Thursday, October 17, 2013

Faison Holds Big Ben!

Rubber Masks 

Creepy Grandpa holds Ben!!  That's nightmare stuff ...Ben Licks Faison! Eeewww!! 

and HOW NASTY was Obrect with the face thing? Even though I knew it, it was still sad. Robin "Mommy...I knew you'd come"..geesh.

Sonny calls Duke in to talk about Julian. Good idea! Robert found Julian's body, btw. Sonny still thinks Derek is Julian. 

Nikolas obviously has NO staff on the island he can contact??

Ok,  I'm saying it..does KM look like she might the family way? There. I got it out. Had to. Maybe it's just her scrubs but dang. 

Robert and Anna are off to the island! Brit and Nikolas landed-- Tracy and Luke are going back to PC. 

Tomorrow looks good too! 


  1. I am more convinced that Sabrina is on her way out the door. Whenever they take a formerly sympathetic character and make her this annoying it usually means it's farewell time.
    Loved Faison's making go-go eyes with the baby

  2. I meant goo-goo eyes with the baby

  3. I think that Robin looks like she is a little "fuller in the face " than she is in any of the flashbacks they have shown.

    Nick seems to have no staff anywhere Cassadine island, spoon island. even Alfred is only just mentioned.

    At least that Anna mask did not stay on for long. Hopefully the mask thing will stop now.

    Sabrina has got to go, very very annoying and pathetic.

    Faison and the baby was creepy.

  4. Anna and Robert - great chemistry...They always play well off each other and their old married couple bickering is always entertaining. I am a huge Scorpio fan, but I have to say: Anna and Duke LOOK better as a couple on screen. Ian is like 10 years younger than Tristan and the age difference shows when they are with Fin. Still, I'm hoping that Robert will stay at least around enough and close enough with Anna to make Duke sweat a little about his relationship with Anna...Robert always did get Duke's goat LOL

    Faison the babysitter = comedy gold. I loved it!

    And, danged if I am not liking Britt more and more each day. She's easy on the eyes, her acting is getting better each week, and there's a ton of potential for her character to be morally complex as time goes on. Port Charles needs a character like that I think and she has a good dynamic with Nik going. A Cassadine/Faison pairing could be pretty great...I want to see where this is going!

  5. Will the writers make fat jokes about Robin like they did with AJ?

  6. Anon, have you ever seen Brit's appearance on Chuck? I've never seen someone die so badly in my life. If you thought her acting when she started on GH was bad, you should see the short scene she had on there. Awful.

    I do think that Robin looks heavier and I was wondering if she might be pregnant. If she is that mean they have to hide two pregnancies.

  7. Sonny's office: Sonny wins the line of the day!!!

    Sonny: Julian Jerome is a symbol of what he left behind, and he wants to believe that he is dead and buried. Does not make it true.

    YESSSSSSSSSS! :) Go Sonny!!! Dig deeper!!! :) Forget what Duke says! :)

    Sabrina and Patrick: Oh shut up Sabrina!!!! Patrick is a grown ass man! Not Emma!!! it's time to break up with him! He is still in love with his wife!!!

    Switzerland: Come on Anna! Robert is going with you! Just suck it up and accept it!!! :) And oh tell Mac that Robin is alive! :) Oh Anna accepts Robert going! Good. :)

    Cassadine Island: OH! "Anna" with Robin and she fell for it!! Oh Dr O! You are so cruel, but I still love you. :) You do have a good point. Robin should have seen right through you! :) Faison with baby Ben!!!! LOVE THE SCENE!!!! :) Adorable!!! Faison and baby Ben is the scene of the day! :) Now I want to see Spinny hold his daughter Nik and Britch scene awww love it! :)

    Where is Michael and StarKi? Maybe Michael fell in a dark hole in the meadow when they were running in slow mo yesterday. I mean he did fall when his shoe laces were untied.. So, when he fell, he must have fell in a hole.

  8. Loved yesterday's show! Great to see Duke interact with Sonny, Faison and the baby were weird but somewhat adorable - he seemed almost normal if you didn't know his history. Sabrina was so annoying,though. Loved Anna, Robert and Mac. Really looking forward to today's show.


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