Wednesday, October 16, 2013



UGHHHHHhhhhhhhh.  Goodness. Such greatness followed by SUCH dullness.

I mean, come on--mix it up some!! NLG tweeted she is off  3 weeks now so you know they blocked taped FOREVER. Great.

Franco is boxing after a BRAIN SURGERY? WTF. Come on. Oh, Carly's all concerned. Todd at least has his little bandaid on still!!  This is just ... well, time wasting.  They are now on the couch at the Metro. :eyeroll: 

Ava talks to Julian... Bring on Olivia Jerome..I love Tonja Walker!!  Now Ava's opening an art gallery for Franco's exposition. 

Diane: "Morgan You've been BUSY!!"   She gets him all pissy about Sonny. Geesh  He's yelling about how his Daddy ruined his life. She basically says suck it up. She's going to take Morgan's divorce case. LOL--- she does tell him HE committed fraud by not telling Kiki the truth. 

Sonny finds out Ava has a brother that's "rich".   He and Shaun are putting 2 and 2 together. 

Stars of today's show: Alexis and Sam's chestaloons!!  Sam was afraid she'd be related to Carly since Lucas is her "brother"-- 

PS. Today is the 26th Anniversary of Duke and Anna's wedding! 

Sonny finally figures out Derek may be Julian.

Robin is on tomorrow...



  1. Only good thing: Sam saying Thank God when she realized she wasn't related to Carly.

  2. That was funny Dar. I was too busy looking at her BOOBS to write it down LOL

  3. OMG, couldn't take my eyes off of Sam's chestaloons, who wears a LEOTARD in the fall in upstate NY?? Alexi's chestaloons also were making their presence felt . . .

    I didn't finish watching yet, but MUST ASK: I MUST HAVE CARLY's jacket!! Does ANYONE know how I can go about finding one?

  4. AntJoan, You can send a letter to the wardrobe department at:
    General Hospital
    c/o ABC-TV
    4151 Prospect Avenue
    Hollywood, CA 90027
    ATTN: Wardrobe/Costume Design

    Just include the date of the episode, what was "happening" (e.g., Carly's jacket in the boxing gym with Franco), and your contact info.

    I wrote to them in the spring about the dress Elizabeth wore to Laura and Scott's wedding because I wanted one for two weddings I was attending this fall. I sent a funny card and included my email, phone number, and an addressed envelope. I also included a stamp (not attached to the envelope) and said, "if you don't mail me a reply, please use the stamp to send your mom a nice letter." Then the head of wardrobe CALLED ME ON THE PHONE!!! I was dying. He told me the history of the dress and where they got it, and then over the phone for about 40 mins we searched the internet for it. It was out of stores by then so he poked around trying to find something similar or a knockoff. He was so nice. He asked what I looked like and then started making recommendations for dresses he liked and giving me style advice. It was SO awesome. He only had to get off the phone because....Maura West walked in for a fitting. ACK! Dying!

    In fact the only other time I'd written wardrobe they called me back then too. It was years ago, when AmTam played Emily, and I was asking about a pair of pants she wore. They were custom for her, but the wardrobe guy gave me the measurements and said if they'd fit me he'd send me the pants. Too bad there's no way they would have fit. It was still very nice of him to offer! never know. Can't hurt to write them. :)

    Also, when the show gets slow and boring, I keep people like this, the ones just going to work and keeping things rolling behind the scenes, in mind and I watch the show anyway...even if I'm multitasking, I at least turn it on for their sakes.

  5. That's a great story, CareyN! Thank you for sharing it. And you are right, it is easy to just focus on the actors and writers and forget about the many other professionals it takes to produce a new episode five days a week.

  6. CareyN, Thanks SOOOOO much for the info, I CAN'T BELIEVE that they called you! Great story! I will contact them.

    Do you by any chance come from Upstate NY? I come from there, and something about the way you spoke (wrote) sounded like you come from that area.

  7. Ava and Morgan's home: Diane wins the line of the day!!!

    Diane: Gosh it wasn't so long ago I remember you can entertain yourself just with a bucket of Lego's

    ROFL! Oh Diane I love you!!! :) Diane has a soft spot for Michael! Oh oh Diane! Don't tell Morgan that!!! He will just stomp his feet and go to his room and sulk!!!

    Sonny's office: More talk about Ava's secret bro bro! Sonny and Shawn alone talking about it! Sonny is putting the pieces together!!! :)

    The Gym: Carly wants to take care of poor concussion filled FranTodd! Is he faking?

    StarKi and Michael: More mama has a secret bro bro talk!! OH! She says what next? Will I find out that Ava is not my mother?!!?! That means, SHE ISN'T! :) Foreshadowing perhaps? :) Oh oh StarKi seems really upset that her hubby is living with her mama. Gee hypcrat much StarKi? Oh she is calling Michael perfect. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    The hospital: Sam is afraid Carly is her sister!!!! ROFL! Well enough talk! Find out the truth about Sam's father! :)

    FranTodd's home: He wants to kiss Carly! But she is all like no no no! You kissed Diane! No you slept with Diane! Carly turned into a school girl! ROFL!

    Michael and Starki reenactment


    Michael: You tried to do the right thing.

    Starki: Oh Michael. You are so perfect! Let's run in the meadow in slow mo again!

    Michael: Okay!

    They run in slow mo in the meadow, full of rainbows, kittens, and flowers. Oh oh Mikey falls down because he forgot to tie his shoes!!!

  8. CareyN did you ever get the dress that Liz wore?!!? :)

  9. You're welcome, AntJoan, I hope they can help you with the jacket info! And no, I'm not from NY. I was raised in Washington, DC, and have lived in San Diego for about 15 yrs now.

    And Sonya, no, I didn't get the dress. :( I found it one place, online, still available but it wasn't in my size.

  10. CareyN said...And Sonya, no, I didn't get the dress. :( I found it one place, online, still available but it wasn't in my size.
    Oh that's too bad. :( I had to go on youtube to look at the dress, cus I didn't remember what dress she wore. Yeah that dress would be perfect for a wedding! :)

  11. So did anyone else notice the anvil Kiki dropped? Something to the effect "next think you know, Ava won't be my mother?"

  12. Susan said...
    So did anyone else notice the anvil Kiki dropped? Something to the effect "next think you know, Ava won't be my mother?"
    Yeah I noticed!!! :) So, McSilas is her papa, who is her mama then? Olivia Jerome?! :) Soapy delicious!:)

  13. What a nice story CareyN! Great to hear about such a nice response to your request.


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