Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sonny: My Coffee's been TAMPERED WITH!!

Sonny, hell, you have sucky security.  LOL. Just really, really BAD!! 

Carly and Derek lip lock..Are you team Carly/Todd or team Carly/ Julian?

Diane "Morgan, I see you still can't find your shirt"...ahhaaa. Morgan is so--well, NINETEEN. He called  Ava his "GIRLfriend"
He's going to be a pain in the Jerome side really soon...!!

LUCY looked so great-- I love her and stupid KIKI was totally rude to our QUEEN! Off with her head! Alexis and Sam asking her about Victor  Jerome..who yes, choked to death on her necklace.  Lucy says Victor had a mistress and a kid named "Dino" ...

The DA Lazaro is all of a sudden all over the place. Sonny's got him in his back pocket. Shocker. 

All you need to know:

Morgan found out Ava and Derek are Bro and Sis

Heather and Scotty see each other


  1. Do Heather and Scotty have a history?

  2. Did I miss the scoop on where the hell Sean Kanan is??? AJ is seriously among the missing.....

  3. AJ is still in remand and being denied bail. Diane thinks it's best to leave him there and hope that Scotty gets in as the new DA since the current one is in Sonny's pocket.

  4. Scott was married to Susan Moore when she died.

    Scotty and Heather definitely had an affair at some point. They were partners in crime from time to time. I think they were trying to get Susan to kill herself at some point - with the point of getting control of Jason's trust fund.

    I know they just dropped AJ. we've only seen him on the newspaper and the ipad.

    apparently sonny has no security.

    Moron is going to get himself in serious trouble.

  5. Andrea is correct...Scotty and Heather were in cahoots and were an item for a little bit back in the early 80's. Today is the first time they have been onscreen together in years, I'm pretty sure. LOVE IT!

  6. Morgan and Ava's home: Oh oh! Morgan thinks he and Ava are boyfriend and girlfriend! Ava you need to talk to him! Diane wins the line of the day today!

    Diane: Oh Morgan. I see you still haven't found your shirt.

    ROFL! Oh Diane!!! :) I love you! :) Oh oh Morgan is all pissy this morning! He thinks Ava and Derick Wells are sleeping together! ROFL! Ewwwwwwwww! Later on, Morgan is thinking! He DOES have a brain! :) And he is thinking with the right one for a change! :)

    FranTodd's home: Awww look! The striped painting had a dozen striped babies!!!! Shirtless FranTodd is having a great morning! Heather visits and also Carly! :) Heather approves of FranTodd "dating" Diane! ROFL!

    Kelly's: Oh look! StarKi and Michael are on! StarKi finally got Michael out of that hole that he fell in!!! :) Michael? From now on, tie your shoes! LUCY!!!!!!!!! I love you forever. :) StarKI don't be rude to my Lucy!!!! Lucy and Scotty scene YAY! Yes Scotty for DA! :) Scotty in November I will come down to Port Chuckles and vote for you! :) Heather and Scotty see each other YAY! :)

    Sonny's warehouse: Awww all the teeny tiny coffee beans have died. :'( Oh look! Sonny and Shawn heard a screeching noise! They point their guns! ROFL! You two suck at shooting! Oh no! That DA is in Sonny's pocket! ACK! I don't want this DA! I want Scotty as DA!

    Alexis and Sam: The results are in!!! :) Alexis rambling ROFL! I love her rambles. Anyway Julian Jerome has two kids! :) Lucas and Sam awwww! :) Lucy shows up! OH! More talk about the Jeromes! Victor Jerome! YAY! :)

    Julian Jerome's office: Oh I see! So Caaaaaaaaarlossss is the one who killed the coffee beans!!! How could you Caaaaaaaaarlossss!?!?!! :( Oh he knows Ava and they are sweet to each other. Morgan overhears Julian and Ava talking!!! :) GO MORGAN! :)

  7. Avalonn!
    ROFL! :)

  8. Anyone know what the obscure reference to Ryan's Hope was about? When Lucy was talking about Victor's other mistress she said they met at an Irish bar, then rattled off some names, and eventually said, "It was Ryan's....I hope." I know they often reference The City, and we recently got a lot of Loving references, but I must say the Ryan's Hope reference eludes me as I never watched that show. Any help?

  9. I watched Ryan's Hope during it's whole reign, but don't remember a character by the name of Victor Jerome. But I found two references that Delia (Ilene Kristen) was one of his mistresses. Since it has been said that she was taping for GH, it makes sense. One reference said that Sam and Alexis would go to Ryan's bar and that is where they will meet up with Delia Reed Ryan who will turn out to be Ava's mother. Can't wait.. I love how they are sticking these characters into the stories even if they don't stay long... (On Ryan's Hope, Delia's brother was played by Ron Hale who was Mike Corbin on GH.)

  10. Aren't they afraid that Ryan's Hope could end up as an online drama and then they will get sued for ruining the character of "Delia". LOL!!

  11. Man, if they bring IK back as Delia Ryan I will fall completely over. That's pretty cool!
    Also, they need to bring back Helen Gallagher as Maeve Ryan - she is 87 now but if she is up for it, that would be even better. LOVE IT

  12. Pat..... Sun..... said...One reference said that Sam and Alexis would go to Ryan's bar and that is where they will meet up with Delia Reed Ryan
    Well, if that is true, then she won't be Roxie from OLTL. :( Ah well. I am glad the actress is going to be on GH! :)

  13. Pat.... Sun..... thank you so much! I knew the writers wouldn't drop in the Easter Egg without a reason. I can totally see IK as Ava's mother...and then she'll be Kiki's grandma! LOL.

    Say what you will about the writing/story lines, these guys sure know how to pay homage to the soap-world and honor loooong-time fans.


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