Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sunday Surgery: The Whole Enchilada!

Usually I go with a nice "Medical" title but Tracy/Luke said this so much, I had to use it. So.... 

My Scrubs are Mexican themed-- and I think I'll have a nice Cerveza to go with!! This week was extreme (on both ends of the spectrum)--I loved it, I fell asleep during it..I screamed, you name it!!
Buckle up!

Monday and Tuesday were AWESOME... These two fought it out-- (with uber stoopid guard in the back) and the FAISON came out as well!!  WOOT! Anna's  "Justice Bitch" was such a great line. Finola sells whatever she's doing. She's never EVER phoning it in. 

 Speaking of Phones-- Patrick tried in vain to re-trace Robin's call. He sweated, pouted, sighed but to no avail. Then BETTY had to come in and be all "'re crazy.... it isn't her-- nope..stop it'. Now, we KNOW she "Loves" him and is making sense but that doesn't mean we don't hate her guts any LESS! Especially when she goes ON to tell him NOT to call Anna about it!  Blood, Boil.  Yes, Liz said much the same thing but surprisingly, I didn't feel the same wrath towards her. Hey, Liz said Cam and Aiden were visiting Sarah--which, I guess means Cam is home schooled?

Anna Grabs Faison by the hair and is saying "TELL ME"...TELL ME!!! Such a great scene. Not quite scene of the week (see below) but superb none the less... Fin was fierce !!
Also on Monday: Luke gets his cure and Jerry gets shot. 
TUESDAY...and WEDNESDAY... slowest days EVER. Geesh,, it was like a switch got flipped! Such excitement to pure-- snooze fest. Painful

 There was this...

Which was really this..
BY the WAY..poor Morgan gets replaced in all the sex fantasy dreams 
First his own Silas!! ahhahaa


This Gun-Foonery...

Alexis got the DNA results, Diane found out about Morgan and Kiki ... Sonny's lightbulb goes off about Julian. And, oh..Shaun totally oogles The Above Boxers. A LOT!

 FINALLY Thursday came and our own Dr. played around with Anna's rubber face again-- and scared Robin half to death. GG is so fun in these scenes. She (and Anders) just stole my heart this week!! 


 Robert...making Anna take he and his DAPER CANE to Wyndemere!! eee!! Mac had to go back to Help Maxie so we can get these two off on a caper! 

 Oh just SHUT UP.

Oh my gosh... Lesil was just so awesome in EVERYTHING. Damn. Her bra--her pain. Her longing for Faison. Dang. Then when she found Brit, all she wanted to do was tell her about it and Brit shut her down. Rightly so-but still,  her face. Ah. Yes, I felt for her. 

Luke wanted warm nuts...and Tracy's slippers.  He was all cheery and back to his snarky self! 

Robin and Nik saw each other-- and I WILL NOT TALK ABOUT WHAT PATRICK ASKED SABRINA. No.  NONONONOoooo. I will NOT.

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Yes,  Wubbers, you are sadly at my mercy-- and this was MY FAVE scene of this week. Papa Faison talking his Danish-Greenlandish hybrid language to Big Ben!! Eeeeeeeeeeee .  Made. My. Month. 

MOST CREEPY-EROTIC SCENE EVER:  Yes, EVER... Faison asks Dr. O to PUT ON THE ANNA MASK!!!  Oh. Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I should have written that. heh. (You know it's something I would do!)

FACE OF THE WEEK: Diane trying to choke out the words "Pro-Bono" (and not look at Morgan's chest)

Speaking of Chests....PROPS OF THE WEEK: Belong to the Davis' Girl's racks...they were hobbin' and  bobbin all over the hospital. 

So great about the ratings rise, especially in the key demos.  This show can be maddening. On fire and then ice cold. BUT-- it's been a great ride.  This next week should be good too.  
By the way, who are you rooting for with the baby Connie/Georgie situation? Lante or Spixie?


  1. I am rooting for something interesting, maybe Britts baby really being Lantes or Britt lied about the miscarriage and Connie is really Lantes or Dr O changed lab results to mess with Lulu. There are lots of possibilities. After all the Cassadines hate the Spencer's and are connected with Faison and Obrect

  2. Kathleen Gati, Finola Hughes and Anders Hove STOLE the show every day they were on! RIVETTING !!! Every. Beat. Perfect. Actually felt sorry for Dr O, so infatuated, driven, and ultimately rejected and insulted by Faison asking her to wear the Anna mask to bed. Paralleling this, Faison infatuated, driven, and untimely rejected by the object of HIS affection: Anna. And somewhere in between in some twilight zone, Faison cuddling & cooing with a baby. SURREAL.

