Saturday, December 17, 2016

Meet Olivia Jerome!

So, as you saw, SOD  confirmed that Tonja Walker was coming back (even tho Wubs guessed it!) So here we are with another mobular character in town. 
YET! TW is so great at being bitchy --she and Maura West will just be great together.

One of the biggest things you need to know is she was involved with Duke Lavery back in the day.  She was on the show from 88-90 as Olivia St. John. 

From Wiki :

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Her brother Julian eventually becomes the head of the Jerome empire, but is seeking revenge on Duke for turning against his father. Her brother tries to enlist Olivia in a plan to get back at Duke for his betrayal.
However, their plan misfires, and Duke's wife, Anna Devane, miscarries their unborn child. Olivia tries to alert Anna about Julian's plans, but Julian kidnaps her and eventually kills her before she can.
Duke wants revenge, but is "killed" trying. However, an impostor named Jonathan Paget shows up looking like Duke. Julian and "Duke" where he us killed and Julian  is presumed dead.

Duke was dead came back
Julian was dead and came back...and now...DEAD OLIVIA is back! 
Oh GH you slay me. 


  1. is there any chance that griffin might be revealed to be olivia's bio son with duke? maybe he was hidden due to the mob to protect him?

  2. As I linked to yesterday, Tonja IS coming back. BUT, not necessarily as Olivia:

    After the way things went down on Thurs' show (especially the very end), and the way her return is worded carefully there. All the signs haven't quite been pointing to her coming back as Olivia (including that most everyone thinks the person in the red silken garment is a woman, and is her).


  3. Oh yes! I remember the storyline! I remember Olivia!!!

    "TW is so great at being bitchy"

    Yes she is!!!!

    "she and Maura West will just be great together."

    They will!!!!! And if she is Olivia, then I can't wait to see Lucy's face whens he sees her! :) But wait.. We will have 2 Olivia's on the show, so maybe she won't be Olivia. Hmmmmm.

    "However, an impostor named Jonathan Paget shows up looking like Duke."

    BAH! Jonathan Paget! Now that I know he is an imposter, he can go to hell!!!! GRRRRR! Back then when he died and I thought he was Duke and died in Anna's arms, that tore me up!!! I was a mess!

    "SO..GET THIS!!
    Duke was dead came back
    Julian was dead and came back...and now...DEAD OLIVIA is back!
    Oh GH you slay me."

    ROFL! Karen you should know by now nobody dies on GH. :)

  4. I see gold in these hills.

    The last person Olivia Jerome was involved with before she "died" was Scotty Baldwin. It was brief tied in with Lucy's involvement with her father. What if they had a child Nelle. With all that has happened so far it fits.

    There would be great scenes with Sonny, Scotty and possible Ava teaming with Lucy.

    The only thing that would not tie in is that there is absolutely no resemblance between the three, but that never stopped the writers before....

  5. sonya said...Oh GH you slay me."

    Don't worry Sonya. They can bring you back too. lol

  6. If TW is Olivia then maybe they will bring back Duke again. Carlos didn't really kill him and Olivia has been holding him prisoner. Stranger things have happened.

  7. Maybe Anna will stop blaming JJ for miscarrying her fetus since it was Olivia that caused the elevator to fall.


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