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Favorite Scene today?
I would have liked more of ____________________ and less of ________________

One thing we need back on the menu at GH is __________________________

The  show was: ___________________________________________


  1. I have not yet watched todays show but I can still easily fill this in.

    I would have liked more of the vets and less of the OLTLers and new characters.

    One thing we need back on the menu at GH is romance.

    The show was cheesy but still an improvement over recent years

  2. I can admit when I am wrong. No OLTLers today and Duke, Robert, Anna, Fiason bets on. All in all, not bad. Except for Sonny, hate that guy

  3. I would have liked more of Robert and Anna and less Ava Jerome.

    One thing we need back on the menu is Olivia Jerome. (Ava and Derek/Julian are dismal failures that in no way appear capable of the kind of mob activities Victor Jerome was known for; they also lack the unhinged passion of their "deceased" sister. In short - they are boring. The Jerome family was never boring in the 80s.)

    The show was good, with some interesting past truths reworked.

  4. I thought it was a good episode with few fun throwbacks! Faison mentioned his PK Sinclair days!

  5. OK, I just HAVE to say this, apologies, Karen, for not answering your questions, but I CAN'T STAND that Anna and Robert are left on the island while Nik, Robin and Britch(?) are being held "hostages." WHY can't Nik just call the police, guards, whomever in Greece, and have them go to the island and free Anna and Robert? And I DON'T think that Nik's guards are loyal to Jerry Jax, so the entire premise makes no sense.

    Is this bothering anyone else?

    Also, how will they resolve the Patrick/Nurse Betty debacle? Whenever there is a triangle on soaps, one of the rivals usually is evil, so we can root for the other one. NO ONE will feel vindicated when poor Nurse Betty is kicked to the curb--she is sweet and nice, never did anything wrong--will she and Robin become friends, or sister wives?

  6. i can't wait to see Sabrina go - she behaves like a teenager. So tired of her1

  7. The hospital: 16 year old giddy Sabrina is telling her BFF Felix she and Patrick are getting married!! Sabrina is alone with her BFF and she talks about how Carlos wouldn't be that cruel. Really?!!?! You didn't think that way before when you were ACCUSING him!!!

    Sonny's coffee warehouse: Oh oh!!! Morgan is having a temper tantrum about Mikey getting a job at their dad's restaurant!!! Sonny wants both of his sons to work at the restaurant! PERFECT! Oh oh Morgan don't like that idea and calls Mikey a bitch! ROFL! Oh that Lazaro DA guy shows up! I don't like this guy! OH! Lazaro has got a file on Julian Jerome!!! The truth is out!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Wait Dino is in jail? I thought he died. Julian Jerome is in the witness protection program with the help of the WSB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! :)

    Julian Jerome's office: Geez Ava! Come on now! You know Morgan has to die! He knows too much!!! Caaaaaarrrrlooosssss has to kill him! Carrrlosssss comes back with Morgan and Morgan makes a deal! :) Ava has a cheshire cat grin! :)

    Wyndemere: Scene of the day goes to Faison and Dr O! They keep arguing and talking in whatever language! :) ROFL! Faison wins the line of the day, when he says he wants Dr O to be pushed in the basement ROFL! Faison and Robin scene! Robin think she has Jason who is gonna kill Faison!!! She finds out Jason is dead!

    Faison: Jason's a killer how does that make him better than me?

    Yeah Faison you tell her!

    Robin: Because he is my friend!

    Ahh I see. So if Faison was your friend, then it would be okay for him to kill people? Robin hush! Just sit down.

    Kelly's: Oh! Are Duke and Mac gonna team up to rescue Robert and Anna?!!?! :)

    Anna and Robert: OH! Robert KNEW Julian Jerome was never dead and was in the witness protection agency!!! He says the WSB is worse than the DVX!!!!! :) Love their scene!!! :) Come on you two! Don't wait for anybody to help you get out! You two can do it! :)

    Favorite Scene today? Dr O and Faison!

    I would have liked more of ___________________Dr O and Faison_ and less of ___________16year old giddy Sabrina._____

    One thing we need back on the menu at GH is More love in the afternoon. __________________________

    The show was: __________________________Fantastic today! _________________

  8. MORE, MORE, MORE Dr. O and Faison. Dr. O calling Anna "That skinny scarecrow," and whatever language they are speaking. They are HYSTERICAL!! I had to rewind to watch them again, LOL!!

  9. I am REALLY bothered about the hostage crisis!! ;/ they should not be hostages.

  10. Yes, it is unrealistic that Cassadine staff would take orders from a dieing Jerry instead of a strong and healthy Nicholas Cassadine, unless of course it is not really Jerry calling the shots but a very much alive Starvos.

    If Starvos is alive hopefully he also has the real Lulu kidnapped and the current Lulu is revealed as an imposter. The actress just is not cutting it for me.

    I am hating Derek Wells being Julian Jerome. While I like the idea of the Jeromes being back and the potential for Lucas returning, I was enjoying the Alexis and Derek pairing. I dont want her to fall for another mobster. Just once cant Alexis have a credible relationship with a good guy...and preferably one that is not boring as drying paint (Mac). Bring back Ned or Jax for her. Or perhaps with Lucas returning lawyer Jake Meyer could return and hook up with Alexis?

  11. Still not watching except for the last 5 minutes because I am fed up with the long-drawn out Robin-Patrick-Sabrina triangle. I said that Sabrina and Patrick would be on the way to marriage! And that was just a hunch. Something dramatic had to happen with them, but I cannot watch this now. It's ridiculous.

    I agree with the other commentators: the Jeromes are too wishy washy and when will this mob junk be over with? I was hoping that it would end when Jason was "killed." And come on, Nicholas can't do anything? And Anna and Robert are locked in the lab? This is just a long-dragged out mess for Sweeps in November.

    Bottomline: too many storylines that people are not buying. Ratings, schammatings. It stinks!

  12. wow- I'm loving the show- especially compared to how it was. More Faison, Dr. O and Nik/Britt. I also love the cat fighting and languages they are speaking. And Faison keeps cooing with the baby.

    Agreed the Island lock up of Anna and Robert is stupid. Somehow they have to get our and just kill Jerry already and be done with him Maybe Frisco can get Jax to show up to save the day?

    I'm diggin' Morgan and the Jeromes and even Sonny didn't bother me this week. It's all moving pretty quickly really.

    More Faison, Dr. O and Nik- move Sabrina on - she'll be knocked up to make it interesting. Is Becky's hubby going to play her brother?

    We need more Olivia on the menu

    The show rocked again this week.

  13. Favorite Scene today?
    I would have liked more of Robert and Anna, and less of baby stuff.

    One thing we need back on the menu at GH is better continuity, and less Sonny. We also need Luke and Robert working together again. That was a legendary friendship... And where is Laura??

    The show was: Pretty darn good! But am a little tired of Pat and Sabrina being stuck in there just to upset Robin fans. I know they have to do it, but....
    I just never particularly cared for the pairing.


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