Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Death of the Coffee Bags

Why, Yes..I did enjoy GH this week!!
This week was a GLORIOUS romp into the past, present and future!! WOOT! So good!! SO SO GOOD! 
Grab your coffee and some danish because it's time to dish. I don't know if I'll have enough ROOM to write it all down but I'll try...

OMG what a week. I don't know where to start.  Seriously. Where DOES one start!!? 
I tell you, it payed to be OLDER this week while watching GH!! Hell, ancient-Faison mentions of him owning Wyndemere, and his "book author" moniker "PK Sinclair" ;  the entire "Ryan's Bar' thing-- the back story of Joe/Rose and Paddy Kelly.
Sorry for those of you that don't have a ton of GH viewing history such as myself.  :giggle:  So sad, too bad!

Let's dish about the Scorpio-Files first.  

Nikolas and Robin..two old friends find each other in the depths of the Cassadine lair!!  Even though it was a bit uneven in the whole "let's get out of here" aspect, it was fun to watch. Nikolas tells Robin about Patrick's "non-baby" and other Port Charles info. In the meantime, Anna's yelling at Obrect to tell her the truth about Robin.  Obrect was pitiful, knowing that Anna has Fiason's heart. Awww..

SOMEONE just shoot!!  Geesh.. LOL. Although way to keep a story going--put Anna and Robert in the lab, lock it down and use it to blackmail Robin. Great banter in these gunpointing scenes. Fiason and Obrect sniping at each other was priceless. heh. 

Then THIS WAS going on. ugh..  Sabby says YES!!... whatever. I am enjoying hating her though. LOL.  Not her fault one bit...but she's so NICE and so... sweet and BLECK. (We hear that's going to change, and I guess we'll find out once Robin's face is out).  I love to hate goody-goody characters on soaps so I'm  happy. 

On to crazy-pants Ava. She's just an erotic fuse-box. LOL. Morgan gets himself in trouble skulking around and finding out the truth about Julian. Although he's too jelly of his own brother to warn Daddy about the impending doom. "Michael got a job..wah! wah!" Sonny's going to be SO PISSED "YOU BETRAYED YOUR FATHER"!!! hee hee 

I guess Dom Z had the week off because Lulu was the one doing all the bitching about the Bay-Bay.  She was so mean to Spinelli who, let's face it, had little to do with Maxie's secret. Let him at least HOLD her. I know Lulu loves the kid and yada yada-- but Maxie did carry her for 9months and is attached too. Maxie's talk with Mac was good. Boy, KS looks REALLY PG, doesn't she? LOL. She's so tiny that it will look like she's ready to pop for while! 

Lucy was fun this week too. Stupid KIKI gave her the side-eye in Kelly's and I could have smacked her! You don't mess with LUCY! Lucy had all the history to get out to Alexis and Sam about the Jeromes AND was our narrator for more with Heather! 

Ah, the good old days. Scotty and Heather. What a team.  By the way, when Lucy moved to town she was a mouse type that lived over Kelly's. (Everyone lived over Kelly's at one time or another back then!)
By the way, LH rocked that red, white and blue outfit! 

Diane had the best lines of the week.  Between advising on the custody battle, looking at Morgan's chest and advising Franco on his "art", she was in fine form! I loved how she tried to hide Derek's signature on the form when Tranco was signing it.

SCENE OF THE WEEK: It was hard to choose but the one that stuck in my head the most was Britta confronting Faison over her baby.  Kelly did a FANTASTIC job with Anders.  For a relatively new-ish actress on the show, she was brilliant to watch. Bravo!

 PROPS of the WEEK: First of all, the poor pitiful florscent light hanging down that flashed on and off for two days. No one thought it was of any danger-- LOL I also nominate the poor, torn up coffee bags.

FACE OF THE WEEK:  This is the face when Robert heard Obrect talk about Faison wanting  her to put on Anna's face to have sex with him.  "huh..WHA"?

Next week we go to Ryan's Bar in "NYC" and see DELIA! WOOT!! Silas and Sam-- out finding her past from Delia! ahahaaaa... Did you know that Mike Corbin  (Ron Hale)  played Roger on that show and was married to Delia?  Delia was such a character- very "Roxy" like but not as goofy.  Should be a good walk down memory lane.  Robin will be hiding around town and Halloween is coming!!
My doggie Gus is having Surgery on Wed and will be home Thursday evening.  So, if the blogs are interrupted that's why.


