Monday, February 28, 2011


 "That guy from General Hospital" Said Morgan Freeman! woot! Nice shout out to US!! I thought poor James was a bit nervous to start with--stiff almost. Some said  high! LOL, I ALWAYS think he looks a bit lit.

Most Fun Moment: "I just saw Marky Mark!" -- James Franco's Grandma #Oscar--

I really liked the opening with the movies and Alec Baldwin.  Back to the Future!!

Melissa Leo was Linda Warner on All  My Children, Cliff's sister..MORE DAYTIME TV LOVE!!

James: Thank YOU to Port Charles for watching....Watch HERE!  

I thought Social Network should have won best was just the best there was, imo. 

I'd pay huge money to see Franco come on GH like this!! LOL 

Anne Sweeny was on...many of you emailed her about Becky!! She is head of ABC... 

I am so happy Trent Reznor won best score. That score for TSN made the MOVIE!! It was so good!! 

Oprah looked amazing in that dress. Wow...good to see her, she's an awesome speaker. Everyone just stopped and watched her.. I'd say best dressed to a presenter!! YOU WIN AN OSCAR! AND YOU WIN AN OSCAR!! 

I was so happy to see Billy Crystal. 
Natalie Portman is a starlet that totally kept her nose clean, went to school and is so respected. GOOD For her!!!  There are many of her generation who didn't. 

Colin Firth's win was good.  That movie means a lot to me because of the speech pathology nod. He did a great job with his stuttering. It's not easy to replicate. I thought that James Franco's clip  fir 127 hours was really moving. 

Boy, they were boring this year, more than usual imo. My fave parts were: Morgan Freeman mentioning GH, James Franco as Marilyn, The Modern Family shout out and SANDY BULLOCK mentioning General Hospital!!

Well, it was a strange Oscars --not sure if Franco meant to be that spacey--but he was.  Maybe he was trying to play a "Straight Man"?? His commercials were way better. 

See you at 3 for GH! THANK YOU to all the Twubbers that were on Twitter last night! We had #GHOscars just humming away! Lots of fun...


  1. I missed Morgan Freeman's GH mention but I really liked Sandra Bullock's mention... "he was the reason why so many moms were late picking up their children from school..." LOL!!
    Also, The director for the King's Speech made a very nice speech... about his mom seeing this play and calling him afterward to tell him that this should be his next project. I was rooting for everything Black Swan and King's Speech last night!

  2. Franco was higher than a Georgia Pine.....Loved Morgan Freeman and Alec Baldwin.Anne Hathaway stood out the best I think.She sings really good.Franco was not on as much as Anne.Happy the Kings Speech won......

  3. Franco was awful and may have very well done real damage to his career. His high as a kite smile and uninterested attitude were jaw-droppingly terrible.
    Hathaway, in an attempt to save the show, overcompensated and grating.

    Possibly the worst oscar broadcaset ever.

    Franco did GH NO favors last night.

    -Old School GH fan

  4. I for one am tired of hearing people say that James Franco sucked as a host. It might not have been the most exciting Oscars ever, but I don't think it was the worst. Does anyone remember the 1989 Oscars with Rob Lowe? As for people thinking he was stoned, I don't know if he was or not, but have people never seen him before? I agree with you Karen....he always looks kinda stoned. :) And he always has that goofy smile (which I happen to love). I think that's just HIM. I also think maybe he was nervous! Jeez, I think everyone needs to give the guy a break.

  5. I have to agree with Old School GH Fan. Franco's hosting of the Oscars was gawd-awful and associating him for GH was a huge mistake.

    What was Franco on last night? He was stoned to the gills and acting like he was scared stiff. Maybe he can only do filmed work and not live work.

    Sure hope his presence on GH is curtailed to the point of "Goodbye, don't let the door hit you in the butt on your way out."

  6. The Social Network did win for adapted screenplay, because it was based on a book. Aaron Sorkin got the Oscar. King's Speech won for best original screenplay.

    I thought the writing and music in Social Network were the best, but King's Speech was overall a better movie, probably because of the acting.


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