Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Latex Order

TAKE THAT!!!!!!!!

Ah, pulling ANOTHER face off. *sigh*  Ok, love it, hate it-- it was still good acting from Finola. That's the last time I want to see this stunt though. 

Get ready to scrub up--hope you have the right face on, I don't like rubber masks!!

I guess I was up/down on GH this week.  I just wasn't into it. Not afraid to admit that. LOL.  It still is an 'on' or 'off' when it comes to story lines. I take it AJ's coming back next week but bajebus, it's been a black hole.  Again, half-way through the week the  dang Jr. Mint tweens show up again! WTH! Come on, give  that up. Just GIVE. IT. UP. Unless you're suddenly going to get Molly involved with Morgan and the Kiki set somehow, just drop them. 

This is a good thing! Robert is up! He's talking! He's spillin' the beans!! WOOT!!  Thank goodness Anna finally believed him. 

 Well..Tracy found a goofy outfit to put on and go see Luke.  She jumped Jerry Jacks and will probably end up messing the whole operation --but hey! It's Spanky!! I got into a bit of trouble on twitter daring to even LIKE these scenes. Seems the L&L contingent are some pissed off. First that TG did an interview with TV Guide and said for everyone to 'move on' and second that Genie isn't in this story but Jane is. It's my understanding that GF asked for some time off and this is how the story turned. Now, whether or not you choose to believe that is your own deal. I am a huge L&L fan-- but I do appreciate these two. Always have. 


Sonny getting in Morgan's face--and Morgan getting right back in his! Great acting all around. Morgan is SO Sonny's Son in the zex department! Here's hoping he's already not fathered a half a dozen kids to come back in 10 years all SORA'd! 

NOT. Your  BIO-Kid.  Sorry--- you can posture all you want's NOT YOUR BIO KID. And it's not like she's 4 years old or anything. So....sorry. 

Diane and Todd--heh. GOOD Stuff! RH is so fun. And yes, I said Todd. Oh, that little bandaid is still there! Think it will be off next week?  Oh, not for nothing but it's kind of hysterical how Heather can just pop in/out at will. Geesh, just let her out already on some technicality. We all know that can happen on a soap.

 I liked this scene because Liz was there. It did remind me of the fact that Robin hand picked LIZ to fill in her shoes, not SABRINA and how great the story could have been if she was in it.  The kids could have gotten close, made a family together and then Robin come home. We would have been invested in this. Patrick wanting to take Sabby on a trip? know just when Robin's discovered, he's going to be somewhere and there's no 'phone signal'.  

I did love the fact that Faison was back-- because let's face it,  Anders Hove is AWEEEESOMEEE Sauce!! He's just too fun.  Poor Obrect, I felt for her a little...all rejected from the man she loves.  Not sure how the whole "twin Anna" fight scene is going to go Monday. It might be too campy for even me to deal with. 

As if Robin doesn't have enough to do, she's got a giant BABY to take care of too! Good Lord.  Then she has to try to find a dang phone signal from the depths of the Cassadine lair. She's such a wonder woman. 

Luke's eye make up was grand... He looked sick. I think they used a bit of red eyeliner in there. Whatever it was, it was fabulous!! 

So... you decide. You sick of Olivia's visions or what? Now they seem to be more 'real-time" like when Connie was dying, not the future. Although I think it would have been cool to have had her see Fiason kissing  a cardboard cut out or a blow up doll. You know, "Fake" lol.

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Mac tells Robert he taped Robin's funeral for him when he woke up.  Aw.. such a great scene and I'm SO HAPPY Mac is in this. He could have well been left off  (as we know) but he's right in there with his brother!! Yeah!!  That juxtaposed with Robin in her room on her Birthday and it was perfection.

PROP OF THE WEEK: Ok, I have to give it to the Anna-Face. But I'm giving it to the Anna-Face that was HANGING ON THE HOOK. Heh. Nice touch!! 
FACE OF THE WEEK: Faison freaks out when Obrect rips her rubber mug off right in front of him. Which is creepy because HE did the same thing with his Duke face. He just couldn't bear to think that Anna might be destroying herself.

Maybe we can all order GH latex masks for Halloween? You know who'd I be!! !!  (see above)
Tomorrow is a bonus day off for me. Not sure if  I'll be here for GH because Wub Hub and I want to see Gravity during the day at IMAX. 


