Thursday, December 8, 2016

Happy Birthday, Kin!

Scotty is still looking dapper!! Here's hoping he and JZ are on the show more often in 2017!!


  1. Happy 63rd birthday Kin Shriner!! Oh and his twin brother Will. :) Although they don't look like twins. So I should really say, "twins" hahahaha! :)

    The hospital:

    Tracy, Monica, Dillo: They put a family wreath on the family crypt and we didn't get to see it?!!?! Oh what the freakin hell!!!! Oh hi Hammy who is worried about RayRay. Awwwww. :)

    Tracy, Monica, and Liz: Yes Monica and Liz! RayRay has got the Hammy Ham disease!

    Central Perk: Hmmm So there is a roller skating rink across from Central Perk?!!?!?!?!

    Friz: Awwww giving her the pepper spray, whistle, and flashlight combo is sweet and very smart! Take it Liz!!!!

    RayFinn: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) Oh oh the Hammy Ham disease is getting worse! She passed out!!!!!!

    Outside Kelly's:

    TomKi: Tom you leave Kiwi alone!!!!! And stop being a lying liar that lies!!! Your photography business? I don't believe a word you say!

    BobTodd and Tom: Hmmmm a promising bromance? :) BobTom? :)

    Inside Kelly's:

    Killon: Awwwww! So glad he told Kiwi all about that buttjerk Tom!

    Dillo: Emily was so great. After my grandmother died, she kinda became the heart of my family.

    Sure! When she was played by Amber Tamblyn! SHE will always be Emily to me!!!!

    NYC clinic: Oh this was great!!!! So full of funny!!!! The clinic has a file cabinet!?!?!? BAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHA! Lulu and Maxie no disguises? You are a Spencer and a Jones!!!! I'm so disappointed. Maxie getting checked out by this doctor!!!

    Maxie: I am pregnant!!!

    *Doctor checks Maxie out*

    Doctor: Sorry you are not pregnant.

    Maxie: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! I AM pregnant! Check me again!

    *Doctor checks her out again*

    Doctor: I am sorry but you are not pregnant.

    Maxie: No it can't be!!!!! Why do I feel pregnant then?!

    Doctor> It's hysterical pregnancy.

    Maxie: I am NOT hysterical!

    ROFLMAOPMP! Great scenes! :) And the doctor wins the lines of the day!

    Doctor: In our day people got married first THEN you got pregnant. Well I'm sorry but that sounds more like the situation for the Jerry Springer show.

    ROFL! And that lie that Lulu told to the doctor about why she is touching that file, not bad. :) Could have been better, but not bad. Oh oh the doctor locked them in! Come on you two! You can get out!!!!! :) No Lulu you don't need your husband! Do it yourselves!! Don't disappoint me again!

    Police station:

    Nathan and Dante: Oh who cares about Pinocchio!!!! SHUT UP!


    Valenina: We didn't get to see the hot sex? Rats.

    Dante, Nathan, and V.C.: WHO CARES ABOUT PINOCCHIO!!! GAH!

    Nathan and Nina: LOVE IT! GO NINA!!!! Ohhhh V.C. is your boyfriend?!!?!!? :) Oh oh the doctor is calling V.C.!!!!!

  2. Great pic - love Bobbie and Scotty!

  3. The whole time lulu was reading that file, I was yelling: you idiot! Just stuff it in your purse !!!!! Gggaaaaahhhhh
    But Maxie was 👍

  4. Kin is awesome and has done great things with the character of Scotty over the years. Playing the evil villian, the reformed guy who finds love, the snarky anti-hero...Kudos to Kin Shriner - one of the all time GH all stars!


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