Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday Surgery: A Blog Named Sue

20160422 0700(10)

Boy, it's getting harder and harder for me not to sound like a broken record..but here I go! 

There are a few things about this week that cheered me. Other things? Not very interesting to be honest. I do have a giant grievance to air regarding a main character, so hang on to those hats. 

It's Sunday and my parents were here to see STOMP last night. They guys all went and Mom and I watched Beyonce's Lemonade.  We loved it. Great artistry. 

Too tired to make any breakfast so, I'm just having my chai. 

Blog Title? Well, I couldn't think of anything and Wub Hub said "A Blog With No Name" and I thought Of Johnny Cash for some reason?? LOL..sooo there it is!! 

There were THREE standout things this week that sent me over the moon...and here they are: 

THE PUPPY: Aww, a puppy!! I love animals on soaps! Remember Daisy's cat on AMC?? Of course our own Foster and Annabell? Welp, here's a cutie for you too! Franco's dog that was supposed to be something good for Nina. She was having none of it. I got both their points. The worst thing about this whole story is the fact they are going over the top with the baby stuff to drive a wedge into Nico.
My Fave Couple!! ... of COURSE they are going to break them the hell up. Rumors say it's Friz hooking up and I tend to see that path a 'comin.  *sigh* Ruin everything for me, why don't you? Now that adorable puppy will go to Jake and let's hope Cam doesn't terrorize it. 

20160422 0704(12)

THE BADGER! He's Back!! and in resplendent GLORY in Sonny's office! Whoot!! 

20160421 0717(22)

THE QUEEN? You know it..Helena. Oh yes, that did make my month!! It was a total surprise because all the spoilers said "Sam has a nightmare about Jason" but nothing about Queen Hells. It was perfection!! 

Ergo, the best 3 things for me this week were 2 animals (one stuffed) and a ghost with a curse.  Welp, that tells you something right there! 

20160420 0609(5)

On to the rest of the show.  Geesh. I don't know where to start. I suppose I'll go in with the Hammy-Finn saga. It's going to be Dr. O trying to get him out of the hospital and Tracy and Monica fighting to get him to stay. Right? I mean, day after day. Finn diagnosed Josslyn with fifths disease when she comes in with a rash on her cheeks. They did send out for lab work though, and somehow I think they'll find something a bit more. Tracy and Finn have a nice rapport, playing games and poker and such.  Michael Easten is having a good time, so that's something. 

Michael and Felix are off and away to Puerto Rico, trying to find Sabrina. They see her Aunt who says she has no idea where she and the baby are. BUT! Guesss what.... we saw at the end there was a little giraffe on the floor. Ergo-- was she there the whole time? 

Naxie. They are engaged. And get a party in record time! At least our Felicia and Mac were there. So was..dun dun dunnnnn, Griffin!! He obviously has something with Nathan--who doesn't recognize him. Given the fact we saw a flashback to a shooting after Griff was at the Rib, I'm thinking Nathan shot him when he found him with Claudette and didn't actually see his face. Yeah, I was hoping Griff was Claudette.  But..whatever. We'll have a Maxie/Giffin/Nathan triangle before you can shake a leg. 

20160421 0653(8)

Lante:  While I'm happy for Lante fans, I'm a bit sad for me because they've made their journey back a bit dull.  Hey! They bought a new bed-- that's progress., weren't they going to get a new place? Rocco's been totally MIA too. Probably playing with Aiden and Leo. 

20160421 0702(25)

Here we go. The Mob. The never-ending Sonny worship. The whatever-the-hell they are doing to Anna BS.  It's seriously making me want to just FF 3/4 of the show. Why they decided to dredge up the whole Carlos shooting again is beyond me. Anna was tortured for almost 5 months with the Carlos crap (we even had a faux "ghost") and now, everything is moving backasswards with this Sloan/Carlos/Paul/Julian/Sonny saga. WHY!? WHY? I don't care about any of it.  Anna's going a bit nutty and like we saw last week, she's also kinda diggin' on Sonny's ability to get stuff done. Now she's also in jail...and *sigh*.  I just can't believe how much I don't care about any of it. Julian's gonna be sucked back in..yada yada. Ava's dragged into it because Sonny is torturing her. ugh enough.
Yes, I do have better ideas but I'm not even going to bother because you've heard them all before.

The instant Paul Loves Anna is a bit strange as well. I mean we've seen him flirt...but? Deeply in wub? umm...

20160419 0900(29)

OH, YEAH...Alexis is now representing CARLOS! Bahahaha. Look at her face!! It's ALL of our faces!!! Our collective WTF MOB face!! 

20160420 0607(33)

Long Hair, cute talks with Pseudo-Starr, Puppies. Todd is in Full-Force now. No denying it.

20160420 0708(6)

Nina got really drunk, Dilly put her 'to bed' and Kiki got an eyefull of his chestial-glory.

20160421 0705(38)

Laura and Kevin have promise-- the "Heartbreak Hotel" clue probably does not. 

20160421 0717(28)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Thank you to my magnificent Connie Towers. LOVED this! 

20160422 0700(3)

PROP OF THE WEEK:  Backgammon game. Throwback to the 80's

20160421 0610

FACE OF THE WEEK: Anna weeping in Jail. That's me. Weeping. Just weeping. 

