Thursday, April 14, 2016

Breakfast at the Metro!

Laura sees a cryptographer today at the Metro. She found them "online"'s Kevin Collins! This may prove interesting, no? KevRa ??
They talk about social media. Then she says it's Helena's book and hes' all intrigued. THEN she says it's Scotty's law book and he throws it on the floor! LOL. (he hates Scott) But says he'll help Laura.  

Lulu is bugging Nikolas over what's going on. She all "You're married to RACHEL BERLIN?"" She's being a PILL. Keeps needling Nik. He finally yells at her that if she tells Dante and Rachel is arrested, other people she cares about can be in trouble too. BUT-- she goes and tells Dante anyway. 

Tracy and Hammy Finn. She wants him to stay on. He's like I might! Tracy asks Monica to help her.
Dr. O sees Finn in the hall..he's sweaty. She says DON'T BE LATE to the meeting!!!!! 

Dr. Finn goes to the Metro 
Carly: Dr. Finn you look pale 
Finn: "I never work on my tan until the summer solstice" 

OMG I TOTALLY think he's a vampire LOL.. it sure sounded like it.
He goes and shoots up 

Sonny and Carly. Sonny tells Carly what happened with Carlos.  He says he didn't kill him because of Anna but also for Carly. He wanted to do things differently-- and he loves her. Yada yada. They make the love. 

Later, JaSam goes to see Tracy. Monica and Michael are there. Jason tells everyone that he bought the shares. Tracy is like how did you do it? Gun? Blackmail? Michael says, who cares! We have them back!! Jason tells Michael he should run the company.  Tracy says Thank You to Jason. She says when Jason abandoned the family and changed his name, it killed grandfather... but now he's smiling on him.
GEESH she was nice! Must be the worms talking. 

JaSam are going on a trip to settle Jason's offshore accounts. Oh, Sam can't go! because of Danny. Wow. Writers look at you! Remembering Danny! 

END: Carly finds Hammy Finn passed out on the couch with the needle on the floor. (He had a wake up call and the staff go no response so she went into this room). 


  1. I was soooo happy to see Dr. K today. He and Laura were great. Nice that the PTB finally realized that they have great legacy characters (and actors) who can do a great job if they let them. Too bad there's not a fee for bringing them back instead of new actors creating new characters we don't want.

    What's on the menu for Sunday brunch. May I suggest Special K. lol

    I loved the scene between Jason and the Q's. I like hard nosed Tracy but a little unexpected drop of emotion every once in a while is great too.I hope the worms leave a few residual castings.

  2. LOL @ your vampire comment, people in my eye Dr office looked at me like wth? I'd love that, he was sexy as Hell as a vampire. :)

  3. Carson home: So basically,

    Carly: Oh where is Sonny?!!?! I am so worried and horny at the same time! SONNY! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    Then they make wuv and have some pillow talk. :)

    Wyndemere: Hey! Laura is out of the attic! YAY!

    Lulu and Nik: Lulu badgering badgering. Zzzzzzzzzz.

    Lulu and Laura: Badger badger badger. Zzzzzzzzzz. Is this the reason she was on today? To badger? Who is she going to badger tomorrow?

    Lante: Zzzzzzzzzzzz. And of course Dante knows Raymond Berlin!!!!!

    Jason's garage apartment: Wall, Paint, and Paint's cupcakes all chit chatting away.

    The hospital:

    Tracy's room:

    McFinn and Tracy: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Love love love! I guess Tracy's breakfast from home smells huh McFinn? Hahahahha! They need to have a fling ASAP! :)

    Jason and the gang: YAY! ELQ is in the hands of the Q's again!!!! WOOT WOOT! :) And Michael is in charge! YAY! Speaking of that, where is RayRay? Is she hiding? Is she trying to figure out how to get ELQ shares away from Jason? Love that Monica hugged Jason awwww! :)

    Hospital hallway:

    McFinn: Oh oh he is all sweaty!!!! He is starting to turn into a werewolf!!!!

    McFinn and Dr O: LOVE!!!! :) I am waiting for Dr O to punch him since she despises him so much! Their scene is way too quick!!!!

    Nurses station:

    Monica and Dr O: Oh oh McFinn is late for his speech! HAHAHAHAHA! That won't endear him to Dr O!!!

    Jason's garage apartment part 2: Chit chat chit chat chit chat. Oh time to go to the Florida keys. What? Sam isn't going because she has Danny?!?!! :0 You can't take him with you? Oh wait nevermind. Forget I said that! 0-0

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Carson and McFinn: McFinn wins the line of the day.

    McFinn: I never work on my tan until the summer solstice.


    Carson's table:

    Michael: This is a big day for the Quartermaines, but I want you both to know that I still am Michael Corinthos, your son and that means the world to me, and I'm going to change.

    Oh give me a break Michael!!!!! My ears are bleeding. And uh geez Michael! Let Sabrina go and move on with your life!!!! Maybe you can date Amy Jr when she comes. :)

    Kevin and Laura: DOC!!!!!! YAY! Hmmmm Kevin is a cypotographer?!!?!! I never even heard of a crypotographer before. Dr K? Really Kevin? ROFL! I like their scenes! I wouldn't mind if they date. Levin? Kaura? :) Or as Karen mentioned, KevRa? :)

    McFinn's hotel room: There he goes! Shooting himself up with urine!! Hmmmm Lizard urine? Oh he is exhausted! Well it IS exhausting to try not to turn into a werewolf. Geez I didn't know that not answering to your wake up call is such an emergency! Oh oh now Carly is gonna think McFinn is on drugs!!!! Will she kick him out?!

    "Karen says OMG I TOTALLY think he's a vampire LOL.. it sure sounded like it."

    ROFL! Maybe he is half Vampire and half Werewolf! Maybe his mom a werewolf and his dad is a vampire!!! :)

  4. "Di said... What's on the menu for Sunday brunch. May I suggest Special K. lol"

    ROFL! Is that what you are going to call Doc (Kevin) from now on? Special K? Hahahha!

  5. JPink, I think she's on steroids- or some medication.

    1. Gosh,I feel bad then. It looked like a lot of cheek filler and botox to me.

  6. I was thinking the same thing, JPink.

    1. I didn't realize but Leslie is 71! I knew she was around my parents age but she's actually older, I hope she's ok.

  7. I agree something going on with here. She even looks like she gained weight (the white jacket is covering it);she's always been thin.

  8. Yeah, I noticed Leslie had gained weight in addition to being puffy. So hope she is ok and so great to see her on so much. Loved the Q stuff - had to ffwd. all of Carly and Sonny. Loved Dr. K and Laura. Always so great to see him and looks like they will put them together which is fantastic. I think Muichael E. is doing great as Dr. Finn and they are actually writing the character well.

  9. I guess they should write Kevin as a vampire, he is AGELESS, LOL!!


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