Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Not Much Today


Kiki and Michael..snooze

Ava and Morgan.. Diane comes in to talk to Ava and Morgan sits there like a dolt. LOL

Carly and Derek..blah and Franco and Derek all "She jealous--you jealous? Oh...me jealous"??  Then Derek challenges Todd to a dual.  They spar, shirtless while Shaun lurks and watches.
Hmm a  bit creepy!

Silas and Sam...yada yada. Third time..well. This isn't as sexy as it could be. Kiki finds out Ava has a brother.  Kiki also wants a job at GH. 
Oh, here, empty the bedpan, girlie.

Alexis and Carly gossip about Ava and Morgan. Hee heee Alexis got the DNA envelope.

COME ON... ughhhh if you have Anders Hove around he needs to be on EVERY damn day.

I tell you this is the one thing I hate about soaps and always have: The FILLER DAYS! That's why I love 30 min soaps!!

Tomorrow's promos are more of the same of today: SNOOZAH


  1. Is "Then Derek challenges Todd to a dual. They spar, shirtless while Shaun lurks and watches." a joke?

  2. carrie,
    Unfortunately she's not kidding. That actually happens in today's episode.

  3. Yeah...Todd just had brain surgery and he's in the boxing ring. 6 weeks after my hubby's brain surgery he still got tired after a long walk. And it took years for the holes in the skull to grow over. I know it's a tv show but some things I just can't overlook.

    And Kiki and Michael are finally going to look for jobs. They go and as their daddies to give them work. PMSL

    And Kiki is a real con artist just like her mother. She told Silas it was to give her a chance to get to know him better. A few days ago she said she felt no connection to him and didn't want to get to know him. She feels connected to Franco. *rolls eyes*

    I also feel no chemistry between when Sam and Silas.

    I confess to FFing through most of today.

  4. I have a feeling that Patrick and Sabrina will make it to the alter and then Robin will burst in.

    Since GH is dragging out Robin's return to Port Charles and since there are so many extra wasted storylines that I do not care about, I am taking a long break from GH and I will return when I hear that Robin is back. Until then I just cannot waste my time on stupid Sabrina and these boring stories.

    I do agree that GH is wasting amazing actors like Anders Hove, Sebastian Roche, and Finola Hughes. And is anyone buying that THIS is Franco?! Oye vey!

  5. I am not watching until the great Scorpio Raid to save Robin has re-commenced.

  6. Not liking Sabrina, Michael, kiki or Franco ( and I love RH).

    Derek/Julian being Sam's father was very anticlimactic.

    I would like to see AJ and his trial.

    And If the junior mints were never scene again (except Molly) that would be OK with me.

  7. OK, this was a maximum security prison (just watched yesterday's GH, on at 1:30 a.m. in NYC due to Columbus Day parade)? As someone else here said, WHERE were the guards? When the "two Annas" starting fighting w/guns, the guard just walked away and never came back? This is CRAZY.

    AND, why are Starki, Morgan and Michael not in school? And not working? Makes NO sense, and they don't even address it . . .

  8. Ava and Morgan's home: Horny Morgan is at it again!!!! :) He wants some cougar sex.:) Morgan sees StarKi when he is kissing Ava, and Ava is seeing Mcsilas when she is kissing Morgan. No! You are not supposed to do that!!! Morgan calls Ava, Kiki! You are NOT supposed to do that either!!! Oh look Diane is here! Diane wins the line of the day!

    Diane: You blink and someone's reached the age of consent.

    ROFL! Was that a inside joke because kids get sorassed? :) When Morgan needed Diane's help, I thought he was going to say he needed her help to divorce his parents. :) But nope! He wants to divorce his wife! :)

    Carly and Alexis: OH! Lucas sent over his dna!!!! :) When is Lucas going to show up?!

    The gym: Shirtless Julian Jerome and shirtless FranTodd. :) Yum! Julian Jerome's nipples are hard and standing in attention! :) I wonder what else is. :) The two men turn into 10 year olds!! Oh look Carly shows up! :) So basically,

    Julian: I kissed Carly! Nanner nanner nanner!

    FranTodd: Shut up!

    Julian: Carly is the best kisser and she is hot! Nanner nanner nanner!

    Miki home: Still in bed and having sex I see. They never left the bed!!! Just like what Michael and Starr used to do! So wow, Michael and Starki haven't had ONE date yet, but yet they fell in wuv, moved in together, and ran slow motion in the meadow. I'm waiting for their first date. Oh! StarKi has to look for a job!!! She needs a job!!! Since when? Mikey has to find a job too! They do need money for their first date.

    The hospital: Sam and her ta ta's went to visit McSilas! And they are talking about finding time to have sex ROFL! He has a plan for them not to get interrupted. :) Oh look Starki went to visit her daddy! She wants a job at a hospital as an administration!!! :) She wants her daddy's help! Uhh the daddy she just met and didn't want anything to do with? Who was very uncomfortable around him? My head is swimming. And now Sam says Starki is amazing?!!?! For what?!!?! Oh oh now Starki finds out her mama has a bro bro! :) Mama told her daughter that she was an only child!!!

    Sonny's office: Mikey and Sonny scene awww. :) Oh look Starki is here and is making a big deal to Mikey about her uncle she never knew!! Sonny overhears!!! RA RO! And RA RO it's good that you tied your shoe Mikey. You don't wanna fall and hurt yourself! Especially running through that meadow in slow mo! So, I'm very glad Starki showed you your untie shoe!

  9. Yesterday was very disappointing. Franco is again showing signs of madness which I thought the brain surgery eliminated. I don't really see any point in Franco or Todd being on the show anymore-really creepy either mode. Sam was rather inappropriately dressed for a visit to the hospital. AntJoan, I agree that Michael, Starki and Morgan should be in school or doing something. Bunch of losers. Hard to see the continued attraction of Morgan to Ava - once maybe. Need to resume the exciting storyline ASAP.


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