  1. Yes- Liz and Paddy wd have been a great tale. Sabrina needs to fly away.

  2. Karen, MY Wub Hub and I, and my ex-brother-in-law and his girlfriend all ran out yesterday to see Gravity. OH, they RAVE about Sandra B's "Oscar worthy performance." Well, you might enjoy this film if you dial down your expectations somewhat and enjoy the visual experience (we saw it at an Imax theater, which is is MUST for this film) . . . Enough said. . .

  3. LOVE Dr. O, Robert, Luke, Anna, Tracey, et. al. I love GH for featuring a "senior" cast, what a treat to see that life doesn't end at 40! (Well, I know that for sure, but I'm glad it's being recognized on TV.)

    Robin, PLEASE go home. Sabrina, Starki and Ava, PLEASE don't be PG!!

    1. I agree about Ava, I just can't stand her. Too many people coming on, she serves no purpose except to stick it to Sonny (and Carly) that their son is....well, sticking it to her. LOL! I'm ok with Kiki, but as great the acting has become with Sonny and Morgan, I wish they'd both go away, or at least Morgan. Ready for.Robin to be home and the s/l's that are dragging on to be wrapped up already.

  4. First, Gravity - very good, intense. Leave expectations and realism at the door.

    Second, love, love, love have Robert back (I had such a crush on him when I was a kid. As well as Blackie, Frisco, Sean, and Jake, among others). I really liked Olivia and her "crush" on Robbie. I hope they pursue that and address age difference in a cool way.

    Want Lucy and Kevin back on screen PRONTO.

    1. Haha, so did.I. it's all about that accent. He's quite handsome too. Blackie, I wanted to be Lou LOL! As for.Olivia, when she.was.calling Robert, Robbie, I found it annoying, does she even know.him? Did they have scenes together, ever? Kinda how when Morgan calls Michael, Mikey. I called my sister by a.'pet' name and I was 'sister' til I turned 13 LOL, but we're adults now.and have no more nicknames. Just a little annoying. Back to Liv.and.Robert, I would love to see.them get together, then she can call him Robbie.all she.wants. I hope her visions, wrap it up please.

  5. Maybe its just me, but I like that the band aid is still there, it's gotten smaller as we go along. True to life. People complain usually when it comes off too soon. LOL! I agree about Liz and Patrick. I.was glad when Patrick and Sabrina got together, because I being part of the 5% that liked her, was happy she got her guy. But then something changed, maybe its because Robin is coming home, or not....but I wish they'd nix their.relationship. Love Felix, and coming around on Britt, but I wish Ellie and Sabrina and Taylor would go away. Poor 'Ben', everyone always talking about big he is. Well, LOL! Look how pregnant Britt was compared to Maxie, look at it that way, some babies are bigger than others and they can't really hire newborns, so we have to remember that. LOL!

  6. One more mask. During the Breaking Bad panel at SDCC this past summer, Bryan Cranston ripped off a whole head mask that he was wearing. It was a mask of himself! Until he pulled it off, you couldn't tell it was a mask. It was really freaky.

  7. one more mask comment - Faison didn't rip off his mask, it was melted, much like the Wicked Witch of the West.

  8. Regarding the mask...I just have a hard time buying that everybody "kisses" the mask. C'mon, I know from making latex molds that the smell and texture are not the same as human skin. I just find it a little unbelievable. I know its TV and everything, but really, get a new trick!

  9. Karen says Although I think it would have been cool to have had her see Fiason kissing a cardboard cut out or a blow up doll. You know, "Fake" lol.
    ROFL! Yeah that would have been funny. :)

    FACE OF THE WEEK: Faison freaks out when Obrect rips her rubber mug off right in front of him.

    I want to see Gravity during the day at IMAX.
    OH! I saw that movie recently! Very very good movie. I loved it! Slow in the beginning, but then it took off. No pun intended. :)

  10. I think it's funny that Heather can come and go. She referred to her doing it before (you know back in the Diana day)!

  11. AJ is not coming back next week. probably not in 2013 either. Major black hole.

    1. Why is he not coming back thus week or even 2013?

  12. Sean Kanan hasn't taped since August. Maybe he'll be back in November. Sorry for the spoiler free folks. The trial isn't going to start soon.


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