Thursday, October 17, 2013

Top 10 Things Robin Missed While On Cassadine Island...

10. The birth of Her Highness Princess North West..and that other guy, George

9. Jasper Jacks on "Dancing with the Stars"

8. Taco Bell's Dorito Tacos (all flavors)

7. The whole Todd, McBain, Starr switch-out 

6. All the episodes of "Girls" 

Dear Jesus..
5. Vine 

4. Summer 2012 Olympics 

3. Ben Affleck named next Bat Man

2. The Finale of "Breaking Bad" 

and....the number one thing Robin has missed since being in captivity: 
after the jump...



  1. ROFL! Perfect I love it! :) It's good that Robin missed Miley Cyrus and her tongue hanging, twerking body! Yikes!

  2. What if Dr. Obrecht and Jerry have been torturing Robin by making her watch things like Miley's twerking if she didn't produce results fast enough?

  3. OMG yes, FINISH or YOU.
    will TWERK!


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