Thursday, October 24, 2013

Morgan Thinks A Thought!

Yep..he figured out Julian is Derek. Or..Derek is Julian..He'd better back up with the eavesdropping because he's going to be dead man walking if he gets caught!  Oh, forget getting caught, HE TELLS THEM HE IS THERE! 
what an idiot. LOL 

Diane figures that Todd isn't really painting!!  She mentions "Misery" ..Stephen King movie/novel about an obsessed fan. LOL  She's warning him about Heather...She's brilliant. She should buy Kate's house an Ellie could be he niece. 

Silas and Sam talk about her connection to the Jeromes.  He's like WHAT? You might be related to AVA? what!?  

Heather brings up Joe Kelly and tries to strangle Scotty LOL. That's JOE KELLY. Hottie back in the day.  He was Rose Kelly's stepson--and Rose and his Dad started Kelly's diner. He was involved with Heather and Annie. 
LMAO-- Heather grabs Scotty and kisses him.  SO much history going on today-- LOL!! "Carter administration"!! 

Guys, we are GOING TO RYAN'S BAR!! OMG..that's where Deliah is going to be!! This is so cool. I'm so happy!  Do you know who's MAMA she's going to be?? Can you guess? It fits! 


Jacklyn Zeman will be reprising the role of Bobbie, which she last played in April. "#GHrocks. I'm excited to be coming back. Good times!" tweeted the actress. Look for the fan fave to be involved in a big storyline with daughter Carly (Laura Wright).


  1. I'm so confused Karen. This history is above my book and wiki reading.

  2. Any chance if they're talking about Joe that he could come back? I loved him! I'm so excited about Ryan's bar, too!!! Loved that show! The dialogue was brilliant. Such a great cast.
    Heather, Scott and Lucy made me laugh out loud several times today.

  3. Hell - why not bring back Joe and Kelly???!!! They are bringing back everyone else:

    Deliah from Ryan's Hope
    Bobbi and Lucas
    Now, JUAN Santigo (Liz Herbt's real life hubby, BTW) is coming back too.

    GH has gone a little unhinged - my head is spinning a little! Still, I like it

  4. Watch an old Ryan's Hope clip to get ready for the return to Ryan's
    Classic! Helen Gallagher won one of her daytime Emmys that year for scenes like this and Ilene Kristen is here playing Delia as well (Soap trivia: Robin Mattson also had a short stint at Delia when Ilene was off the soap for a little while)

    I mainly watched Ryan's Hope a kid in the summers when I was home. I remember loving the family and Maeve and Johnny were both great actors and their relationship seemed real.
    The last scene from Ryan's until now:


  5. Ryan's Hope was awesome. You all must be YOUNG!! Delia was great- they all were. Very real life type show. Can't wait. Love the rumors and what's coming...Love how they are tying in history too.

  6. Kelly's: Scotty, Heather, and Lucy scene was spectacular!!!! :) Lucy you seem jealous that they were kissing hahaha! Lucy wins the line of the day!

    Lucy: Yeah during the Carter administration.

    BAHAHA! Great stuff. :) Love the talking about the past! Joe Kelly wow!! :) I want more!!!! :)

    Julian Jerome's office: Okay can you two stop talking about the sleeping together subject! It's grossing me out!

    Morgan: Derick Wells is Julian Jerome:

    Wow!!! Morgan's teeny tiny peabrain exploded and he became smart! :) OH Morgan confronted them!!! The explosion made his peabrain seep out!! Now Morgan is dumb again. :( Rats! Gee Morgan why are you so upset? I thought daddy was dead to you? Oh no! Now you are telling them that you are going to tell your father?! More peabrain seeping out!

    Sonny's coffee warehouse: Michael is with his father! WOW! I thought Michael was joined at the hip with Starki! Where is she?! Did she shrink and she is in his pocket? No I don't see her in his pocket. Michael can't find a job awww! :( Sonny gives him his restaurant awwww! They are hugging. Oh oh Morgan sees this! Is he going to have another temper tantrum? I hope Morgan doesn't punch Michael! He might hurt teeny tiny Starki since she is in Michael's pocket! She might fall out of his pocket. :(

    The hospital: Poor Lucy!!! Trying to go on a date with hubby, but hubby is working! Time for a divorce? Oh oh she is taking her anger out on Sam and McSilas! Telling Sam not to date a doctor ROFL! Oh Sam and McSilas going to NY to Ryan's bar! :)

    FranTodd's home: Poor wittle FranTodd can't paint and he has no choice than to sign papers to put his "paintings" in Ava's art show!!! :) Diane is awesome here! Talking about Steven King's misery!! Foreshadowing? Will Heather go crazy on FranTodd? :) Has Heather seen the movie?

  7. Michael Saucedo was one of the worst actors to ever appear on any show. Why is he coming back?

  8. Does anyone know what Doug's doing these days? Love to see him again. He went from GH to Knot's Landing.

    On GH he and Rose Kelly left for Albany. I think he was voted into state office and Rose was going to be his hostess. Can't quite recall.

    The rumor was that Ilene Kreisten was back taping so she must still be at Ryan's bar!

  9. Thanks for the links, OldSchoolGhFan. Maybe we should just call you OldSchoolSoapsFan!

    I recognized some of those faces from other soaps. Also, ABC recycled that set into OLTL when Max Holden owned his restaurant/bar, called "Max's".

  10. Loved Ryan's Hope. Can't wait to see the bar.

    Gh already has too many characters we never see. Why do we need more?

  11. I am excited about this. I love how they are giving the uh, seasoned fans a big nod.

  12. I am excited about this. I love how they are giving the uh, seasoned fans a big nod.

  13. Whoa...Will she be the same Delia from Ryan's Hope? I *hope* so ;) I got into RH when it was on Soap Network a few years ago. SO GOOD!


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