Thursday, October 31, 2013


Emma and Cam? Adorable
Dr.O wanting Fiason to be David Hasselhoff? ahahaha
and Corn AGAIN this year!
AND NIKOLAS dressed like that gorgeous--prince of the dead?

I LOVED the whole show!


  1. So much fun It's too bad that the villians are the most interesting people on the show and will soon be gone. Sabrina puts me to sleep.

  2. The highlight of the day for me was Cameron, who was born a year after Morgan was courting little Emma. ROFL

  3. I agree! I caved in and I watched it today and Faison and Olbrecht were hilarious! It was weird that that they made them a comedy team since they locked Robin up for over a year, but the two of them are really funny. Very good actors. I hope that they can keep them around in some capacity for a while.

    I too find Sabrina useless. And Elizabeth's uppity attitude toward Brit is annoying. Like she's an angel. Give me a break.

  4. I remember Halloween ten years ago when Nick also looked incredible -- that was the night he and Emily got together.

    Could somebody tell me what the heck Brad and Felix were supposed to be?

  5. Bookworm... I think they were supposed to the charactor in the kids board game, Operation.

  6. Emma - a little flirt and fickle to boot!

    I love that Halloween is Dr. O's favorite holiday.

    Joss! about time I think last Halloween might have been the last time we saw her.

    love the security at windemere Everyone can all come and go as they please. Why is Robin afraid to see her famiy? Dr. O and Faison are way too concerned about costumes. David Hasselhoff Where is the hamburger? I laughed out loud.

    How man trick or treaters does Windemere have? Do these kids have their own boats?

    Nice to see Leslie.

    Brad and Felix as Operation. Ohh Brad is not the father! What a shock!

  7. Dr O and Faison are hilarious and the actors are great, but WTH are they making Faison a buffoon for? Part of the greatness of the character is that he is CREEPY and SINISTER as hell...True he has been entertaining as always lately, but I hope they are not watering down the the evilness of the character for the sake of some laughs.


  8. Hope Leslie is there again tomorrow so she can take off the nose and look like herself! Always loved her...

    It is strange that Morgan is a grown 'adult' and Cam is the same age he has been for years. When I hear Cam's name I remember that he is the son of Zander who was the son of Dr Cameron, played briefly by the marvelous Lane Davies. They actually had Lane on the show as a psychiatrist at the hospital, and interested in Alexis. It looked like Alexis might actually have a real story and fun romance--but no. Guza simply did not know how to write for Lane, he didn't know how to write witty or tongue-in-cheek, so Lane just stood around without lines. Cameron was finally written off by dying in a fire or something. Guza always killed characters he failed with so they wouldn't come back, instead of simply allowing them to leave town. He killed off Zander, too.

    Tomorrow should be fun, too. I love that the despicable Faison and Obrecht can be so evil and yet be funny, and that Britt is getting a taste of family life. Obrecht singing Karaoke was our first clue that she could be funny and still evil. Delicious!

  9. Patrick as Indy looks very sexy. Snow White Elizabeth is the fairest of them all. The kids were cute. Love Faison Beetlejuice but I find Dr.O and Faison boring. Britt looks like a bird that fell in bucket of concrete. Nik looked ridiculous!!! Happy that Lesley was on the show. Carly has the body for the cat suit. Franco is still boring. Same for Sabrina. Duke doesn't need a costume, he's always sexy.

  10. Great show!! The Faisons were a riot, loved the kids and great costumes for all. Sabrina looked a few years older than Emma, who is the most adorable little girl. Where is Jerry and why isn't Robin getting the antidote processed with Luke's blood already?

  11. Yes, what is Robin supposed to be doing while her parents are rotting in the lab? How can they eat, or go to the bathroom? (I guess they can drink water from the faucet . . .)

    Liz as Snow White--just as perfect as Joss as Children of the Corn. I thought all the costumes were spectacular!! Franco is now Todd, I REALLY CAN'T STAND IT!!

    And, if Robin can come and go as she pleases, is this really a "hostage" situation? Makes no sense--again, Nik should just call the police or armed forces in Greece, or even the WSB, to free Anna and Robert.

    And Emma--there are no words for how adorable she is!! I hope they keep her on the show FOREVER, she is the next Robin . . .

  12. i wonder why they're not aging Cam..

  13. This is HILARIOUS! I loved Britt and Nik, "I hate dirndls." And then Tyler's laugh. Heheheheheh

  14. AntJoan said: " Franco is now Todd, I REALLY CAN'T STAND IT!!"

    I'm the same way. There's no way Carly would be thinking about kissing Franco. She'd want to be driving a stake through his heart.