RUNNER UP: Don't take my DAISY!

I still feel like so many stories are expanding at a strange rate and others are just lost. I'm obviously very unhappy with the whole mobular stuff. And to have Anna keep sobbing over what she did to Carlos is pissing me off. She was WSB damn it. She put Faison in a damn hole in the ground. She knows it was a fake out and she didn't really even shoot the guy so--get over it. She haunted herself after the shooting and quit her job. Ergo, enough.  Yes, Finola can act the hell out of it but I'd rather see her doing something --anything else at this juncture. 

One more note: While I love Jordan and find it interesting she's police chief, isn't it she a bit young for all of this? What if Dante was in that position? She could be a detective with Nathan and it would put Dante in a unique place; between the mob and justice. No looking the other way when you are the head of everything. Just a thought. 

Ok then! That's it! My new schedule didn't really interfere with my watching that much. Mondays are the worst. Which sucks because I think the show still has it's Friday cliffhangers on Monday because of the Nancy funeral. Just my luck. 

Have a good week!! Try to keep all the characters straight on this show. By the sound of things, more are a comin' down the pike too.  I WILL Be going to GHFCW btw, not sure which event yet tho. 

THX to @SourceJenn and Lisa W for screen cappies. I couldn't do it without ya. 


  1. "THE PUPPY: Aww, a puppy!! I love animals on soaps!"

    Me too!!! I am always happy and excited when we have pets on GH! It's too bad it's never long term anymore. :(

    "Of course our own Foster and Annabell?"

    YES! I remember Fostabell!!!! I loved them!!!! Love their relationship. :) I loved that Lila loved their relationship as well! :)

    "THE BADGER! He's Back!! and in resplendent GLORY in Sonny's office! Whoot!!"

    YAY! :) Wait to refresh my memory, Karen did you give them Badger? :)

    "RUNNER UP: Don't take my DAISY!"

    Please don't!!!!! :(

  2. Karen, new format for the blog?

    My hubby and I watched a show called 11/23/63, about time travel and the JFK assassination. Franco is the star, he really is a great actor, just couldn't stand the character of Franco on GH. Then, in the last eppie, there was Connie Towers!! She looked GREAT, it was wonderful to see her as a kind, lovely woman, rather than as the villain.

    I think the show has just one season, it seems like it has ended, it is really worth watching!!

    1. AntJoan--I'm binging that show this weekend. :-) I'm halfway thru and I'm loving it. It's based on a Stephen King novel.

  3. I'm so sick of the way they're writing Anna. She's a strong woman and should be one of the lynch pins of the show. They need to have her snap out of it and fight to get back to her job.

  4. AntJoan, where can I see this movie, Not a James Franco fan, he's just weird but love to hate Hell, so it'd be awesome to see Connie do something else.

  5. AntJoan, where can I see this movie, Not a James Franco fan, he's just weird but love to hate Hell, so it'd be awesome to see Connie do something else.

  6. The blog: It's purple for Prince :(

    I did do a thing in the blog about the James Franco movie and Connie being in it!

    Isn't it on Showtime? I don't get that

    1. Guess I missed it, don't get Showtime either. Oh well haha, thanks. :)

  7. With Anna in jail and she seems to be drinking the Sonny kool-aid everything is going to hell. I'm curious to see who Griffin is , I just hope it's not a Rachel dud and she's supposed to be getting a family??? Is anyone going to care??

  8. Michelle, it is a show, not a movie, as others have said here, not sure where to find it, as hubby gets stuff from online. CareyN: ENJOY!! I think there will be just the one season.

    1. AntJoan--I just finished. What a great mini series. Connie Towers was perfection. The guy who played Oswald was amazing. It's on Hulu everyone.

  9. It's on Hulu. Based upon a Stephen King novel. Really great.

    Griffin is bugging me. I loved him at first but now I just keep waiting for the GH Hypocrite stick to hit him upside the head (you know the one, Nathan - the self-righteous, suddenly has a huge secret; Nik being all upset that Hayden/Rachel lied to him; etc.)

    Sonny and Anna at least turned themselves in for their respective crimes (although it was a little after the fact for both of them) and willingly went to jail. They got Sonny out (saving a boat full of people will do it every time) , Anna will be fine. As a matter of fact, we have had a ton of confessions this past few years. Sean did and went directly to jail and he didn't even hit his target. Carlos only went to jail to protect Sabrina - once again, for a crime he didn't commit. Paul, Ava and Julien need to pay - in some way - for what they have done. I know we cannot send a main character to jail for an extended period of time (Orange is the New GH?), but I cannot get over the fact that Ava shot Olivia and killed Connie. I cannot get over all of the stuff Paul and Carlos have done - I still say Paul was the one who shot Sonny.

  10. AH HULU that's right, I don't get that either !

  11. "kdmask said...The blog: It's purple for Prince :("

    Awwwww. :(

    "nance24 said...With Anna in jail and she seems to be drinking the Sonny kool-aid everything is going to hell."

    And she hasn't even slept with him yet! :)

  12. I wish the show would keep Dante and Lulu apart. And put them with other people. I agree with you on Anna too


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