Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Ray Charles

20160330 1403(18)
As you know, I took a break last week. I loved it. Didn't miss the show at all. I did watch Monday I will comment a bit on that and then...well, you'll see!
I'm going to pick photos at random I find to "represent" the week. Let's see how I do.

I didn't even watch the episodes on DVR. So..I'm walking blind here. (Hence Ray Charles title)!

My breakfast today will be a banana. I wish it was banana cream pie..but nope. Just a banana.

MONDAY: (only show I watched)

20160329 0640(19)

In what's trying to be yet another woman on woman hate fest, Liz slapped Ray Hay.  I think I should montage every slap in soap history involving 2 women. I'd be at it for years! 

20160329 0638(22)

I'd be drinking too if I had to talk to Boring McBorington. 

20160328 1405(27)

Ok, so they built an attic set so we have to use it but cracks me up that Laura goes to talk to Scott about the law books at Kelly's THEN goes back up there! LOL Like she can't figure out the book in any of the 100 rooms in Wyndemere!! By the way, I checked and this was the only day Laura was on all week. Yep.

20160329 0637(39)

Of course the most HUGE thing is whatever Finn is injecting himself with. The needle is giant. He also did it after he had a nasty encounter with Dr. O where he was mean. Is it life juice ala Cassadine? Hormones? Anti-Anxiety stuff? Yet another mystery for yet another new person. 

20160329 0637(42)

Oh yah, some candles to set the Gothic mood were used as well... Hello darkness my old friend... 


20160329 1419(21)

Interesting idea...TPTB must have decided Kin was finally worth more than 2 scenes every other month. Now if he could just get Ava to change out of those bat dresses...

20160329 1418(18)

Whatever the hell this is..stop it now. Anna has NO TIME for Sonny. None. Nope. Robert needs to come back and talk some sense into her. Step away from the dimples! 

20160330 1406(6)

Um, I take it everyone knows now? 

20160331 0928(26)

The only scenes I'm going to look for on You Tube.

20160331 0545(6)

20160331 0928(19)

So, Krissy told Alexis and left? I take it things didn't go well? 

20160331 0549(33)

Oh, Ava..I'm with you. This reboot of MoKi  3.0  is going to KILL me. Just KILL Me. Seriously? ugh. What's next? Michael? Or Ava? Or...Kristina gonna fall for Kiki too? 

20160331 0445(31)

Adorable long-haired Avery was on I see!! 

20160330 1741(13)

I take it this is Josslyn? I heard on Twitter THIS Josslyn is NICE. She's NICE!!!!!? WTH? NO!!! Joss is NOT nice..she's a little brat that wants to draw on Uncle Sonny's face with Sharpie marker when he's sleeping damn it. Oh why did you kill my Joss? WHY!!?? 

20160331 1414(30)

YEAH! Emma visits. Meets Griffin. Did his DNA match Duke's? I'm guessing that's a yes

20160331 1550(55)

Oh Paul, you had such potential... I really liked you. Now? Just not a lot to do but call and threaten Carlos or whatever. YAWN

20160331 1511(56)

Yes, I did notice Sonny's jaunty spring lavender shirt. 

Found this on Twitter (thx FyeahGH)..., Billy Smiled? Why? What happened? Like did he find out that he won the lottery? Cured Cancer? Or...was it just that Sam put up those stupid pictures in his garage apartment? 

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) 

YES!!!!!! times TWO!! 


SO:  Kiki is out of the hospital with a walker and totally into Morgan. Krissy told Alexis who must have not reacted the way she wanted her to. Scotty is living with Ava to protect her. Um... There were some cameos by famous people I don't know. Tracy was slowly getting better while Dr. Hammy Finn mainlined some drug. Sonny's mad...about whatever. He and Anna seem to be sharing a lot of scenes.  Jason's cinder block apartment is decorated. Jules got busted for Crimson. Liz hates Hayden.  I think some outdoor scenes happened? Real ones? ... Oh, Josslyn got a bit of airtime. YEAH that Ned is back. Laura is regulated to one time a week now--and probably will be in the attic every time. 

20160330 1659(50)

Julian....has bangs? 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: No, I didn't see it...but I'm guessing it was good. Lucas is Krissy's go to guy for this and he's pretty cool about everything. 

20160331 1919(10)

FACE OF THE WEEK: What? What happened? Is she having a seizure? What? Or did Morgan show her Little Morgan?!

PROP Of the WEEK: I couldn't find a photo but it has to be that giant ass'd needle had. Geeesh. Enough to hold industrial strength whatever in there! 

So..happy 53rd anniversary to GH. Here's to 53 more. I'm just hoping some of these stories are roped in and things tightened. It's just so jumbled and well, you know how I feel. I think the whole show needs streamlining. 
And, btw..wasn't the whole "Rachel Berlin" reveal a bit lame... ??? 

Here's hoping I can watch next week. I do have a few meetings at 2-- and I have a new client that will be 1-2pm two days a week starting at the end of April. ERGO, GH will be on a more DVR type basis! 