  1. I would feel for more Lulu if she had Connie for more than 3 days. The story could have unfolded in a way where the audience is torn. I hope Lulu loses her mind because, she is driving everyone crazy.

  2. I'm just dying for the reveal that Britta's baby is really Lulu & Dante's! It's gotta be the way the keep going from Lulu to Ben!

  3. Karen, I'm sure all of our thoughts and prayers will be w/your beloved Gus this week, so I know he'll have a great outcome. Our cat, Chairman Meow, sends along her best wishes!

    OMG Nulu's baby is GIANT!! She is SORA'd ALREADY!! I believe she will start walking soon . . . And she can be romantically linked w/Giant Baby Ben/Cesar.

  4. Really, Serena is supposed to go bad? Unless this actress has some hidden talents as yet unrevealed, I have as little interest in seeing her be bad as I do in watching her plan a princess wedding. But I do agree about Kelly's performance. I'm so interested in seeing where they go with Britt.

    I simply cannot get over how large baby Ben is. He was born after Connie (how I hate that name, can't wait till they change it) and is three times bigger, LOL.

  5. Dom's mom had passed away when they did those scenes. Dom 's mom had a stroke. Everyone feels that Maxie should not get her baby back because she lied. I'm on Maxie and Spins side. Yes Maxie lied but the baby is still her and Spin baby. I loved this weeks shows. They only one I did noe like is Lulu because of how she treated Spin.

  6. Those babies are giant- especially Ben- but Lulu is so tiny too. If Ben is really hers she'll have to keep him in a stroller.
    There are so many angles they can go with baby Ben now. I'm hoping somehow he is Faison's grandson. Hoping Faison and Dr. O are on for a long time. How can Nik, Robin and Britt keep a straight face around them.
    Sabby will have to be knocked up...

    love love the old history- bring on more!

    Diane is always great- hope they keep her around and involved.

    Any news on AJ? Where the heck has he been?

  7. I am a "seasoned" viewer (thanks to whoever came up with that ) and I have been enjoying all of it. Remember when Lucy started she was a librarian. I'm still team Maxie all the way, too.

  8. This really WAS the best week to be a long-time GH viewer. Wow, talk about blasts from the past! Now if they would just let Sean Donnelly wheel his way to Port Charles (really, you could only get him for TWO DAYS??) and help out Anna and Robert with finding Robin, my life would be complete....

    Big hugs and love to Gus!!

  9. This really WAS the best week to be a long-time GH viewer. Wow, talk about blasts from the past! Now if they would just let Sean Donnelly wheel his way to Port Charles (really, you could only get him for TWO DAYS??) and help out Anna and Robert with finding Robin, my life would be complete....

    Big hugs and love to Gus!!

  10. The majority of the week was excellent. I never saw her on OLTL, but IK will always be Delia to me and I absolutely love that these guys have the fabulous concept of incorporating her and Ryan's Hope into GH. Brilliant! Lulu was really hateful to Spinelli and I can't wait to see that smugness wiped off her face, if it ends up the way it should. Can't get enough of Anna, Robin, Faison, Obrecht, and Robert!! And counting the days until we get rid of Sabrina. If only Tranco would go with her.

  11. was me. Hate to think of myself as old. LOL We are 'seasoned' or maybe Veteran Viewers.

    On y and r they have much more age appropriate babies. These 8 month old babies playing weeks old does not quite work.

    I just love love love the Faison character. He is creepy, he's crazy, and he's now very funny. I just love the way he keeps calling Ben "Cesar".

  12. Hey, wouldn't be great if Delia would come to PT Charles and manage Kelly's Diner? It has little steady management these day--Shawn some days, others he is too busy doing Sonny's bidding. We need another Ruby or Rose to take Kelly's over and pour the coffee! If she took BLTs off the menu she wouldn't be plagued by visits from Heather, either--a definite advantage for the cafe (not necessarily for us!)

    Roxy was a hair-dresser (of sorts), but Delia at least worked in a bar/food place so has the experience.

  13. Blogger soaplover said...
    Hey, wouldn't be great if Delia would come to PT Charles and manage Kelly's Diner?

    LOVE this idea - I really enjoyed the light-hearted Roxy's Salon scenes. It was great for catch-up days, when characters would chat about things...and IK brings great comic relief.


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