Wednesday, October 30, 2013

ACTING is FULL On Today!

I'm here-- Gus is doing well, the surgeon said he looks good. Just have to stay over for the night, get pain meds. We get him tomorrow between 3-5. 

I just watched yesterday's GH... Michael's going to make NO money just wining and dining Tiki-Tavi all the time. 

Maxie and Spin were adorable. AND they have an extra bedroom!! 

I so see Delia in Ava!! SO MUCH! And STARR is her grandbaby! LMAO. 


Day 34 in the coffee warehouse--Sonny can't even clean it up! 

Ellie still lives at Maxie' NO. She needs to move over Kelly's or in with her "Aunt Diane" (that's what I want her to be lol)  She's so smart!! She tells Spin to go after custody :)

Sonny's calling Derek's bluff!! He flashed his dimples on him quite a bit there! I like it when he's not all mooning on some lady-parts.  He was brilliant today

Dante takes Baby Georgie to the DAMN DOCKS OF MURDER? Don't they have a park around?!! 
AND LULU I hate you!! Geesh, Maxie grew that kid.  Yes, you "got ready for her" but come on. And how can you justify keeping her from Spinelli who did nothing to deserve this!!??  AND bringing up that Maxie "killed" a baby on New Years??! Now-- let's think LULU what did YOU do when you were younger? Hope the judge isn't pro-life.   NOT that it's wrong at all,  not saying that but going after Maxie that way was WRONG. You also stabbed Logan to death then went a little nuts.
Oh, man I LOVE THIS STORY lol... it makes me so mad!!  So many things wrong with it but it's SUCH juicy drama. :)

:humf: :stompfoot: 

Great acting today, it was a joy to watch!  Carly and Ava were classic. Morgan even laughed in Carly's face!! HELL!!! Ooooooo no!! RUN!




  1. I really can't stand this version of Lulu - I find myself wanting to know how the previous actress would have handled this entire mess... Also, I was hoping when Dante took the baby yesterday, he was going to give it to Maxie....

  2. I never liked Lulu but this actress is amazing and the character's behaviour is just... typical Lulu, imo.
    Loved Ellie and Spin, I hope he can truly forgive her, she would never hurt him like Maxie always has and does...
    Sonny and Derek, Morgan and va against Carly...Great show today!

  3. Shouldn't LuLu and Dante be suing Britt for malpractice? Considering she knew about Maxie and all. LuLu knows Britt was part of the coverup right?

  4. Spin should get custody in 2 seconds flat.. especially if he is in a steady relationship with a stable woman. That would take the wind out of Lulu's sails.

    Lulu shouldn't talk, she has her own past to explain. Didn't an adoption agency say already that Dante and Lulu were not qualified to adopt a baby - that's why they went for the surrogate? Why would they be suddenly qualified now? Spin should get his own attny - Scotty he hates Lulu already - she did kill his son.

    Sonny was great today, It reminds me of when he was first on the show - nothing like the last 15 years.

    Moron is growing on me. Carly is going to go ballistic.

  5. I don't think Spinny would get custody so quickly -- he worked for the mob for a long time, and both Lulu and Alexis know that.

    I actually enjoyed watching Sonny today, not something I've felt for a very, very long time. MB and William DeVry looked like they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

    My only regret at Lante eventually (I pray) losing the baby is that Dante and the baby are so incredibly cute together -- he really has a way with her.

  6. Hope Gus feels better soon!

    I am still boycotting GH until Robin is back for good. BUT I will admit again to flicking GH on for the last 5 minutes. I can't help myself.

    It really is ridiculous about Lulu. And hello, she CHOSE Maxie to be the surrogate. What does that say about Lulu and Dante?!

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  8. Wait till they find out Britt has their bio kid, I have no idea what that would be in court! Although, I'm kinda hoping now that baby Britt has is Lulu's and Stavros', take that Lulu! However, I'd feel bad for Dante. Lulu is just irritating to watch these days!

  9. Never thought I'd say this. I enjoyed watching Sonny today!!

    There. I still hate the character, but Maurice was good, and for the first time in a very long time, gave it his all. DeVry was great at being bounced against--well, it was just an unusual encounter that gave Maurice some scenery to chew and boy, he chewed and spit it out!

    As for Lulu--I still cannot think of this actress as Lulu. The original actress was perfect casting, this one is not. It hasn't much to do with talent--it has to do with type. She is just a completely different type.

  10. Have not commented in a while. I will try to be precise.

    The show has improved drastically.

    I still hate the campiness.

    Am frustrated with characters and storylines going on long hiatus (where are AJ, Milo, Monica, Felicia, etc.).

    I love the return of vets, rumours of old characters (Lucas, Bobbie, Starvos etc.) returning and would love to see more (Skye, Dillon, Ned, etc.)but the cast is bloated. Time to stop introducing new characters, eliminated some recently introduced characters or characters with no real connection. I'd be a okay with saying goodbye to Shaun, Rafe, TJ, Brad, Olivia, Diane, Ellie, Kiki, Silas, Franco, Sabrina, Carlos, Spinelli and for Sonny to take a long vacation like Luke often does. Fiason and Dr. O have been great but with the Robin reveal hopefully coming soon it is time for those two characters to go away again for a bit.

    I have long disliked the character of Sonny but he is much better lately. I still think killing him off would make a great storyline.

    The character of Nicholas has also improved significantly under these new writers in my opinion.

    I am also now really enjoying Brit but ready to see Sabrina disappear.

    NuLulu is a failure and needs to be recast...or paired with Milo who the actress had more chemistry with. Pair Lante with Maxie and let them raise baby Connie-Georgie.

    The character that frustrates me the most under the new regime is Alexis. I am happy she is getting more air time. I am also not surprised she is spilling secrets to Derek - her character, no matter how strong she is, always went school-girl-crush-like when she falls for a new guy. What is bothering me is that they once again having her fall for a bad guy. We have seen this storyline with her sooo many times. She will love him but not what he does, be conflicted, yada, yada, yada. Why can't they write a real romance for Alexis? And it is a shame because I see real chemistry between her and Derek, but just once let her have a real relationship with a good guy (Mac does not count as that was more of a flirty friendship then an adult relationship).

    The other thing that is REALLY bothering me with Alexis is having her represent Lulu and Dante in trying to take away Maxie and Spinelli's child. Given Alexis's friendship with Mac, Felicia and even Maxie I just don't believe Alexis would do this. Then there is also Spinelli's friendship with Sam. Alexis should be representing Maxie/Spinelli. Have Scott represent Lulu/Dante. I know he "hates" Lulu but perhaps this could be a way for him to try and gain favor with Lulu's mom, Laura. I'd also like to see Scotty interact with Olivia. Bringing Scotty into this storyline would also allow Lucy to become involved.

    Remember, Lucy is bf's with Felicia and business partner with Laura AND Lucy was a surrogate herself...get her in a scene with Maxie/Lulu pronto!


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