Monday, October 21, 2013


Anna and Robert!! They find Dr. O on the floor and are telling her to "wake up bitch" so they can ask her about Robin. Dr. Obrect tells Anna that Faison wanted her to put on "her face" and go to bed..Robert's face was PRICELESS when she said that! heh
Robert knocks Obrect back out when she tells them where Robin is. heh. 

Britta sees Faison with BEN!! Faison puts the baby NEXT to the dang Anna-Face mask LOL oy! Brit says: He's NOT your flesh and blood!! Ooooooooooo!!! Who's flesh and blood IS he then?!  Well, she's not the Mama... we know who is!!  Brit admits to just "carrying" Ben.  Nikolas holds a gun on Faison.

Nik sees ROBIN!!   Nice hug!!   Nikolas is standing there with his mouth open like: WHA??! Don't stand there gabbing, run you weenies!! geesh!! 

and then he says: STAY HERE? Um, NO--run Robin! 
She leaves JUST when Anna and Robert get there!! Hell no!

Zulu is still carrying around baby Georgie like she owns her!! Glad Spixie has Diane, she's ruthless.  SHUT IT Zulu!! She even mentions the MONEY she gave Maxie.  ugh 
Diane is getting nasty with Maxie because she was mean to Spinelli.  Alexis is telling Lulu that there's NO WAY they are getting Connie.  UNLESS she proves Maxie unfit. What about Spinelli though? 

"I know every single harmful, hurtful, possibly illegal and definitely immoral thing that Maxie has ever done! Says LULU.

And there's PATRICK being all "marry me" to Sabby. :/ <----mad b="" nbsp="">
Ugh,  #FREEPATRICK!!  I' m not listening to his schmaltzy proposal. NO NONONONO. 
She of course, says YES.
Damn it. 


  1. Spinelli is not unfit, he is the biological father AND he never came close to signing his rights away. Spin wins. Take THAT Lulu. I do not know what it is. I just want to slap her.

    This didn't even come close to being the best part of the show, but I but I had to get that off my chest.

    Ha! Not Brit's baby I wonder who's baby that is. Hmmmmm... Does Dr. O know that is really not her grandson.

    Lulu is going to drop Georgie like a hot potato, as soon as she gets her own baby back.

    Robert and Anna are great together.

    Sabrina not 2 hours ago Patrick was ranting on about his dead wife. Now he wants to marry you and you said yes?.. Oh honey...your are too clueless and pathetic.

  2. hehe did you see this tweet from NLG??

    Nancy Lee Grahn ‏@NancyLeeGrahn 1h Does any1 ever pay me 4 defending them? Lulu & Dante cant afford my hourly rate. Explains why I still have orange carpet in my lake house

  3. YES! Upon hearing Fasion wanted Obrecht to don the mask for bed Robert's face was so great I had to rewind and see it again!!

  4. NLG so funny and so right! And I don't think Spinny and Maxie can afford Diane, either, although maybe she's lowered her rates for her good buddy Spin.

    Robert Scorpio's face at the Obrecht line was worth the price of admission. I also watched three times.

  5. Cassadine Island: Nik saw Robin! YAY! But what is with all the talking?! GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE! Now you want her to stay?! Nik did you bump your head?!!?!! Robert wins the line of the day!!!!

    Robert: Wake up bitch. Come on Wakey wakey! Have a nice rest?

    ROFL! Love the Robert, Anna, and Dr O Scene!! Faison and Britch scene wow!!! Britch is not Ben's bio momma!!!! I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!! Faison grabs Britch! Throw her out the window!! ROFL!

    Patrick's home: No Sabrina! Patrick is an emotional mess!!! Don't be stupid Sabrina!!!

    Alexis and Lulu: Lulu you can't win!!!! And you have the baby laying the wrong way in the stroller!!!

    Diane, Spinny, and Maxie: Love the scene!!! Love how Diane took off her lawyer hat! Yes Diane you give Maxie a piece of your mind and defend Spinny! WOOT WOOT! :)

  6. since this is a soap opera, guess who gets the baby????

  7. NLG is a riot - love her tweets. Robert and Anna-just like old times!!! Couldn't stand to watch Patrick with Sabrina, who still looks fifteen. Get home soon Robin.

  8. screamingeagle said...since this is a soap opera, guess who gets the baby????
    Are you talking about baby Georgie? Hmm let's see.. Spixie?! :)

  9. We all know that Lante is going to get the big baby. Kirsten is going on maternity leave at some point. I think Lante get custody and Maxie goes on the run with the giant baby.

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