Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sonny's Birthday

Looks like Spencer will pop up on GH sometime...Nicholas tweeted this today. 

Today's show was SO BORING!

If Jordan doesn't realize this is a Sonny set up then she's stupid. The witness? Happens to come in NOW? LOL 

Jason/Franco. VERY homoerotic. 

Nina and Dillon. Zzzzzzzzzz

It's Sonny's birthday. Carly is talking about Joss' kidney. Geesh ..okay then. 

Julian tells Ava he's back in the mob and head of the organization. He did it to save her and "their kids". Okay. Whatever. Alexis doesn't know. 

The stupid set up of the "eyewitness" by Sonny is so transparent. UGH 

UM... Sonny is having RIC look into Josslyn's kidney donation. 


  1. So over the show. I just read ur updates and don't even watch and I'm frustrated.

  2. So over the show. I just read ur updates and don't even watch and I'm frustrated.

  3. Police station:

    Interrogation room: Oh come on!!!! 11 months after Duke's shooting, and NOW there is a witness!!?!! ROFL! Come on Jordan! Wake up!!!!! And how old is this boy? 18? 19? Where did Max find him? The guy in the tuxedo and the guy in street clothes?!!?! Didn't someone else call them that!!?! Wasn't that guy who had a hotel room at the metrocourt and was cheating on his wife say the exact same dialog?!!?! They are recycling the dialog!!!!

    Jordan and Alexis: At least Alexis is smart. :)

    The hospital:

    BobTodd and Jason: Oh come on!!! Kiss already!!!! Oh they almost did when Sam interrupted them.

    BobTodd and Dr. O: Love the scene!!! She gives out great advice!!!! Although Dr. O, (Didn't mean to rhyme) they are not meant to be!!! I used to think that, but not anymore. They just want different things.

    Sonny's office:

    Sonny and Carly: Oh! So NOW Carly talks about Joss's kidney?! It's been months!!! Or has it been a year since she brought it up?! Sonny is going to help find out who gave Joss a kidney?! YAY! :)

    Ric and Carly: Carly still hates Ric and still can't trust him! ROFL!


    Badge the badger: I'm bored. Karen can I stay with you for a few days? I would love to see Gus. :)

    Julexis's home:

    Ava and Julian: Ava wins the line of the day.

    Ava: You said that before and then my bed became a grave for little animals.

    ROFL! Oh it looked like they were about to kiss when Alexis showed up!!! Uh you are talking private stuff and there is baby monitor right in front of you!!! Don't you see it?!!?! Alexis could be hearing you two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean she said she was going to see Leo!!!! UGH! Stupid people!

    Nico's home:

    Ava and Kiwi: Awwww sweet scene. Wait Ava don't go!!! Stay and eat with your daughter!!!

    Dillon and Kiwi: HAHAHAHAHAHA! You need Kiwi's help fixing your tire?!!?! BAHAHAHAHAHA!! You don't know how to fix a tire? I don't believe you Dillon! AH HA! I knew he made that up. :) Awwww he was worried about her.. Sweet!!!!!!!!! :)Loved their scene! #Team Killon!!! :)

    Floating rib:

    Nina and Dillon: Oh FINALLY they talk about the kiss. Geez. :)

    Paint and Wall: What the?! Why are they there drinking a beer?! Why aren't they all horny and having sex at Wall's place? I mean violence turns both of them on!!! Oh boy going on an adventure. Probably a boring adventure full of sex. Oh look someone is stalking them. :)

    Dr. O and Nina: Hmmmmmm. Dr. O is being really really nice. :)

    Bobtodd's thought bubble: La la la la la la.

    *BobTodd walks in*

    BobTodd's thought bubble: Oh crap! Nina! ABORT ABORT ABORT!

    *BobTodd walks out*

    Nina: ???????????

    Dr. O: What?

    Nina: That was Franco! He just left!!! Time to drink myself drunk and then find Dillon and kiss him!


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