Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"Be a Gentleman" ...


So. Carlos and Sonny get in a tussle...and Carlos gets shot in the shoulder. Anna pleads with Sonny to let him live and she can arrest him.
He finally lets her cuff him. They go to the plane and the guard Anna punched is going to arrest her for assault. 

AND..get this. To piss me off TODAY--- they have Robert call from the WSB to get Anna off the hook. BUT The guard still says NO.
He ONLY LETS Anna go when Sonny mentions his "Work" with Don Phillepe!! YES, So Sonny saves her at that point too. The guard is all scared of Sonny and lets them leave. 

Kiki and MoMo facetime. Kiki wants to move home with Ava and Avery. And Ava's it's kinda not the right time LOL  you know, dead bird and all ...

Morgan gets a visit from Carly and Michael and tells him about Sonny going to visit Carlos.  He doesn't get mad. He just smiles and they talk...

Julian and Alexis:  Jules is on the phone, has some TROUBLE Alexis wants to know what. He tells her about Crimson and his sabotage. Later, Paul comes over (Alexis is gone) and says "Carlos is alive and coming home, get ready"!! 

Jordan leaves Anna's ..Maddox comes up and asks about Anna and Jordan said there's a warrant out for her arrest. She thinks Maddox knows something about that. 


  1. Kiki and Dillon? What's the verdict?

  2. Chandler Mansion:

    Paul and Jordan: Poor Jordan is still so confused! ROFL!

    Maddox and Jordan: Maddox has a worried/concerned/terrified look on his face! HAHAHAHAHA! Wait, as Jordan leaves, you can see the ground! The stuffed bear is not there!!! Where the hell is the stuffed bear?!!?!! Was it cold so it walked away?

    The hospital:

    Kiwi's room: Oh dumb and dumber are face timing. So basically,

    Kiwi: See my scar? It's amazing isn't it? Oh and when I freaked out the last time I saw you, yeah it was just a one time thing. It will never happen again.

    Awww it was a nice warm moment between mother and daughter.. Alas you can't live with your mother Kiwi! Time to go back to live with BobTodd and baby obsessed Nina! Hey Kiwi has a bear too!!!!

    Bear: I hope my cousin Bear is okay. I haven't heard from her! She is supposed to be with Emma. I told her to call me as soon as she sees Emma!

    Dillon and Paul: Awwww! Glad they are getting along again. :)

    Kiwi and Dillon:

    Dillon: Let's start fresh. I'm Dillon Quartermaine.

    Kiwi: Kiki Jerome.

    Chem testing time!!!! I like!!! :) Great scene. I shall call them Killon or Kilon. Hmmmm Kiwi Jerome Quartermaine.. I like the sound of that! I want more scenes with them! :) Oh oh! Kiwi DEFINITELY has PTSD!!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant: Listen to that instinct Alexis!!!!! Always right on!!!!!!!


    The church: OH NO!!!! My Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos got shot!!!!! Oh just on the arm whew. :) The scene made me nervous!!!!! NO! DON'T KILL CAAAAAAAAAAAAAARLOS!!!! :( His little boy will lose a father!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Whew. :)

    Anna and Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos: Can they have a fling please? Or just a one night stand? Hate sex? I want you to die sex? You will pay sex? Come on they are mui caliente!!!! :) Hmmm sounds like Caaaaaaaaarlos lost his accent for a minute there! ROFL!

    The plane: Oh oh the cop is mad! Did you forget him Anna? Oops! :) I forgot him too! NOW is the time to apologize Anna! Robert Scorpio to save the day? YAY! Oh wait no Sonny saved the day! UGH!

    Anna: Do I want to know what kind of business you have with Don Felipe?

    Sonny: Probably not.

    *Anna smiles*

    Oh oh she is smiling!!!!! Hmmmm who the hell is Don Felipe? Caaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos wins the line of the day!

    Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos: You tell him amigo! We got to stick together.


    Freedman clinic: Oh shrunken head Michael and Carly went to visit Morgan. Awwwww. :) At first I thought Morgan was going to start whining, but he didn't. Oh he is changing. Oh wait he isn't! He started to whine!!!!! And now he can't stop talking about Kiwi!!! So basically,

    Morgan: Kiki Kiki Kiki Kiki Kiki! Got to help Kiki! I have to! I have to! Kiki Kiki Kiki!

    Me: Too late!!!! She already met Dillon!!!! He can help her! :)

  3. I kinda like Dillon and Kiwi. So now Val can leave him alone too and stay with Curtis. Poor Bear. :( haha! Anna and Carlos hate sex? I'm on board. Poor Kiwi and her PTSD. I'm like that when driving or a passenger in another person's car after being hit by a drunk driver 20 yrs ago. Anyways, it sucks that once again SONNY has to save the day! Karen I knew that would pissed you off about Robert haha! How are we supposed to find out where Sabrina and her baby is???

  4. "Michelle Latta says: Poor Bear. :("

    I know. :(

    "Anna and Carlos hate sex? I'm on board."


    "Poor Kiwi and her PTSD. I'm like that when driving or a passenger in another person's car after being hit by a drunk driver 20 yrs ago."

    :( I'm sorry!

  5. Great review as usual Sonya. Didn't you love Caarrrrlos' new haircut? ( I pictured you shoving Anna out of the way and tending to his wound.) PMSL

    Michelle Latta said... How are we supposed to find out where Sabrina and her baby is???

    Caarrrrlos said he left them in Puerto Rico.

    1. How do we know he'll give up their whereabouts though?

  6. "Di said...Great review as usual Sonya."

    Thanky. :)

    "Didn't you love Caarrrrlos' new haircut?"

    Is that what it was?!?! I kept wondering did he have a haircut or just put it in a tiny ponytail... Love his new haircut! Now all he needs to do is shave! :)

    "( I pictured you shoving Anna out of the way and tending to his wound.) PMSL"

    HAHAHAHAHHA! Nah nah. I love their scene, so I let it go. :)

  7. Brooklyn Rae (Emma) will be on Criminal Minds (Beyond Borders) April 27th

  8. Thanks Michelle. And if they're in Puerto Rico I'm sure Sonny can find them. She's probably with her family anyway.



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