Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Does Heather remind anyone else of Lindsay on OLTL.the way she'd just pop in/out? LOL 

Sonny got another cover on the PC Press. Geesh, he's been on a lot lately!

Alexis...you're going to need a tumor or some miracle to let Lante keep Cawnie.  By the way-- whoo hoo but didn't the ADOPTION lady say Lante were unfit already? Because the ONLY way they are going to get her over Spixie is to prove Maxie/Spin unfit!

ANDDDDDDDDDD just when Sonny pounds on Ava and Morgan's door, the Prezzzzz comes on.


  1. Do you know if they're replaying this tomorrow. It wasn't on the Canadian station at all today. We got 12 minutes on the U.S. station.

  2. Karen says ANDDDDDDDDDD just when Sonny pounds on Ava and Morgan's door, the Prezzzzz comes on.
    And Morgan just got done pounding Ava! ROFL!

  3. Did anyone see today's show? Can anyone give us a recap? Does anyone know how to watch it w/out Soapnet?

  4. Watch it on abc.com. They post episodes at about 9 p.m. on the west coast.

  5. I am going to try Soapnet, but if it wasn't on in Canada, it may not be on Soapnet either.

  6. You're welcome, Joan. I always watch GH on abc.com. No commercials!

  7. Can they drag out Robin's return any longer?! How many more days before this is wrapped up?!

  8. No commercials on ABC.com, Wanda?? I always watch on Hulu but there are commercials. I'm gonna try ABC.com tonight.Thanks!

  9. I love the fact that Heather's asylum has the same name as the head of Scientology

  10. Sonny wants Morgan to leave with him. Morgan says, "You're dead to me". Walks back to the bathroom. Sonny and Ava have words. Ava tries to play nice, Sonny's not buying it. Morgan comes back, Sonny says he loves him, but will leave him alone. Says that Ava is using him and will hurt him, but Sonny will be there for him.

    Franco is trying to paint like Heather. Knocks at dorr, it's Heather. Franco asks Heather to paint more and she says she will if he stays away from Carly.

    Carly goes by Derek's room (he is shirtless...yea!). Says she is looking for Ava. Derek wants to know why, Carly spills the beans about Morgan. Derek says why do you care about your son's sex life...maybe you need a sex life. Derek says it was obvious your last boyfriend Felix was gay. Carly remembers she wanted Spin to check out Derek, so she asks him to dinner.

    Lulu and Dante call Maxie and Spenelli over to sign the adoption papers. Cliffhanger as Maxie and Spinelli get ready to tell them they want the baby.

  11. Thank you Denise!!

    "Derek says why do you care about your son's sex life...maybe you need a sex life. Derek says it was obvious your last boyfriend Felix was gay"

    ROFL! Yeah Carly! Time to have sex! :) You should have sex with shirtless Derick Wells aka Julian Jerome. :)

  12. karen asks:

    Does Heather remind anyone else of Lindsay on OLTL

    dave asks:

    Doesnt EVERYTHING on this show remind everyone of something previously on OLTL?

  13. Well I will put my GH's comments here. :) Damn I thought that they were going to show yesterday's GH today! Ah well. I will have to watch it online.

    Lante home: Great scene!!! Team Spixie all the way!!! Come on Lante you can't adopt baby Georgie!!

    Sam's home: Oh! McSilas and Sam were about to go upstairs for some sex! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! But rats baby Cheeto was crying! ROFL! And then he has a page! Crap!!!

    Julian Jerome's room: Julian Jerome and FranTodd scene!!! LOVE IT!!! FranTodd wins the line of the day!!!

    FranTodd: It's just Franco. It's not Mr. anything! Why is that so hard to remember? Mr. Son of a bitch!

    ROFL! And then FranTodd and Diane! Hahahaha!

    Metrocourt restaurant: Oh so Carly and Julian are on a date!?! Awesome. The Diane/FranTodd and Carly/Julian scene was so funny! ROFL! FranTodd with Diane! ROFL! FranTodd trying to get Carly jealous, and Carly trying to get FranTodd jealous. :) Carly and Alexis talking about Lucas! Awesome. Ears ringing Lucas? :) Carly thinking that Sam is her sister ROFL! Alexis disappointed and jealous that Carly and Julian are on a date hahaha love it!

    Kelly's: Really!!?!!? TJ and Molly both jealous of Taylor and Rafe!!??! Give me a break!!! UGH!

  14. Great the teen scene us on today. Yawn maybe they won't be on again for a long time, they are tedious

    I have no sympathy for Lulu, I feel bad for Dante but not Lulu. She is just so abrasive and cold. Go team Spixie!!! And they hired Diane!!!!!!

    At least they mentioned Bobbie today.

    Could Silas arms have more make up on them. They were positively glowing.

    That tiny band air on Todd's head is ridiculous. Like we need a reminder that that Franco had a tumor and is changed.

    Diane Todd Carly and Derek mirroring the the teeny boppers in the jealousy routine Hah, and it is working for all of them.

    So I retread my comment before hitting post and I realized that keep writing Todd nstead of Franco and I didn't actually do it on purpose. Is he completely Todd now or Have I just not adjusted?

  15. Andrea said...Is he completely Todd now or Have I just not adjusted?
    Yeah he is completely Todd!!! The transformation has been complete.:)

  16. For the Canadian viewers who missed the episode it's now up on the CityTV website.


  17. Am I the only one who prefers Ava & Morgan over her slutty daughter and anyone? I swear, StarKi brings down anyone who has to act off of her dopeyness.

    For an attorney, Alexis sure got that surrender paper written up and printed so quickly. Can I be Team DaSpixie? Give custody to Spixie with liberal visitation to Dante. Leave Lulu out of the whole mess.

  18. You're definitely not alone Kg. I also find that both Michael and Morgan are so much better when they're in a scene with the better actors on the show. They strive to match their performances and both have had some great scenes with Maurice, for instance. Their scenes with Starki are painful to watch.

  19. SO, GH is on at 2 in Missouri right now, so I miss the beginning of the shows instead of the end from the President. Good thing I still have SoapNet!
    I am all for Maxie and Spinelli getting their daughter in the end, but I am team Maxie needs to learn the consequences. It isn't like this is the first time she has done something without really contemplating what may happen.
    I think someone (maybe Maxie's PARENTS) need to really lay into Maxie because I still don't think she gets it. I would love to see at least one more scene with Spinelli where he can blame her for what is going on.
    She got off way to easy by most people. That is why I liked Olivia giving it to them.
    I think both actors playing Dante and Lulu are doing fine. Yes, I think JMB would have been better but she left.
    Not as interested in the other story lines at this time.I am too busy missing Liz and the Q's

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