Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Dance of the Two Annas!

Saw yesterday's show...good stuff. The "maximum security prison" was a joke, however. BUT! Whatever. Hell, that water fountain was more effective then that GUARD LOL

"Justice is served, BITCH"!! 

Um, and FAISON JUST WALKS OUT!!? AHAHAAHA.  Ok, then. I LOVE this man. Anders is just awesome.  That scene between Fin and he was PERFECTION...OMG!! 
Dr. Obrect! :damnyou:!!!

Patrick needs to just call ANNA!!

I LOVE LOVE Brit and Nik.... they are so good together!! Nikolas recognizes Cassadine Island.

SABRINA MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Stupid wench shut the hell up!! I know she's trying to be all supportive but SHUT UP!! I hate this.

And today there is NOTHING that I really want to see...Sonny...Derek, Morgan Horny Ava-- yada yada..
I just want the Anna SHoW!! 


  1. You are not kidding about watching a show all about Anna! (A crime procedural soap with her as the star would be pretty sweet and I would totally watch.) Not many daytime actresses have the range that she did she yesterday - split screen work playing an evil character who is playing Anna, judo fights, going from rage to desperation believably in mere seconds...watch her face to face with Faison and see it. Here is an actress who is at the top of her game!

    And a shout out to Anders Hove's Faison too. That guy brings it everytime he is on and I swear that I would have no problem voting him all-time best GH villain over any version of Helena Cassidine, Stavros, or Meekos, Domino, the Balkin, etc.

  2. Yeah I wish they would just extend Anders work Visa indefinitely and allow him to be on the show full time and work over here in the States. He's just too good to send back to Europe and not hear from again for a long time :(

    The dialogue and emotional range of both Hughes and Hove are just amazing...they really need to work together more and more...

  3. Yesterday's show was just perfect even with that annoying Sabrina. Finola is just amazing! Anders was great, Luke, Tracy and Jerry scenes also. Really like Nik and Britt - finally he has an actress who can act to play with. Hoping Stefan is one of the dead who comes back to life. Thank goodness no annoying Kiki, Todd or Michael.

  4. I can not believe after Anna finally finds out her baby girl's alive she will disappear from our screen. Now it will days or weeks of Corinthos angst 2.0. ARGH! So frustrating. Some episodes have me glued to my seat, but the Corinthos/Jerome nonsense I won't even watch.

  5. although I adore finola, I thought the anna/anna fight was a failure.

    dr. o is short and pudgy. in this scene, she was taller and leaner than anna. you know, anna, the tango dancer, played by finola who was a dancer in Stayin' Alive.

    i wish dr. o's anna was a little pudgier. it would have been a little more realistic.

    imagine her going into faison's cell and faison saying "my word, anna, you've put on weight...." that would have sent her over the edge.

    and why cant people shoot anyone like in real life? tracy clearly aimed for jerry's lower left leg but somehow through the magic bullet theory shot him in the right shoulder. (rewind the tape. go ahead. I did. its the truth)

    and anna.... stalling long enough until the supposed knocked out dr. o can come to and get her comeuppance. what a sad display of a WSB expertise. you have the gun. there is his crotch. SHOOT IT. he will still be alive to answer questions about Robin.

    i just hated it all around. sorry.

  6. lol David. I guess that gun had one almighty kick.


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