BOO!!  And it's 21 degrees!! 


  1. Re: face of the week - Kiki heard a loud noise and thought it was a gunshot. So Kiki has PTSD or something.

    Julian hasn't technically been busted yet. Nina and Curtis know it has to be him, and he got off the elevator at Crimson at the end of Friday's show, but the confrontation hasn't happened yet.

    Julian and Alexis had outdoor scenes, then Maxie & Nathan. Nathan told Maxie he had been married to Claudette at the end Friday. So a tiny bit of forward motion on that story finally.

    Krissy and Lucas had pretty good scenes, with a big bowl of popcorn between them that Krissy salted. A couple of scenes later, one of them moved the bowl off the couch, and it was just as full as when we first saw it. I thought, if Franco had been in that scene, that bowl would've been empty.

    Can't freakin' stand Sonny/Anna scenes.

    Good surgery, despite only watching one day!!!

  2. Thanks BOB!! I wouldn't have guessed that's what happened with Kiki! This Claudette thing?? Is just plain weird.
    I might watch Krissy and Lucas on You Tube.

    Anyone else mad that Joss is a GOOD GIRL now? WAH

    1. Yeh the PTSD thing was pretty true to life. Not a Kiwi fan but her reaction spot on.
      Hopefully we'll find out Monday what the big deal is with him wanting to keep the marriage secret. He said it ended badly, or something to that effect but Maxie couldn't understand when he knows all her good, bad and ugly stuff.
      Kristina and Lucas were good.
      I guess I'm alone in this but I liked Joss, couldn't stand her as a brat before.

  3. Yes, I am FURIOUS, she was SO FUNNY as children-of-the-corn 666 child, this is SUCH a letdown!! Yes, Kiwi does have PTSD.

  4. I actually enjoyed last week. Most of the cast was featured, plenty of hospital, and they are wrapping up some stories.

    1. For the most part I enjoyed it too. The scenes with Emma and Griffin were cute (totally the wrong wk to take a GH break Karen). LOL! I could always do without Sonny and mob crap, but because it was mostly Hospital I dealt. Love that Julian is hopefully being found out and that Nathan told Maxie.

  5. "In what's trying to be yet another woman on woman hate fest, Liz slapped Ray Hay."

    Ray Hay!!! Hahahaha! On the look on her face, it's like nobody slapped Ray Hay before!

    "I think I should montage every slap in soap history involving 2 women. I'd be at it for years!"

    Oh that would be a great idea! Can you do that? Like maybe every Sunday Surgery?! :)

    "Of course the most HUGE thing is whatever Finn is injecting himself with."

    It's urine I tell you!!!!! URINE!!!!! :)

    "Whatever the hell this is..stop it now. Anna has NO TIME for Sonny. None. Nope. Robert needs to come back and talk some sense into her. Step away from the dimples!"

    No!!!! I love the Mo and Finola scenes! For some odd strange reason I love seeing Mo and Finola in a scene together. :) Hmmm. I shall call them Monola!! :)

    I take it this is Josslyn?

    "Well in that picture it makes her look like she is high! ROFL!"

    "Julian....has bangs?"

    Lopsided bangs! Hahaha!

    "FACE OF THE WEEK: What? What happened? Is she having a seizure? What? Or did Morgan show her Little Morgan?!"

    ROFL! No no no. Little Morgan is all whimpy limpy right now so he wouldn't show him to her like that! :)

    A LOT.
    BOO!! And it's 21 degrees!!"

    YEAH!!! YUCKY YUCKY!!!!! I do love the sun that comes out though! :)

  6. injecting lizard saliva can be used to treat diabetes.

  7. Loved the SS and pics! With so many writers now no wonder the storylines are all over the place. Joss may be a good girl but she is a bad actress. This Sonny and Anna team is sickening. MB must still be pulling the strings since he is on all the time once again. I agree that most of what is going on is uninteresting except for watching Tracy, Ned and Scotty. Krissy is acting like a ten year old, whereas this storyline could be good if she was a bit more mature.

  8. There are so many wrong things with Anna working with Sonny on anything. These writers need to go back and read some history

  9. OK, but Anna and Sonny both loved Duke, and both love Robin, so isn't there some common ground there?

  10. Great SS Karen. I'm just as frustrated as you are with the show. Have loved this show from the womb. Will always be a fan. But I believe in honesty too.

    Why does it take from Alexis & Julian's wedding in February (Valentines?) till April fools day for Brad & Lucas to set a date. They've barely been on and rarely together. Only good news is wedding is during May sweeps.

    The only romances on this show I enjoy is A&J and B&L. Just don't feel the rest of them. Get Ned & Olivia back together. Hope they don't screw up B&L's wedding.

  11. Anna and Sonny might have common ground but Anna's always disliked Sonny and everything he stands for, I can't buy her caving just like that.

  12. Some GH news. Yet another new character.


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