Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Present You with..ZE BABY!

I hope NuLu doesn't mope around for ages. I'm so heartless. Dante can ...just not Nulu. :)hee hee. Hey,  I might of hated Lulu just as much as if JMB were still playing her, we'll never KNOW!! Today was better. I like her in no make up and not shrieking like a harpie.

Robin should make a temporary cure for Jerry, make him think he's ok--then get out, then he dies. OR Turn him into a heroin addict...give him injections. Tell him it's "the cure". Then, when he's screaming for more, make him release you or you let him twist.
Dr. O shows up with Giant Baby Ben. Is Robin supposed to change that kid's diaper AND find a cure for radiation poisoning?! Dr.O renamed him CESAR ..yes!! ahahaaaa.  

Robin sees Britt tell Paddy's she's PG..and Dr.O takes in the baby!  Robin is like "I'm no babysitter"

Dr. O is so evil. I love her to  bits. She says evil stuff and then smiles. 

Kelly T was awesome as Britt today..she's gotten so good.  Loved Anna talking about Robin's kidnapping and Nik remembering hearing about it., FLEA and Mac were so nice to Maxie until she mentioned Frisco. LOL!!  Felicia is one of my old time faves so leave the hate at the door, Mmmmmmmmmm' k ???

Mac got a phone call from Holly-- I think Robert's awake but-- then THIS HAPPENED:

OK... We were interrupted by the Capitol Hill shooting.  Some idiot rammed the building? Um.. duh

UPDATE: Canadian Twubbers told me that yes, ROBERT is AWAKE!! .. and also Lulu wants to go to court to keep the baby and Spinelli/Maxie want her back. 


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  2. I cried today when they showed the flashback with little Robin and Anna. *sniff* *sniff*

    And yes, Robert's awake!! Yaah!!

  3. We got cut off before Holly called. Did they show Robert?

  4. Watching on SoapNet later due to shooting at Capitol.

    What would I do without SoapNet. How did it come to pass that it didn't go off the air as scheduled?

  5. How'd she get the baby out of the country?

  6. Oh, Mac got a call from Holly, the show was interrupted here before that, I guess I missed a lot.

    When Dr O told Jerry she was doing whatever when he was still in nappies--well, how old is she supposed to be, exactly? She and he look about the same age to me.

  7. Oh, Sonya, please do your recap if you're able to see the rest of the show, so we all can know what we missed.

  8. Kelly's: Everyone at the table eating was great! Emma, Felicia, Mac, Patrick, and Sabrina! Emma is so sweet. :) Did Emma call Felicia, Felicia, or Feesha? Hahaha! Maxie got a haircut! :) Looks cute. Maxie, Mac, and Felicia scene was great!!! She told them that baby Georgie is hers and Spinny's! :) And that Frisco knew! :) Felicia wins the line of the day!

    Felicia: Oh that jackass!

    ROFL! Too funny. :) Listen to your parents Maxie!!! Go get your daughter and claim her!!! NOW!

    Lante home: No Lulu!!! Georgie is not your daughter!! Oh oh I'm afraid Lulu is going to go off her rocker!!

    Anna's office: Nik is so sweet!!! He made Anna cry talking about Robin! :( Britch wants Anna to help her find her "son"

    Cassadine Island: Jerry Jax and Dr O!!! LOVE IT! :) Great scene! Looked like they were gonna kiss! :) Dr O wants Robin to babysit hahahahaha! Robin meet Patrick's "son" :)

    Ellie and Spinny: Spinny!!!! Go claim your daughter! Go get her!!!!

    1. Emma is so great! Loved when she saw Britt! I think she called Felicia, Feesha. Hating the baby s/l, wrap them up already and this whole Robin being dead, to her family while you're at it. Glad that Spin and Ellie and now Maxie can all come together as some sort of friendship.loved Maxie's new do. So over Lulu. Dantes feelings were so real, spot on, but with Emme, she seemed to be trying too hard

  9. AntJoan said...Oh, Sonya, please do your recap if you're able to see the rest of the show, so we all can know what we missed.
    I missed the end too hon. :(

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  11. I went on youtube! I watched the last part we missed!!!

    Kelly's: Maxie is going to see Kevin, so that Kevin gets the right information this time, and so he can help on what to do on how to get the baby. Mac gets a phone call from Holly. Sabrina gets flowers from Carlos! Sabrina, Emma, and Patrick leave, and bump into Britch and Nik!

    Emma: Watch out it's the britch.

    Oh dear!!!! She is acting like Felix!!

    Patrick: Hey watch your language.

    Yeah Patrick you tell her! Britch tells them that her son was kidnapped by her mother!

    Maxie and Spinny:

    Spinny: I want our daughter back.

    Maxie: So do I.

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! :) I'm on team Spixie all the way! :)

    Anna's office: There is a flashback of little Robin and Anna! Mac comes in and says that Holly called him! ROBERT IS AWAKE YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! :)

    Lante home: Lulu wants to adopt baby Georgie!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  12. Robert's awake!! How much do you want to bet that he does not remember seeing Robin.

    I'm totally on team Spixie. Lulu give that baby to he MOTHER!!!!!

    I think Emma is spending too much time with Felix.

    Lets Scrubs see each other and then have Carlos sweep away Sabrina so we don't have to see them again.

  13. Soooo not happy with how Mac and Felicia reacted to Maxie's news. Was waiting for Felicia to start throwing confetti all over the place. Then again, she's never been a real mother to Maxie anyways, so I guess Ron was just trying to keep her in character. *eyeroll* What Maxie did to her best friend was so cruel and her "parents" should have called her out on it. It could've been such a breakthrough moment for Maxie and Felicia instead it was whitewashed. Very disappointing.

    Loving the Dr. O/baby stuff with Robin. And Robin realizing her darling Patrick is juggling women again....LOL...priceless!! This is soapy goodness at it's best!

    Can't wait for more Anna, Robert scenes. Yay!!

  14. Anna & the Vets, Ava and Dr. O keep me coming back every day right now. I could care less about Maxie/Spin/L&D/baby drama...where the heck are Elizabeth and AJ?

  15. Sonya, thanks for the rest of the recap.



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