Friday, April 15, 2016

Meet Me in the Park

Nina and Nathan.  She sees Maxie's ipad and says 

Nina's not calling Franco. He's all anxious. Kiki is scared to be alone. 

Maxie and Griffin talking about Duke's killer, Carlos being in town. "Duke Lavery is my father"-- Maxie is interesting. My mom and stepdad loved your father. He was a great friend to my family.

Julian and Ava ...Ava is dressed like a SPY VS SPY LOL

Carlos at the PoPo Station. HE and Paul talk alone. Paul is like "Roll over on Julian and I'll go easy on you".  I bet Carlos murder mystery is coming. Sonny..Julian and now Griffin were all "Can't forgive" yada yada. Plus there's Paul. 

Hammy Finn and Carly. Oh he says he's a diabetic. He's a liar you don't mainline insulin.  

END: Nate proposes to Maxie at the Metro Court... down on one knee. Griffin sees him and goes "Oh My God, that's HIM"...
SO we have another freaking secret going to be going on top of all the other secrets. 



  1. Welp, May is another ratings month. Besides Lucas & Brad's wedding and the Nurses Ball I was wondering what big surprises would be in store. Who murdered Carlos sounds about right.

  2. Oh, so Carlos gets to die YET AGAIN?? Well, they made him sooo evil this time around, that always is a hint that the person's gotta go . . . You know, so many are angry at him, now there can be a murder mystery.

  3. The REAL park: Hey! It's Carmen Sandiego! It looks like she keeps looking down at Julian's pants. See anything there that is interesting? And it looks like she is looking down at his butt. Man that was very distracting!

    Naxie's home: Nathan talking about Claudette to his sister was boring, but when he started talking to her about what she is doing to BobTodd, yeah that was interesting!! You tell her Nathan!!!

    Nico's home:

    BobTodd: You're the only kid I will ever need. You're kinda enough.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :'( So sweet!!!!! I love BobTodd and Kiwi scenes! I love that he is taking care of her. Oh oh Kiwi freak out again! She needs to go to therapy! Come on BobTodd mentioned to her she needs to go to therapy!

    Police station: Paul is still protecting Anna!!! :)

    Interrogation room:

    Anna and Jordan: What a great scene!!!!!!! Love it!

    Anna and Caaaaaarlos: Oh Anna yelling at Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos! HOT! :)

    Paul and Caaaaaaaarlos:

    "Karen says I bet Carlos murder mystery is coming."

    No!!!!!!!! We just got him back! I don't want him to die!!!! :'(

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Maxie and Griffy: More chem testing!!!! :) Preacher Griffy at your service! :)

    Maxie and Nathan: Oh oh. Proposing for all the wrong reasons!

    Nathan: I love you with every breath I take.

    Hey! That's a song!!!

    I love you with every breath I take,
    I need you every single day,
    I miss all the good love we make,
    Being without you life just ain’t the same,

    Griffy: Oh my God it's him!

    Oh let me guess. Claudette cheated on Nathan with Griffy? :)

    Metrocourt hotel/Finster's hotel room:

    Finster: I'm a diabetic.

    Ha! LIAR! :) And Dr O wins the line of the day!

    Dr O: She is waving her arm in bearded dragon classic gesture of submission. To me.


    GuGu: No I am not bitch! I am gesturing you to get the hell out of the room!!!!

    Dr O is all angry and Finster is just so meh about her ROFL! He even kisses GuGu hahahaha!

    *GuGu gives Finster a look*

    Finster: Don't look at me like that! I know I screwed up my meds, I screwed up the hospital, I screwed up everything.

    AH HA! So it's meds!!!!! :) Hmmm urine lizard meds!!!!! :)

    Sidenote: Check out ME's and Roger Howarth's new video together. :)

  4. I missed the "that's him" part cause I had to leave for work but I could almost swear Griffin has met Nathan, or maybe cause Maxie talks so much about him is that why I think that????

  5. "Michelle Latta said...I missed the "that's him" part cause I had to leave for work but I could almost swear Griffin has met Nathan, or maybe cause Maxie talks so much about him is that why I think that????"

    Hahahaha. No he never met Nathan. And it wasn't a oh so THAT is him cool type of comment.. It was oh my God! That's him!!!!! :) I wonder if Griffy is going to hide. :)

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  7. Maybe Griffin is really Claudette after a sex change?

  8. LOL at Spy vs. Spy. Ava wanted to be inconspicuous so she wears a black trench coat and a fedora on a sunny day, and black glasses, yeah that won't draw attention at all!

  9. "Alisha Fry said...Maybe Griffin is really Claudette after a sex change?"

    ROFL! I'm thinking it's that other guy that is coming on the show soon. On April 26th. The actor John DeLuca. :) That he is going to be Claudette! :)

  10. I was hoping that John DeLuca might be a Morgan recast.

    And Griffin had better not be Claudette.

    I liked the scenes in the park again today. It makes so much more sense than everyone meeting on the docks.

    1. I will die if Dr Hottie Griffy is Claudette! Bahahaha!

  11. I think Griffin is who Claudette was cheating with . Maybe the scar is from Nathan shooting him in a jealous rage

  12. Dar: That is the best theory so far, links all of the clues together . . .

  13. "Michelle Latta said...I will die if Dr Hottie Griffy is Claudette! Bahahaha!"

    Me too!!!! Hahahahaha!

  14. I like your scenario better, dar.



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