Genie for refusing to come back as a victim! I wish Vanessa had made that stand. This is not the Brenda I wanted back on GH.

  4. SO, Liz Taylor was Tony's beard for 2 years?

  5. OLTL Comment - Clint's line about Rex not being his "real" son is a bunch of hooey. Neither Joey nor Kevin are Clint's biological sons and Jessica is not his biological daughter. The only difference is that he raised Kevin, Joey (from the time they were very young), and Jessica (from birth). I really hope the writers have a character mention this to Clint lol

    Other than that I have zero complaints about the last 2 episodes of OLTL. It's been outstanding!

    GH today - so happy to see Luke and Lulu today and then we got Luke and Carly!! What happened to Matt's broken arm? No sling/cast today hehehehe

  6. First of all, yes on INGO and I should have pointed that out. he did give up extended vacation time. However he does take more time off than a lot. I think he'll stay on GH for life if they let him!!!

    NExt, I don't think they've even MENTIONED Logan ever when it comes to Lante... that's like it never happened!!!

    BEARD..ahahaha. I was waiting for him to say but now I live in Holland.....and...

  7. "Now, every corner in Port Chuck has a camera-- wouldn't the Pavillion have one??" What about Jason's penthouse??? Isn't his place the most secure place on earth? Is it possible that someone snuck in THERE undetected? And wouldn't Jason be a little more freaked out that someone was in his home cutting up wedding dresses? Yikes, the writing sucks.

  8. Yes OLTL rocks maybe soon you can do a blog for it too maybe call it TUBS ya know for soaps lol

  9. mamaspat...I'd love to do a blog just for OLTL but keeping all the stuff I do already straight is hard enough! LOL

  10. Liz Taylor?! that's who they were talking about? i blew a fuse right when they were talking and when i came back i only caught the very end of that conversation.

  11. Yes, Liz Taylor, lol..she outed the affair a few years ago, and Tony was a gentleman and had been quiet about it. He's a very private man about his personal life and in Holland he can move about freely and people leave him alone. As for needing a beard? The man has had a lot of "girlfriends" in the past, some famous and some not ...just because he's never married doesn't mean anything. Besides, if he wants his personal life personal...that's good enough for me. I find his acting magnificent and that's all that counts.

  12. I just watched Oprah and wow Julie Marie Berman looks so much like Genie when Genie was younger. I never noticed that before wow good casting.

  13. We had 5 inches of snow and of course they break in with the news right when Oprah came on......They said Oprah will air at 130am if I had not had a dvr I would have missed it.Some of it I did miss only say Genie at the end......I would love to see you write a blog for OLTL it would be to say the least exciting huh?But I love this blog too.


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