Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Badger the Badger

Maurice just tweeted me this: 

I love Bob what a great actor equal to no one

Franco was talking to the couch when Kiki comes out. He decides to go to work.

Nina is talking to Dilly at the Metro. She's obviously not going on Vacation. Dillon takes her home when she gets trashed. She ends up kissing him.  Takes his shirt off, then passes out. Kiki finds him all shirtless in the livingroom. He puts Nina to bed.

Dr. O tells Franco Nina should basically get a hobby. 
Carly brings in Josslyn. Dr O told Finn to leave but he treats Josslyn. He thinks she has 5ths disease but send her stuff to the lab to make sure

Sonny's got Jules in his office, tryin ' to get him to talk.  "if Carlos dies, YOU Die" says Sonny to Julian. 

Alexis with Carlos. Tells him not to take the deal. He decides to let her be his lawyer. 

Lomax is mad Jordan arrested Paul. She wants him released and Jordan to say she made a mistake.

Anna and Paul talking in the jail. Paul says he's in love with Anna. She says she can't stand him. He smiles. He gets out of Jail when the mayor comes in. 



  1. OMG, YOU GOT A TWEET FROM MAURICE!! (faint, faint, faint, passing out . . .)

  2. Maurice Bernard tweeted you?!!?!?!!? :0 Awesome!!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant: Ohhhhh Nina is drunky poo!!!! People in the background are laughing hahahaha. Yes Dillon take Nina home!!!

    Nico's home:

    BobTodd and the couch:

    BobTodd: I can't go on a trip with you Nina, because I have obligations! I have to stay here and take care of Kiki. Isn't that want you from me Nina?! A mature grownup?! A NORMAL person??

    Couch: I don't want you a normal person. Don't let Nina tell you what to do! You don't want a baby and she does. It's time to break it off with her!

    BobTodd and Kiwi: Awwwwww! So sweet!!!!!! Love love love. :) Kiwi calling idiot Morgan! UGH! Oh good I guess he is busy and can't come to the phone right now.

    Dillon and Nina: What a hysterical scene! I love it!!!! Nina gets ravenous when she gets drunk!!!! I can't believe she kisses him and takes off his shirt and tried to take off hers!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! OOPS she passes out on the couch and drops like a rock! BAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Dillon's shirt: I. Can't. Breath.... Help. Me!!!!

    Oh hi Kiwi!!! Hey! Another scene with Killon!!!! LOVE IT! Didn't feel forced at all! Nicely done writers!!! Uh Dillon you better put your shirt on before BobTodd comes home, or he is going to wonder why you are shirtless in front of Kiwi! Love that Kiwi flirtatiously gives him his shirt! Hehehehe. Awwwwww. :) Awww Kiwi let Dillon stay and give you tea!! Oh stupid Morgan had to call! Kiwi seems like she feels better after talking to Dillon.. Awwwww! :)

    Police station: Wow Mayor Lomax and her fuzzy hair don't give a crap about anything or anyone! Well, except Paul.

    Interrogation room:

    Caaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos and Alexis: Hmmm. So he is agreeing for Alexis to be his lawyer. I wonder how this will pan out.


    Anna and Paul:

    Paul: Because I'm in love with you.

    AH HA! About time he admits it!!!!! :)

    Anna: I want you to know that I have absolutely zero feelings for you. I have total and utter loathing.

    Hmmm denial? Doth protest too much? Paul is just smiling away! Hahahaha! I don't think he believes her! ROFL! Oh Paul is free and is still smiling away! BAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Anna and Caaaaaaaaaarlos: The looks they are giving each other!!! Sparks are flying all over the place!!!! HOT DAMN! :)

    The hospital:

    Carly, Jossy, and McFinny: I was wondering why Jossy had a red face! 5ths disease? Why is it called 5ths disease? Is there a 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th disease too? Well glad Jossy is okay! :)

    Dr. O and McFinny: Damn they hate each other so much!!!!! Oh Dr O, there is a thin line between love and hate.. Be careful. :) When she said over my dead body, McFinny's face hahaha. He must be thinking, I wonder how I can make that happen! ROFL!

    Dr O and BobTodd: Great scene!!! BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: Nina is not mentally ill.


    Sonny's office: Awww the picnic was cancelled. Sonny wants Julian AND Caaaaaaaaaarlos dead!!! Poor Julian's big hair is scared!!!! Do you see it shaking?!!?!?!?! ROFL!

  3. OK, Dr. O's scene w/BobTodd: PRICELESS!! Knitting booties for schnauzers!!!!!!! PMPLOL!! OMG!! I wonder who writes her lines! They always are perfect, and her delivery is HYSTERICAL!! I truly was LOL!!


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