Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday: Back in the Saddle

Well, more casting news hit the stands--a 60-65 Caucasian woman. They'd like an "established" star.
Has to be Hayden's mother, right?
BUT WHY!!!!!!!?? Why didn't they just make her Paul's!!? We don't need anymore people on this show. We already just got Mayor Lomax.

Ok, I'm watching today but not tomorrow as I have a meeting. I hope today is good. I see they had outdoor scenes with LEAVES on the trees. 
AHHHAAA. Yeah, not until the end of May. The rate we are going it may be August. So much snow out there right now. 
Nathan married French-Canadian Claudette to get her her Green-Card. But he fell for her.  She was cheating on him so he got it annulled. Nathan doesn't know where she is now.  He says that's all the secrets.
You know she's got a baby somewhere, right? I mean why go through this if this is it? 
Nathan calls Dr. O and says he told Maxie "but not everything"
Oh geesh

WHY are JaSam investigating the Nik Hayden shooting thing? We know who did it. SHE Knows who did it.... So?? What's the deal with them knowing? Who cares? Is Shawn going to get out of jail with that info? Even if he did would he be on the show anymore??!! 
This is weird. 
OH!! OK, people on Twitter told me it's to help get ELQ back. Got it. That at least makes sense!
Shawn tells them that Hayden was the intended target for the other shooter. (not him) Finn talks a mile a minute. He can treat Tracy now.  I think he's supposed to be funny? Hmmm. 
He and Tracy were cute chatting about her worm situation. They play Monopoly. 

Franco is talking to Liz about her life and how proud he is of her for doing stuff on his own. 
He doesn't even BLINK when he sees Hammy Finn? WHAT? Oh come ON NOW. Did I miss him seeing him the first time?? A guy looks just like SILAS and Franco says..NOTHING!!!?? oh come on!! WELL, THAT was a giant opportunity missed. 

Nina throws stuff all over Jules when she figures out it was his fault. BUT it's off camera...we just see things flying. Oh boo, I wanted to see it! Nina says she's calling the police for fraud of the advertisers, and Jules says can't do that or the mag goes bankrupt. He talks her into not doing it. She wants full control.  Julian says yes. 

END: Tracy has a seizure again. 



  1. Well I'm certainly glad you are back Karen :) and its ok to miss a week or a couple of days lol.. Ya, I'm not sure why they are bring so many new people onto the canvas when what they have now is too many, the stories seem to get missed, put on back burners and some never to be ended. Looking forward to your blog on Wednesday :)

  2. kd said....We don't need anymore people on this show.

    You're right. So you're going to love this bit too.

    I actually liked the off screen fight. It would have been difficult to have her cut his head etc. if they had to show the scene. This way we could use our imaginations.

    I hope they weren't looking for chemistry between Sil...Hammy Finn and Liz because there was absolutely none. He had way more chemistry with Tracy. I enjoyed their scene.

    I think you could be right about the baby, or she turned out to be a criminal or something.

    And note to writers...I don't know anyone up here who wears plaid!

    1. Not only is this woman coming on, but I saw somewhere else that a recurring male character is coming too!! Stop the madness, between ALL the characters and ALL the writers this is why is choppy and jumbled.....

  3. OMG HammyFinn is so their discount Todd Manning! The fast talking, weird pet, suits, meditation... And the Monopoly thing? Todd and Tea famously played that game back in the day when Todd was attempting to be a normal married. WTF! LOL

  4. Oh and I'm glad we didn't get another cheesy "Hey do I know you from somewhere moment." I just can't with that. LOL

  5. Metrocourt hotel/Nik's room: Mr. and Mrs. Snails. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Well she did confront him about having someone try to kill her, so that's something! :)

    Liz: You won't try to kill her again will you?

    Oh come on!!!!! I hope not!!!

    The REAL park: I love the real park! :) Leaves on the trees and all! :)

    Naxie: WHAT?!!?! They had the marriage annulled?!!?! So then what is this storyline about?!!?! Claudette was a manipulating bitch who used Nathan and never loved him?!!!?! WHAT?! Nathan said in his hospital room that Claudette was perfect! HUH?!!?!?! I can't with this storyine!

    Dr O. and Nathan on the phone:

    Dr. O: You told her everything?

    Nathan: No not everything.

    HUH?! What else is there? Is there a baby? Please let it be about a baby!!!! Or maybe he doesn't know he has a child and this is about something else. *sigh*

    Curtis and RayRay: Awww he wants to protect her!!! :) Sweet!!!! Hey there are houses around the park!!! Who's houses I wonder!!!

    Crimson: This was fun and funny!!!!!

    Julian: Nina! Put that down! Don't even THINK about throwing that one! Don't even come to me with that! NINA! NINA! HEY! HEY! NINA! OW! DAMN IT NINA! OW!

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Great stuff!!! Oh goodbye Curtis! Hahahahahha!

    Pentonville prison: SHAUN!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Yeah I agree Karen! Why bother having paint and wall investigate RayRay's shooting?! Maybe the writers want them to have something to do than just boring chit chatting with each other, at Kelly's, or his horrible garage apartment.

    The hospital:

    Liz and Hamburgler: He has this awww shucks look on his face when Liz says you are quite memorable hahaha.

    Liz: Yes you are quite memorable.

    Hamburler: Awww shucks thanks.

    Man Dr. O really despises him! I wonder if she knows him!!! And BobTodd had this look on his face, like either of jealously or hey this guy looks familiar. Karen do you really want every character who knew Silas to ask him hey you look familiar. Like someone I used to know! ROFL!

    Liz and Bobtodd: I love how strong Liz is!!!! :) You can do this Liz!!!!!

    BobTodd: Wow! I'm proud of you.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) Friz is made of win! :)

    Dr O. and BobTodd: Dr. O wins the line of the day!

    Dr O.: If you must cheat on Nina, Be a little more discrete about it. You can do a lot better than that ninny nurse Webber.

    ROFL! She notices too how Friz are getting closer! :)

    Tracy's room: Wow!!!! I love how Hamburgler is all animated when he went into Tracy's room!!!! :) Wow and playing monopoly?!!?! LOVE THAT! It's the little things I love! :)

    Hamburgler: I got other projects. Research I'm conducting.

    Like doing research and conducting experiments on yourself eh Doc? :)

    Hallway: Bloody nose! Seizures!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :'(

    1. I enjoyed today but the end was a little hard to stomach. I have seizures myself. Partial complex only, but I had a grand mal and that was when I was diagnosed. Loved Tracy and Finn scenes. Cannot believe Nathan still hasn't told the whole truth grrrrr.....

  6. Have read and loved these comments for years. Thought I should join. It would be so much more entertaining if the older woman could be Claudette

  7. Welcome to Karen's blog Mommyknowsall! :)

  8. New GH promo!!!!


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