Monday, October 7, 2013

Miss Jerome Checked Out..

With her new Boy-Toy!! Oh AVA, you wear those RED Marilyn dresses..and FM shoes. Er...
The movers called Morgan her son! heh.. 
Julian wants to find her. 

Robin you tried so hard!!  Jerry catches her, and she threatens to deep freeze everything. ONLY! The "deep freezer" was moved. Oh well. Bummer.

Tracy! Rescuing Luke from that Salad!!  She has his hat on. heh.

Carly tells Sonny Morgan is with Ava Jerome!! ahaahaaa. WHOOPS-- you know he secretly loves it. 

All I can think of is Big Baby Ben needing a diaper change.


  1. Big Baby Ben needs some food too. How is Robin feeding him?

  2. Tracy was superb. Wonderful to see her in her guard get up and hat -- she looked better than she does in some of those strange long shirts they often have her wearing. And almost no make-up -- Jane Eliot is great, no vanity, just plays the role. Tracy's got to see or hear something about Robin sooner or late -- please make it sooner!

  3. dear wubqueen...

    how long are they going to drag this Robin thing out? Is it going to be a quick fix, say, on Thursday or will we be watching this for eons, interspersed with the dreadful children storylines?

    what are your sources telling you?

    inquiring minds want to know...

  4. David, yes, great minds think alike, I totally was thinking about everything you said in your 2 posts.

  5. Metrocourt hotel: Julian Jerome lookin for his sister. The hotel security guy working wins the line of the day!

    Hotel security man: Miss Jerome checked out earlier today. Apparently with her new boytoy.

    ROFL! And I am still waiting for the janitor to pop up to tell his back in my day stories ROFL!

    Ava's home: Morgan and his putting the sofa at the right spot for easy access comment! ROFL! Man Morgan is really really REALLY horny! And again they have sex! YUM! Oh and here is Julian Jerome showing up after the sex haha!

    Sonny's office: Sonny is back on his meds YAY! Carly and Sonny scene love it! :)

    Cassadine Island: Oh Robin! So close but yet so far!! Dr. O is so pissed hahaha! Wow look at that. Baby Ben can sit up! That's amazing since he was just born! :) Is he going to be able to talk soon too? Luke is in bed, and Tracy shows up!! To help Luke!!!

    Switzerland: Come on Anna! Listen to Robert! ROBIN IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  6. Loved loved loved Robert and Anna, and of course Tracy. Nonsensical but still enjoyable was Julian answering the door shirtless!


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