Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hold On To Your Hats...

Because this IS RARE. Extremely RARE.

Two characters I really dislike..couldn't care less about in one scene together and "CLICK".

HUH. Dillon and Kiki. Who'd a thunk it. 

BUT! That's the magic of soaps, weird things happen...weird chem happens. This just worked.
So, bring on Killon! 


  1. YES!!! Bring on Killon! :) It wasn't forced at all! It felt real! Bring on the slow burn! :) Idiot Morgan won't like it. :)

  2. I was also shocked at the easy rapport between them. Dillon came to life! Morgan is just so unlikeable.

  3. I'll ship this, especially since Kiki already has some ties to the Q's from when she thought she was Franco's daughter and Franco thought he was a Q, and also from marrying Michael. AND, don't forget Paul and Ava have slept together, so there's extra drama built in already without forcing any (e.g., Naxie).

  4. CareyN - Right on! Kiki and Dillon would have all the angst from their families without all the violence and depression. A romance that is high drama but still sweet and hopeful. The actors had more spark in a few minutes than Morgan and Kiki have in over a year.

  5. SaveOurSuds said... The actors had more spark in a few minutes than Morgan and Kiki have in over a year.

    That's true. And i also agree with what LSV422 said about Morgan. I've never liked this adult version of him. I wouldn't miss him if he were gone.

  6. Killon! I started watching yesterday's show and was ff everything so I shut it off. Then I read this post. I watched there scene and liked it. Kiki should get a job at Crimson.

  7. "GHfan said... Kiki should get a job at Crimson."

    OH! AGREED! :)

  8. Agree, totally, about their CLICK! Kik could work at Crimson and the BROWNSTONE could be where they all live!!!!!

  9. Brownstone!!! I loved the Brownstone when Flee and Bobbie lived there.


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