Friday, October 4, 2013

A Nice Salad...

Duke and Alexis...nice mix. He produces a pic of the "old Julian"....Duke suggests Alexis get a DNA test from his SON--
Who's his son? 
LUCAS,  Bobbie's adoptive kid in case you forgot! 
Cheryl Stansbury was the mama. Julian didn't know he had a son when he died. 

Patrick and Sam gab...they have a groovy new friendship going!

ROBERT looks FABULOUS! Never knew he was in a coma for almost a year!! Must have had the tanning light on! He's trying to remember that Robin is alive. 
Even Robert got his Frisco's digs in!

Carlos was on.
Greasy hair.

Ah, HA! look at this mighty Cassadine knicknack!!! BEHOLD!

Luke got lunch in bed from  Jerry.  A nice salad!!   He said he's giving Luke the cure too. 

Obrect taunts Robin with tales of Princess  Sabrina.  I can only hope Robin learns to hate Nurse Betty and smacks her when she gets back.
 Robin totally knocks her out! Says shes' going home!!!!!!! THEN ROBERT REMEMBERS!! 

Tracy is on Monday!


  1. Ava and Dante have strange bond. Could it be Ava and Derek have a strange bond. I Liked the show today.

  2. Today ROCKED. Anna/Robert (squee! so much history), Jerry/Luke, I liked Alexis/Duke (hmmm). I cannot WAIT for monday. Finola is going to rock that reveal.

  3. Huge Robert/Anna fan here! Sure they started out without the sizzle that Robert/Holly had, but they evolved and have gotten better with age. Night Shift 2 nailed the sweet/sour/salty relationship between them better than any other story arc in the history of the show. Tristan looks great, but he ain't getting any younger...GH needs to use him wisely while they have him around. Give us flirty banter with Anna that makes Duke jealous, good family reunion scenes with Robin and Emma, and some buddy adventure with Luke with the improv they do so well and I'll be happy.
    Love to have him back full time, but with the amount of people on the show now, I'm not thinking that's gonna happen with any justice. My suggestion: have him come back out of the spy field and take up a job in NYC with the FBI on a mob task force (and they can throw in a Jagger mention while they are at it since he is FBI). Once he is established as a part-time regular that lives in NYC he can easily pop in to PC to visit family and raise a little bit of hell for Sonny and the Jeromes, and make Duke's blood pressure go up LOLOL

  4. One more thing:
    Did anyone find it weird with the the whole Lucas reference?
    #1 - How did Duke find out? I didn't think the truth ever had been reveled to anyone but the audience
    #2 - Why did Duke mention Cheryl Stansbery but not Tiffany? They're sisters and Alexis knows Tiff for sure. Thought that was kind of weird.

  5. Switzerland hospital: Robert is awake! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Mac and Robert scene was great! :) Oh oh Robert doesn't remember Dr O!! And he doesn't remember Robin is alive! Oh he remembers Robin now!!!! Robert wins the line of the day!

    Robert : I got out in the corridor and I follow the voices. I burst into her room and Obrecht was there alright. But she wasn't alone. She was with our daughter. She was with Robin Anna!

    YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :) Now Anna just has to believe him!!!!

    Cassadine Island: Luke and Jerry Jax scene! Awesome. Jerry wants Luke to take the antidote to see if it works or if Robin tries to kill him. :) Hahahaha. Dr O trashing Sabrina ROFL! Robin tricks Dr O and clocks her over the head hahahahaha! That's my Robin! :) The look on Dr O's face as she goes down! ROFL! I hope her face wins the face of the week during Sunday Sugary!!! :)

    The hospital: Love the Patrick and Sam scene. I love how they are good friends. More flowers for Sabrina from her ex Spanish luva!!! Patrick gives the flowers to Sam ROFL! OH SAM'S PAPA SHOWS UP! :) Lookin for Alexis haha.

    Derick Wells office: Sabrina looks for and talks to her ex Spanish Luva. He won't take no for an answer! ROFL!

    Kelly's: Duke and Alexis scene! Awesome. Alexis can't tell in the Julian picture if he was the one who she slept with and fathered Sam ROFL! Duke has a very good idea! You can test Julian's son Lucas!!! Wait Julian didn't know he has a son Lucas?!!?! I thought he did!!!! Hmmmm.

  6. Sonya - that's what I am saying re: Lucas. Robert suspected that it was his own son (I think) at one point, but then that fell through. From my feeble recollection though I thought only the audience knew that Julian Jerome was Lucas' father?

  7. OldSchoolGHfan says Sonya - that's what I am saying re: Lucas. Robert suspected that it was his own son (I think) at one point, but then that fell through. From my feeble recollection though I thought only the audience knew that Julian Jerome was Lucas' father?
    Yeah Robert suspected he was the father at one point. The baby looked exactly like him! I remember when he was on the plane with baby Lucas talking to him. :) But then it turned out Julian is the father. But, I thought Julian knew he was the father before he died. Hmmm.


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