Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Heartbreak Hotel

SO, there was a great Laura/Helena flashback today. Both had big hair and looked fab. Laura remembers that Hells said because of what Laura did to Stavvy, she will do something to Lucky. 
Kevin found 2 words: Heartbreak Hotel. 

Lante......still in that damn shoebox of an apartment. MOVE THEM ALREADY!  They made love.
They have a fireplace?????? Huh

Felix, Michael and Griffin all discussing Sabrina, the baby and Duke. Griff finds out Anna tried to kill Carlos

Anna and Duke in jail together, yelling about whether or not Duke was good or mobby. She said she hopes he knows what it's like to be a parent and never see his kid. She tells him Duke has a son. 

THEN, Griffin runs in shouting (very weird scene) and says "it can't be true that you tried to kill a man"!! She says: YES, I SHOT HIM!!
Carlos is behind them both in his cell...
Griffin struggles to believe that Anna shot someone and Carlos is like: BELIEVE IT BUDDY.
That whole scene/dialog was weird. Griffin asks Carlos if he's sorry he shot Duke. Carlos says "NO" Griffin grabs him and says I HAVE To find a way to forgive you !!

Sam and Jason. He has a flashback to them being together in bed before he got shot on the docks.  She doesn't want anything to ever happen to him again. Jason says "It won't"
Meaning, it will! LOL 
Sam wakes up from a nightmare, Jason is shot in bed...and HELENA IS STANDING THERE!! WOOT! ahahaa! Nice. Helena grabs Sam and whispers the curse in her ear. heh!! That alone was worth the watch today. 


  1. Sam's home: Paint and wall chit chat chit chat chit chat kissing.. Chit chat chit chat making out. Chit chat chit chat making love. Chit chit chit chat. Well the Helena nightmare was fun!!!! :) Loved that!!!! :) And how did she know which memory he had!?!?! That was strange.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Lulu and Laura: Ewww Laura! Talking about Lante sex! Gross! And no Laura! Making love does NOT heal anything!!! WHAT THE HELL?!

    Dr. K and Laura: Great scene!!! :) Awww Doc took a break from relationships? :( Well you two have that in common, so ask her out. :) Heartbreak hotel? ROFL! Love the flashback of Laura and Helena! :)

    Lante home:

    Dante and shrunken head Michael: Oh Michael!!! Move on with your life!!!! Come on writers! Give Michael another storyline, than just his looking for Sabrina!

    Lante: Oh Dante got a new bed!!! YAY! Goodbye affair bed! Now they just have to find another place to live! CoughcoughBROWNSTONEcoughcough. Oh so their homework is to have eye sex. Gotcha.... Oh the eye sex is turning them on! Wait they got a fireplace?!?!!?! Since when?!!?! And a fireplace near a bed?!!?!? HUH!?!?!

    The hospital:

    Shrunken head Michael and Felix: Felix wins the line of the day!

    Felix: Okay no offense, but the more I know you, the more obvious it is you were raised by a mob boss.

    ROFL! You think?!!?!?! Shut up Michael!

    Police station/jail cell:

    Anna and Caaaaaaaaarlos: Great scene!!!! Well, Caaaaaaaaaaarlos has a good point there. She does sound hypocritical. Awwww Anna. :( I know you have been grieving over Duke's death.. :( I forgive you for telling Jordan about what happened to Paul's daughter..

    Anna and Griffy: Yes Karen weird scene. He's acting like Anna shot and killed the love of his life!

    Griffy and Caaaaaaaaarlos: Yes Karen very very strange scene. Love the picture you put up! Hahahahaha! Very appropriate! So basically,

    Griffy: You son of a bitch! I will find a way to forgive you!!!!!! I hate you! You make me sick! I want you dead! I will find a way to forgive you!!!!!!!!

  2. Why can't Dante and Lulu be paired with other people for a while. I don't have a favorite couple on this show anymore because they are all boring. I can't believe the show is not having Sonny going after Sabrina.

  3. Sonya, you just crack me up with shrunken head Michael! It was a nice surprise to see the flashback and then Helena in the "flesh" in the dream. Great to see Connie back. I like the chemistry between Anna and Paul, and Laura and Dr. K. When have men and women ever been in cells in the same area? Don't they have toilets in their cells? Privacy?

  4. "cooks7570 said...I can't believe the show is not having Sonny going after Sabrina."

    Oh I'm sure that will happen someday down the road! ROFL!

    "LSV422 said...Sonya, you just crack me up with shrunken head Michael!"

    ROFL! Do you notice? :) Maybe it's his very short haircut or him working out!! :) His body is bigger than his head.

  5. Sonya I wondered too how Sam could possibly know which memory Jason had. And that whole Anna/Griffin/Carlos was just plain weird

  6. "nance24 said...Sonya I wondered too how Sam could possibly know which memory Jason had."

    She is psychic!!!!! :)

  7. I don't see how Lante live/have sex in a studio with a child there. And, speaking of children, where was he, anyway, they didn't say.

  8. "AntJoan said...speaking of children, where was he, anyway, they didn't say."

    Lulu told her mother, that Rocco was with his uncle Leo! :)


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