Thursday, December 8, 2016

Why I'm OUT

There are so many cast members on this show now. SO  many stories to tell...and the writers are stooping to this: 

YEP... FRANCO keeps TOM in a cage, with a dog bowl and a shock collar. I don't want to see this crap. Nope. Bringing Tom back was stupid enough and --what? I want to see Franco taunt the guy in a cage? OMG. You all know how I feel about Roger but this is just too much. We could be having a Parkinson's story with Monica, or how about that whole Parker/Kristina story that was dropped? OR? OR? OR??????? 

The world is too bleak now for this-- and GH isn't Netflix or HBO, I doubt they can carry off any kind of decent "revenge' psyche bullshit to any degree. 

Sorry for the rant but this is just ....wrong. 


  1. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!?! Holy cow!!!! Why is he in a cage?!!?! What did Tom do?!!?! Julian should be in that cage!!!!! When are they going to show that scene?!

  2. And then they're going to expect us to accept him with Elizabeth Webber. What have these guys been smoking??

    I get that someone there has a massive crush on RH and they'll do anything to keep him happy. ( as with Sonny) I guess he wants to play mad Franco for a while now and stretch himself for Emmy time. We might as well give it up. The men on this show will continue to rule the roost in violent and depraved ways, and the strong women will all become nothing more than blind needy arm candy.

  3. Well, IMO the show is a lot better now than when Luke/Fluke storyline was playing out. There's a lot I don't like now, but a lot I do.

  4. And to think, Jelly are the ONLY soap writers this year to actually get a WGA nomination. UGH!

    Paul773 said...

    Well, IMO the show is a lot better now than when Luke/Fluke storyline was playing out. There's a lot I don't like now, but a lot I do.

    ** Really, had Tony's back surgery not caused such an extremely long gap/wait to be able to resolve it, and RC had kept things the way they were since the beginning, and not decided to change things at the last minute, because she saw that people online had figured things out, it would have made a HUGE difference in the way things turned out. The way things had been originally written, and the way Tony played things all along up until the "change" made complete sense, and really would have been much better, IMO. Seeing how RC had originally plotted things out, with all the little hints along the way, having to change directions so abruptly, is the biggest factor in why it ended up the mess that it was. That said, I'm much more forgiving of that, due to the uncontrollable circumstances being the biggest factor in what ended up making it a mess. At least he had some forethought in what was going on. As I've said several times in the past, Jelly just makes it up as they go along. They have a general idea for a storyline, and write as they go along, however they feel. With their grasp of the show's history tenuous, at the best. It's something that is pretty easy to see, even if they hadn't admitted it, themselves. They've done it elsewhere, not only here. I will give them credit and praise for how they handle general day to day interaction between characters in general, unlike RC's tendency to only have 2 or 3 people in a scene at most. And even then, it was usually the same people over and over again. Isolating some from the rest of the cast, at times. But, their pacing is a complete mess. Resulting in the events of one day (or night) take up several episodes, and then after that, it jumps several days forwards after it. Even Passions didn't do that. (They just took several weeks/months to tell the events of EVERY day/night).


  5. Omgosh,Omgosh,omgosh!! No freakin way! I totally agree with you Karen about your comment about Netflix and even prime time would fall under this! This is borderline Criminal minds stuff and I can't watch that stuff either just way too depressing of a show for me. And now one of the shows I've loved and watched forever to escape into romance,scandal and love seems to be heading down a darker road every day! Too sad!! Have a blessed day!!

  6. I feel your pain Karen - just sickening. There have been a few bright spots but not enough to negate the bad. Did like seeing the lovely Dr. Lee this week - why not utilize her more in the hospital? Why have Anna keep talking to Robert on the phone - we want to see him? I will be fast forwarding quite a bit if they continue with this crap, especially this cage stuff.

  7. From Dish All Day:

    Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports that Charlotte Cassadine and Rocco Falconeri are twins. Not only that. The outlet also reveals that Valentin is their father.

    Helena was actually the one who started the plan. They made two embryos out of Lulu’s egg cell and gave them to Britt and Claudette who both carried Lulu’s children. Meanwhile, the embryos she made with her husband, Dante, were destroyed.

    Lulu was not aware of this. She just got Rocco after she learned his existence. Now, another revelation causes her to feel happy and miserable at the same time.

    The outlet said that Valentin is now the mastermind of this plot and he is thrilled to let the mystery be discovered. Lulu tells her theories with Maxie and together, they gather evidence that she can use to support the idea.

    Lulu visits Valentin and she asks for some answers. She finds out that Charlotte is also her daughter and Valentin tells her that he is the father of both children. Lulu and Valentin are going to share the custody of their kids although the former is going to play innocent about the whole happening."

    1. Elizabeth ran a dna test on dante and rocco thats how we found out he was his father.

  8. I agree about this cage stuff. Crazy idea to bring Tom back. I can see Liz having a discussion about her rape so both her and Franco know what's behind her caution but the rest is stupid

  9. OMG, the cage thing, DISGUSTING!! THIS is love in the afternoon?? But, Karen, are you really OUT?? You know that I panic every time you say you are leaving, are you giving up the show?? I REALLY hope not, we NEED you . ..

    If what WW says is true re Lulu having twins . . . OMG!!!!

  10. In February 2014, when Elizabeth Webber finds out from Nikolas that Britt used an anonymous sperm donor and notices that Dante and Rocco have the same allergy, she starts to suspect that Dante could be his father. She then runs a DNA test which confirms her suspicion. Dante and Lulu learn that Rocco is Dante's son on February 18.

  11. I the only one having a flashback to Farrah Fawcett in Extremities? Because that was the first thing that came to mind upon seeing the image of Tom in a cage.

  12. Arwen Tedhams said... I the only one having a flashback to Farrah Fawcett in Extremities? Because that was the first thing that came to mind upon seeing the image of Tom in a cage.

    ** I could see that, if he was in a burning bed.


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