Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Well? Olivia Jerome????

Well, look who's TWEET made Daytime Confidential!! My spec that Oscar Jessups is really Olivia Jerome!!  Which totally fits. Hit the link for more info,


  1. Hey! Congratulations Wubster!!!! :) Well if Olivia is alive, then all we need now is Victor Jerome to be alive as well! :) The Jeromes just can't die just like the Cassadines! :) If Olivia is alive, I can't wait to see Lucy's face when she finds out hahahahaha!

  2. No way Victor Jerome could be alive lol Alan and Lucy dumped his body in the harbor. Then said body got fished out, and then thrown back in lol

  3. So, Olivia is the new Helena ? 👏

  4. "bigdoodah said..No way Victor Jerome could be alive lol Alan and Lucy dumped his body in the harbor. Then said body got fished out, and then thrown back in lol"

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! You won the internet! :) Yes yes true that did happen, but hey nobody is dead on GH! :) Someone could have saved him. :)

  5. Just what we need - another cast addition.

  6. Tonya has said several times, she'd be more than happy to come back, if offered. As far as returns go, if they HAVE to bring more people on, she would definitely be one of the more favorable choices to me, at least. Although, I just can't see Julian ever having to take orders from her. Especially, considering how things ended originally. I've been kinda of mulling over the idea of her still being alive, due to the whole "OJ" name thing for a few days now. About the only thing I can think right now is, since Jelly is writing it will be either totally nonsensical, completely underwhelming, or most likely: both of them, combined.

    That said, the first line in the description of Wed's show is "An unknown enemy lurks in Port Charles."


  7. So forget about the Casadines (Tyler Christopher). Let's expand the Jerome family? I'd rather had Nicholas, Spencer & Helena back.

  8. Oh, for the sake of all that is holy, PLEASE no more cast members. A long time ago I suggested putting half the cast on a bus, and sending the bus over a cliff with NO survivors. Now I revise the suggestion. Let's put 3/4 of them on that bus, and off to the cliffs!! Everyone has their list of who has to go, and I am sure we can accommodate them all. (The only requests that probably won't be honored are the Sonny and Carly ones. IMO, Alexis can miss the bus, but Julian will be sitting right up there with the driver, who should be Valentin. And Nelle is the tour director. And please please please, let Hayden and Silas be on it, too. The lizard can stay at home, and have it's own story line soon.)
    There were quite a few years when I didn't watch, and I don't know this character. But it doesn't matter. No more characters. There are way too may now. Sorry to the actress who may be a fine actress. Just no new characters, not even more returning from the dead.


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