Monday, April 11, 2016

Double Crossings

So.. Rick Hearst is going to pop back on GH April 25th. He's only been off since NOVEMBER. GEESH



Hayden is threatening Nik to sign the papers. I do not care about ELQ.

Sonny and Anna. STOP. But I love Finola so.. :) She looks perfect.
OMG Anna tells Sonny she shot Carlos point blank on the pier!! WHY? Oh no, Anna..why. Oh I guess because it's Sonny. He gets to know everything. !
Anna can't get off the plane, she has a warrant out on her. Paul must have done it when he picked his lock. So, Sonny walks off the plane and Anna has to stay on it. Oh brother. 

Sonny is on a real location shoot in a parking lot. They say it's "Ecuador" . We can TELL by the BULLFIGHTING posters that are up. HA. 

Paul tells Anna he is hoping Sonny finds Carlos and she figures out he wants Sonny to kill him.

Naxie, in bed....talking about Claudette Zzzzzzzzz.When he leaves she Googles Claudette. 

Hay goes and Visits Tracy and tells her she'll be Lucky soon and have Good Fortune. Tracy smiles. Hayden tells her though that she's "keeping ELQ for herself" Tracy not happy.  Hayden tells Tracy everyone knows who she is anyway so.. she can't blackmail her anymore. 

JaSam were on. Talking about something. Didn't pay attention. This is a cute picture though. 

END OF SHOW: Sonny asks a priest a question and it's Carlos. He pulls out a gun. 


  1. wow Karen one sentence kind of summed up what's wrong with the show "Sonny gets to walk off the plane and Anna has to stay on it"

  2. Other than AntJoan (and I understand - I still love Richard Gere) is there anyone else here who isn't sick to death of Sonny? Most actors want contracts with lots of vacation time. I swear MB's contract must say he can't be forced to take a vacation. I bet there is not a week in the last 10 years that has been Sonny-free.

  3. Dar, Thanks sooo much for understanding my Sonny-love, just can't help it . . .

  4. I was making a comment about that the other day, good God he's been on 20 yrs or more and he's ALWAYS on, I wish he'd go on vacation. I am just so sick to death of Sonny.

  5. Maxie and Nathan: Boy Nathan likes that word perfect. He has been saying it a lot now. So basically,

    Nathan: This afternoon was perfect. Just like our lives. It's perfect. You are perfect Maxie. Your hair is perfect, your body, those lips.

    Maxie: Do you still think Claudette is perfect?

    Nathan: Drop it Maxie.

    Maxie: No no. I'll be your therapist. It's time to heal. You can trust me. You can tell me anything. I won't judge.

    Google time!!!! Claudette West!

    Jason's garage home: So basically,

    Paint: Oh you are awake. Did you watch the new porn video we just made?

    Wall: Yup! I sure did. Do you want to watch it together?

    Paint: Yes.

    Chandler Mansion: Awww poor Paul! You should have told Anna that you are in love with her when you had the chance! Hmmm Paul needs Macgyver to get him out. Oh he is going to open Anna's mail. Oh no he isn't. Hey is that bear that Griff put at the door still out there? It must be starving and cold!


    Nik's knife: Hey did you sleep well last night?

    RayRay's knife: No. I did not sleep at all!

    Nik's knife: Me neither. I was afraid Nik was going to grab me and plunge me into Rachel.

    RayRay's knife: I was afraid that Rachel was going to grab me and plunge me into Nik!!!

    Nik's knife: Let's get out of here!

    RayRay's knife: Okay!

    Oh there is Laura! Finally taking a break from the attic? Oh there is Nik whining. Oh Paint and Wall shows up.

    Wall: I am going to make you an offer you can't refuse.

    No no no! You did not say it right!!! Do it more like this.

    Sonny's plane: Sanna bonding over Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos. Oh there is a picture of Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos! Yum! :) Just waiting for the plane to crash... Waiting... Waiting.... Waiting.....

    Waiting on the world to change
    We keep on waiting (waiting)
    Waiting on the world to change

    Oh the plane didn't crash. Okay maybe it will crash when they get back home. Oh Anna is under arrest? ROFL! OH PAUL HAHAHAHAHAHA! Love the phone scene with Anna and Paul. Sonny wins the line of the day!

    Sonny: No my Spanish is rusty.

    ROFL! LIAR! :)

    Ecuador: Oh look! Posters!!! OLE' :)

    Church: CAAAAAAAAAAARLOS!!!! Oh wait Father Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos! :) Oh Father Caaaaaaaaarlos with a gun!!! Go ahead and shoot Sonny! Wait no don't! Wait go ahead! No don't! Oh man I am on the fence!! Oh I get it! Caaaaaaaaarlos is going to shoot Sonny, Sonny runs away to hide, Anna finds him and takes care of him. She takes the bullet out, and then they have sex? :)

    The hospital:

    Tracy's room: NED!!! Oh RayRay finds Ned attractive. :) I don't blame you RayRay. He IS hot! :) RayRay wants to keep ELQ to herself?!!?!! Hahaha good soapy stuff!!! Go ahead RayRay throw Tracy under the bus. HUGE mistake! Tracy will eat you up and spit you out!

    I forgot to mention Friday, that the director was,

    Director: Frank Valentini!!!! :0 :)

  6. Haha! Sonya says, "I don't blame you Ray Ray. He IS hot!" I agree, Wally gets better with age. ♡

  7. "Michelle Latta said... Haha! Sonya says, "I don't blame you Ray Ray. He IS hot!" I agree, Wally gets better with age. ♡"

    Hahaha! OH YEAH! :)

  8. NEW PROMO!!!

  9. Sonya you have got to stop mentioning Sonny, Anna and sex in the same sentence. EWWWWWWW!

  10. "Di said...Sonya you have got to stop mentioning Sonny, Anna and sex in the same sentence. EWWWWWWW!"

    ROFL! Sorry.. Okay I promise.. No more Sanna sex talk. :)

  11. Anna hanging out, and especially hooking up, with Sonny is sickening. I will always detest the character of Sonny for what he did to Karen Wexler...Then he somehow becomes the respected anti-hero of Port Charles? disgusting. FU Sonny! I hope Anna smacks you down.

  12. Now I can't even ffwd. Sonny because he is with Anna, who I love! I am happy we are seeing more of her but (sorry AntJoan) the thought of a romance with them is sickening. Paul yes or Andre. Loved the Laura/Nik scene. Wish someone would shoot Hayden again.

  13. I didn't like Anna with Paul either, LSV422. He's such a sleaze. I do like her with Andre.

  14. "Di said...I didn't like Anna with Paul either, LSV422. He's such a sleaze. I do like her with Andre."

    Andre, NO!!! Paul yes.. Robert yes yes. :)

  15. Anyone is better than Sonny, except for maybe Franco, LOL.

  16. sonya said....Andre, NO!!! Paul yes.. Robert yes yes. :)

    Paul NOOOO!! Andre yes...Paul NO!!! Robert yes yes. :D

  17. "Di said...Paul NOOOO!! Andre yes...Paul NO!!! Robert yes yes. :D"

    ROFLMAOPMP! And Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos, YES YES YES! :) I felt the chemistry when he was "haunting" her. :) mui caliente! :)

  18. Si, que es muy caliente. lol

  19. "Di said...Si, que es muy caliente. lol"



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