    The two sleepy and cringe worthy change of pace regrettable and forgettable 'low days' seemed even more pale and insignificant in the face of and in contrast/comparison to the off the charts acting and high stakes drama of these three powerhouse actors!!!

  3. Lante vs Spixie? For the sake of that kid, I'm rooting for foster care!

    BTW, you know Robert Effing Scorpio has a hidden dagger or gun in that cane!

  4. My fave scene of the wk was Faison asking Dr. O to put the mask on. ROTFLMAO!! Ok, I feel a little sad for her, I don't. LOL!! I loved that Nik found Robin!! As a (former) Sabrina fan, I'm kinda sick of her now. Was hoping Luke wouldn't go back to his former selfish ways, but I did love the warm nuts thing. Anna is freakin' awesome! I am excited for Monday...

  5. Karen why are you doing your Sunday Sugary a day early? Are you not going to be around tomorrow? :) I'm on team Spixie all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  6. We need to find out how AJ did not kill Connie. That's more interesting than Dirk and Franco's silly contest over Carly, and any words between Sabrina and Carlos.

    Yes, SO looking forward to Nik and Robin and Luke getting chased down by Jerry and Robert and Anna on Cassadine Island. But ready to see AJ, the courtroom, etc. But with Anna out of town...? Not much interested in Lante VS Spixie--lost interest in Lante when Julie left and I dislike baby stories, especially the W I T D (Who is the daddy?) stories. So tiresome. I also hate most any story concerning Sonny. So done with him and mob stuff.

    If they could integrate all the stories better so some don't hang suspended for weeks, this show would work better all around. It would also help to keep Anna front and forward and tie the stories so she is the show's centerpiece. I love Alexis but time has proven the writers old and new are not going to give Nancy a story worthy of her.

    I will never be able to believe Luke loves Tracy romantically. Uh uh. No way. We all know who he loves....

  7. soaplover said...We need to find out how AJ did not kill Connie.
    Oh dear! I forgot all about that storyline! Oh writers that's not good that I forgot!!

  8. Oh I screwed up on the blog!! I hit 'Publish" last night while watching Momento (I was blogging during it)
    And once you publish, you can't "hide" it again.
    a day early! :)

  9. Oh, I thought that Britch's baby IS Lante's, and that, in the end, she will redeem herself by giving it to them, and Spixi will get THEIR baby. It HAS TO end that way, right???? PLEASE tell me it will end that way, I cannot stand the thought of any other ending to this story . . .

  10. Team Spixie! All the way.

    I have some sympathy for Dante, but none for Lulu seems just so cold. She should have played it as devastated not just going to righteous indignation and condescending anger.

    AJ has been off the screen way too long. A picture on a newspaper does not count.

    Franco and Derek boxing was just stupid. And someone please take that teeny tiny band aid off Rogers head. If he can box, then the scar should be healed by now.

    Diane was great this week. Morgan whining and Diane telling him that he perpetrated a fraud against Kiki. These two people have been married for what a week in soap time? - They got married a couple days before Flea and Mac, Maxie gave birth that day and Spixie's baby was three days old at the Christening and Kiki and Morgan were already broken up by then. And we are a couple days beyond that now so I say a week. GIVE THEM AN ANULMENT and lets move on!

    I hope Luke renegs on Tracy. Luke and Laura together forever.

  11. Kathleen Gati did a interview with Blogtalk radio that you can listen too. Thought Tuesday and Wednesday were boring days too. I felt bad for Dr O and Tracey too. I'm team spixie too.I just want too now where Lulu's compassion want to for what Maxie want. I just don't like how Dante and Lulu have treated Maxie.

  12. I agree with Andrea, the new Lulu is SOOO cold I have to root for Maxie.
    They really need to have Finola on more. She is fabulous.
    I remain convinced that Sabrina will be leaving.

  13. Wish there was a "Like" key for all the comments. Agreed to all!

    I loved Diane's scenes with Morgan almost as much as Anna/Faison.

    Gotta ask who boxes these days? Any of you or your hubbies? Is it a mob thing? So stupid. I like looking at Derek but they need to get him away from the boxing ring.

    Also loved JP this week- does anyone know what his tat is? Looks like a flying goose to me. weird.