    And oviously the writers want TODD back so they think we'll all just accept Franco morphing into him. IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY, Ron. A character is a character! If they wanted this guy to act like Todd they should have brought him back as somebody else.

    Mario4rory said...
    "I wonder why they're not aging Cam."

    Not only are they not aging him, they seem to have hired a younger actor to replace the Cameron that was there before. It's ridiculous! Especially since they're agiing all the other kids. I guess Elizabeth (RH) wants to stay young and having a teenage child won't cut it.

    And did anyone else today find that conversation between Franco and Heather a little weird? I'm wondering if there's any way Carly and Franco can be related and that's why Heather wants him to stay away from her. After all we don't know who Carly's father is.

    ( And Heather was definitely treating Franco like her child at one point when she threatened to wash his mouth out with soap.)

  15. Carly's father was on the show, he was played by the guy who played the father on "Psych," I forget his name, he was on the show for a while, then killed off.

  16. I thought Bobbie said she didn't know who the father was. It was just some john.

  17. Carly's biological father was John Durant- some Fed guy after Sonny- Corbin Bernsen played him He died in a mob shoot out.

  18. Sorry. I have been so busy lately. A temp agency gave me a job for a few days, and then my aunt from Italy has come for a visit, and then last night my cat passed away.. :( My cat Lucky was 16 and a half years old. His birthday is in December.

    Oct 29th

    Delia's son's restaurant: DeliaRoxie won the line of the day!

    DeliaRoxi: I had on a lot of anti bacterial cream, it gets kinda slippery, and the handle was wet.

    ROFL! Well, I'm glad she finally admitted that Ava is her daughter, and that she had an affair with Victor! :)

    Ava and Morgan's home: She tells him to put a shirt on, but he ends up not doing it ROFL! More of Morgan whining to Julian about his daddy!

    Michael's restaurant: Oh look! Michael and StarKi's first date! Their squish name is Miki. This is their first date, and all they could talk about, is Morgan! And apparently it turned them on, cus they almost had sex!

    Lante home: Oh no Lulu! Don't you dare try to run away with baby Georgie! She is NOT your daughter!!!

    Ellie and Maxie's home: Awww they are so ready for baby Georgie!!! :) Too bad they couldn't get the baby now. :(

    Sonny's warehouse: Gee Sonny! When are you going to clean up your warehouse?! Instead you jabber on and on to people, including Olivia!

  19. Oct 31st

    Carly's home: Joss is dressed up as children of the corn! ROFL! Very appropriate! :) Oh and there is FranTodd! :) Who is he dressed up as? He looks familiar.

    Patrick's home: Patrick as Indiana Jones! Wow he is hot dressed up as Indiana Jones! Sabrina looks great in that blonde wig!! Hey Sabrina! Can you get your hair to look like that?! :) Ohhhhhh Emma and Cameron a couple!!! :) So cute! :) They better not be any kissing. I will call them Cemma! :)

    Wyndemere: Leslie passes out seeing Faison! ROFL! Faison as Beetlejuice! Dr O is umm a milk maid? I have no idea! :) Robin does not want Dr O to make her have fun! ROFL! I love Britch's sweater!! Ben as Rose Mary's baby? ROFL!

    The hospital: Oh oh Emma and Cam break up! :( Oh Emma and Spencer are a couple now! ROFL! They are cute together too! I will call them Spencmma! :) Robin dressed up as a Gaisha! Piffy sees her!!!! :) Felix shut up! Leave Brad alone for crying out loud!!! The baby looks nothing like Brad!!!

  20. Today's GH

    The hospital Halloween party: Maybe Felix is on to something.:) Nag Brad until he tells the truth! ROFL! But of course when he does, Felix has to blab to Britch, who of course denies! Cam and Spencer argue over Emma ROFL! And then they spill a drink on her hahaha! Awww Robin and Emma hug. Come on Emma don't you recognize your mother's eyes?! Patrick don't you recognize your wife's eyes? :) Piffy and Patrick scene awwww! Robin pretending she is Spanish hahaha!

    Wyndemere: There is Duke! Oh Dr O in the Anna mask! Come on Duke don't fall for this!! Come on! And Anna would never say that DR O is brilliant! ROFL!

    Carly's home: So let me see... Kitty Cat Carly almost kisses FranTodd and then kisses Julian! Meow! :) Oh and Joss is upstairs watching a movie children of the corn! ROFL! What?!?!! :) How old is she? Like 8? :) And she is watching the movie all by herself? Before going trick or treating? OH MAN! ROFL! Carly thinks Ava and Julian are sleeping together. Ewww not another person thinking that! Gross!

