Monday, April 11, 2016

Daytime Confidential: BLIND ITEMS

a MUST READ!!  Who is it? I'm convinced this is about GH:  READ HERE 


MY Specs:  (UPDATED)

Ok, so.. Number one. I'm thinking Lante. They haven't been on since March 8th together. They are both 'children of core characters'. Ergo...Lulu and Dante? I can't think of anyone else that fits that bill can you? 

Number Two: Rumors are rampant about Michelle Stafford and Roger being on the outs. I refused to see it because I love Nico. BUT if that's the case, bye to MS. I can't see Frank getting rid of RoHo. Nope. He's probably for Liz. Nico would fit because of their "tenuous connection to the canvas".
Oh.. this appears to be not true! thank goodness for that because I LOVE NICO!! 

Number Three: HAS to be Billy Miller? Right? Who else could it be? People wouldn't revolt for many others. And we KNOW it's not Maurice. Hmmmm.  Some other people are speculating it's William DV? Others are like, nope a different show.So??

Interesting. DC knows stuff so watch for these to come true! Plus with all of Gh's new hires and Nurses Ball coming up, they need moolah. 

I won't comment on my feelings on these yet--but if they happen I sure will! 

I do love blind items lol. They cause us to spec and talk about the show. More exciting THAN the show!! 


  1. I agree with your theories about Lante and Nico. However I'm not convinced the last one is Billy Miller. I think it could be William DeVry. Julexis are popular on Twitter, and many would be upset. Personally I am hoping it is Ryan Paevy.

  2. Yeh it's definitely not Mo, that Frank's bread and butter. I love Romo and Nico but without him I'm not a Nina fan AND I think they are setting her up to go cray cray after this baby thing. Would hate to see Billy go but I didn't get my liason so whatever, I don't think he and Kemo have chemistry. Emme hasn't been on in wks. Hate newbies coming on but wouldn't really be upset to lose any of these people you've named except RoHo.

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  4. I 100% agree with your #1 and 2, but I think 3 is either William or Ryan Paevy. Let's face it, there's not much going on with Nathan. Never has been. He could totally disappear.


  5. Let Nina go. Bring Lucy back to run Crimson. Add Laura to the staff to make it Lucy, Laura, and Maxie at Crimson. Whatever happened to Lucy and Laura's spa?

    If they axe Dante and/or Nathan, they'll need to bring on another police detective. The PCPD is running kind of thin. Please get rid of Valerie. Lulu has nothing to do, so she can go, too. Zzzzzzz.

    I'd love to see the character of Jason go away. If he's not going to be Jason Quartermaine, he's dull and unneeded. If only he could drag Sonny along on his way out.

    I'd be sad to see WDV go. He's a great actor, though I don't like his character getting back into "the business".

  6. I agree about Dante and Lulu, and #2 being Nina/Franco since they both have tenuous ties. The last one I thought Billy Miller but it could be William deVry. I don't care for Nathan and was hoping it was him, but the item said fans would go "ape poop" and I know Naxie has a devoted following but I think a much bigger Twitter reaction would be either from Jason or Julexis fans, JMO. I do think Nathan may not be long for the show, as they seem to be aiming Maxie toward Hot Doc (Griffin) already.

  7. I had heard that they were going to age Liz's kids but if "Cameron is on contract he might be expensive. New actors could be back to extra status. Joss has already been recast and I imagine Spencer is next.

    I'd love to see Nina go. I actually don't mind Franco working at the hospital and he interacts with others well now. (maybe because there's no more slap stick silly sh..)

    I've never taken to BM as Jason. He always seems bored and has the same expression all the time. The only other one I can see who might be costing them a lot is Nicholas but the Cassadines have so much more potential than Jason. (And he and Sam together are beyond boring.) Also the boy who plays Spencer is gone now already by the looks of things. Maybe Nik will go on the run for a year or two till he can be recast cheaply.

    I think Ryan P. has a loyal fan following so it could be Nathan too.

    Wanda Woman said...
    Let Nina go. Bring Lucy back to run Crimson. Add Laura to the staff to make it Lucy, Laura, and Maxie at Crimson. Whatever happened to Lucy and Laura's spa?

    I'd like to see Lucy and Laura back running something.

  8. Jamey Giddens of Daytime Confidential says Laura is getting a love interest (how long have we been hearing THAT?):

    "Who's the lucky suitor? Can't say. However, I will tease you with this ... he's a doctor and he's the ex-hubby of another beloved veteran character. Those are the only clues you're getting!"

    Speculation is it's Kevin Collins. That would be great, though I've always loved Lucy and Kevin together. Still, I would take any pairing if it meant Kevin was back.

  9. A lot of people believe that rumor that Michelle and Roger are on the outs but I can confirm that is not true at all. I'm pretty sure how I know that rumor got started and it's ridiculous.

  10. Half the cast can go along with the writers. It's become so boring and emotionless. Look for Tracy to leave in my opinion by her choice.

  11. Half the cast can go along with the writers. It's become so boring and emotionless. Look for Tracy to leave in my opinion by her choice.

  12. Didn't Michelle admit at a public appearance that she and Roger don't really talk outside of doing their scenes together? I'm sure that got tongues wagging.

  13. I agree that Lante is most likely the couple. William DeVry seemed very nice to me and he and Nancy get along well. I would think that Billy M. is the one - seems to be just biding his time until something prime time comes along. I like MS now that she is at Crimson - wouldn't be upset if RoHo was gone. He is playing a character no one will ever love, even with Liz. Yeah, I read that Kevin Collins is the man for Laura - outstanding!

  14. I think MS said she and Roger "don't talk much outside scenes' which can certainly be the case for many of the actors-- probably someone was asking her a personal question about him or something??

  15. I deleted the comment because it's redundant :)

  16. As much as I love Kevin and Lucy, I could totally dig a Kevin/Laura pairing. I wasn't quite expecting that. Having said that, we NEED more Lucy Coe. This is a legendary character that isn't being given her due. I'm just wondering if she'll be sidelined because Scott is interacting with Ava and Kevin will be with Laura. OR, this is an opportunity for Lucy to get some long-overdue airtime. I'd love for her to interact with Ava, especially considering that Lucy was in the thick of the Jerome storyline back in the 80's (don't be clueless writers).

  17. I'm not an Alexis fan so I wish one of the rumors could be about her. She has several family members on the show so it's probably too much to hope for.

  18. Could the "popular duo — who respectively play the children of core characters" be Morgan and Kiki. The show producers probably think they are popular. And the Corintho's and Jerome's probably qualify as core families. And it is obvious "the show's writers can't think of anything to do with the twosome in question"

    "Male half of the equation hates working with his female counterpart" and "Another cost saver might be to gut the male half of yet another of this soap's most popular current couples." If not Julian, I wonder if one of these could be Nicholas or Dante?

  19. I want Valerie to stay. Valerie can be with Dante while Lulu can get with either Dillon or Johnny.



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