    Anna, Diane and the gang all the way- toss in Britt and Nik too. I think AJ will have a nuface when he returns or not be back...

    I'm team Spixie but want Lante to have their baby. Something about the eggs being Cassadine eggs for Lulu would be nice. I cannot figure out who Britt's baby daddy is...

    Love the spoilers and interested in the dead folks returning. I heard Courtney may be one- which could be fun.

    Can't wait for this week!

  14. "which, I guess means Cam is home schooled? "

    lol Cam keeps getting younger and younger. He may be in diapers now and not need to be schooled at all.

    I'm team Spixie.

    And I FF'd through most of snooze days too. There was just no comparison with the great acting with the vets.

    And I didn't like nuFranco to begin with but now he seems to be relegated to the role of clown and I can't watch at all. I get that the writers think Roger is hilarious and they want him on board, but who can look at the psycho Franco as a clown?

    And I don't know how Carly can even look at him let alone fall for him which is what the writers want. They should have brought him back as someone else if they wanted comic relief.

    I felt so sorry for Tracy on that plane. Luke is back to his usual oblivious self. She should have given him half the dose and held out the rest for leverage. lol
    Can't tell you where I would have put that slipper.

  15. Antjoan - I really agree with your theory. I think baby Ben looks like he could be a Lante kid anyway.

  16. kdmask said...Oh I screwed up on the blog!! I hit 'Publish" last night while watching Momento (I was blogging during it) DUH And once you publish, you can't "hide" it again. SOooooooo a day early! :)
    ROFL! Ooops!!! Well, that just prove to me you are human ROFL!

    JasonRok says Love the spoilers and interested in the dead folks returning. I heard Courtney may be one- which could be fun.
    Yeah I read the spoilers that dead people are coming, but I hope it's not Courtney! ACK!

  17. Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not Courthey. I'd rather have almost anybody else.

  18. I'm in the minority on this one, but I like Alicia Leigh Willis. I was a huge "journey " fan......but now that SB is gone, that wont be revisited. Maybe the jeromes have had her this whole time to freak out sonny? Lol

  19. I just realized something.

    I've been a really big fan of Tony Geary/ Luke Spencer from when Luke began on GH. During the loooong Sonny years, I wasn't so interested because Guza reinvented Luke, undermining the character, but I was waiting patiently for Laura's return. Waited and long Jill F Phelphs was there I firgured we wouldn't have Genie, but then finally this past year she returned to us. I could enjoy my all-time favorites again.

    But I realized recently that I've never liked Luke much without Laura and Laura is always better with Luke. They go together like peanut butter and jelly, like tea and toast. One isn't nearly as interesting without the other. Both are major talents and that is pleasurable to watch, but their stories either don't interest me or annoy me. The stories mean the most when they are in one together.

    I don't dislike Tracy and Jane is excellent, but not with Luke. That is oil and water.

    After waiting so long to have L&L back together, they immediately break them up. WHY? I think Genie is OK with them being together, but Tony is saying 'been there, done that' and TPTB are listening, even though it is not in the show's best interest. When they make viewers feel sorry for Tracy over how Luke treats her...this is NOT a love story. He NEVER was the boorish oaf with Laura. He respected Laura and she knew exactly how to handle him.

    The breakup has been a major disappointment on a show that has otherwise improvd so much...

  20. I'm pulling for Georgie....please....

  21. Dead people I would like to see back.


    Dead people to stay dead.


    Jason... Sbu would not be playing him right now. I think When Jason does come back( recast or not)and I believe that is a WHEN not an IF. It should be down the road a bit.

    Sam and Danny would be a happy family with Silas.
    Carly and Franco a hot item.

    Liz and AJ married with more kids. AND it would be even better if Jake was alive and AJ was raising Jason's son as his own.

    Then Jason could come back and see that world does go on for the better with out St. Jasus.

  22. Agree with all the comments and Andrea, I like your list but I would add Stefan to a return hopefully. Team Spixie, too! Lulu had no appreciation for the sacrifice Maxie was making by keeping the secret. So thrilled at the ratings and have to say credit goes to Robin, Anna, Obrecht, Faison, Robert, Nik and Britt. This is what we want to see, not Franco and Derek boxing or Sabrina .

  23. OK, I haven't heard ANYone talking about the following BIG event from last week: when Luke was escaping with Tracy, he told Jerry, "I'll give your regards to BOBBIE!" ?!?!?! I nearly fell off my chair!



  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...