    FranTodd's home: FranTodd sees Heather and screams like a little girl ROFL! He wins the line of the day when he tells her something about eating sugar. He thinks she is in love with him! ROFL! Awww poor FranTodd is insulted when she says that is disgusting hahaha!

  21. SONYA!! There you are. I was wondering where you've been. I'm very sorry about your cat, Lucky. :( That's so hard. I'm wondering also now about Karen and her sweet Gus since she didn't post today. :-/

    I work for a motivational speaker and one thing he likes to say is: "Keep your 'I Love Yous' up-to-date." Don't miss an opportunity to tell someone you love that you love and appreciate them...including your fur children! They can teach us all a thing or two about unconditional love.

    Rest in Peace, Lucky.

  22. Sonya, I'm so sorry to hear about your cat, Lucky. My cat, Dooley, passed away Oct. 5. I had him 15 years. It's never easy, they become part of the family.

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  24. CareyN said... SONYA!! There you are. I was wondering where you've been. I'm very sorry about your cat, Lucky. :( That's so hard. I'm wondering also now about Karen and her sweet Gus since she didn't post today. :-/
    Awww thanks Carey! *BEARHUGS* I miss him but I know he is free of pain now, and I know I will see him again. Lucky died on Halloween night. He was having difficult breathing. He has been sick lately, but was still eating. Then he all of a sudden stopped eating. I was planning on taking him to the vet. Oh I hope Gus is okay!

    I work for a motivational speaker and one thing he likes to say is: "Keep your 'I Love Yous' up-to-date." Don't miss an opportunity to tell someone you love that you love and appreciate them...including your fur children! They can teach us all a thing or two about unconditional love.
    So very true! I have told Lucky over the years I love him. The day before he died, he was on the couch, and I was in the other room on the computer. Something told me to go see him. I got up to see him, and he was looking at me. I said I love you and will love you forever! :)

    Rest in Peace, Lucky.
    Awww yes.

    shirleedee said...Sonya, I'm so sorry to hear about your cat, Lucky. My cat, Dooley, passed away Oct. 5. I had him 15 years. It's never easy, they become part of the family.
    Thanks hon. *BEARHUGS* And I'm sorry about your cat. :( I bet Dooley and Lucky are in heaven playing together! :)

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  26. Oct 30th

    Michael's restaurant: Michael and Morgan remind me of Jason and AJ. Oh come on Morgan how long are you going to whine? I can give you some cheese. What kind would you like?

    Morgan and Ava's home: Ava wins the line of the day.

    Ava: Enough with the boy toy.

    ROFL! Well he IS Ava! Carly enough thinking that Ava and Derick Wells are sleeping together gross! Morgan thinks it's funny haha! I was wondering what Morgan did with the clock when Julian asked is the job done. A bug? A bomb? Oh it's a bug. Okay.

    Lante home: Lulu! Georgie is not your daughter!! You keep talking about how Maxie makes mistakes, but you did too!! And I'm glad Maxie brought it up!!

    Lulu: If that is how you want to play it.

    Wait what?!!! Lulu you are the one who wants to throw her dirty laundry in court. You really didn't think she was going to do the same? Give me a break.

    Ellie and Maxie's home: Spinny forgives Ellie YAY! They are back together. :) Ellie when are you going to move out?

    Sonny's warehouse: Sonny! When are you going to stop chattering and clean up your warehouse?! Julian shows up with a bodyguard hahaha!

    Pier: Olivia with Georgie awww! Georgie and her little mohawk awww! :) Poor Dante. :(

  27. Sonya, I'm so sorry about your cat. I get so attached to my pets, I know it's hard to lose one. Hugs to you and your kids.
    Corbin Bernsen is the actor that played Carly's dad. I don't remember how Bobbie remembered who he was, just remember that story arc began when she started having dreams about a rose falling to the floor and the birth of the baby. Corbin was on LA Law, too. He's a good actor.
    Karen, I hope Gus is doing well. Thanks for all the stuff you do here when you are so busy!
    Carey, I love your boss' saying!
    Faison is killing me lately. He and Dr.O are so funny. I hope they can stick around somehow but I don't know how. I hate the new spoiler about Faison attacking Duke, though. I love Ian Buchanan. The show has been so great lately.

  28. haiku said...Sonya, I'm so sorry about your cat. I get so attached to my pets, I know it's hard to lose one. Hugs to you and your kids.
    Awww hon thank you! Yes we do get so attached to our pets. They become part of the family. I don't have any kids. Well any human kids anyway. Lucky was my kid. :)

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