Friday, April 22, 2016

Puppy Love

Maxie and Nathan get thrown an engagement party. Felicia and Mac are there!  OMG, Maxie talks about Claudette and GRIFFIN walks in!! Hmmmmmm. Nate and Maxie kiss after he gives her a ring and Griffin drops his beer bottle (like a girl, I swear). 
Maxie is all "I HAVE to find out more about Claudette, I have to" !! 

Felix and Michael are in Puerto Rico, you can tell by the stucco decor and flowers. They talk to her Aunt. She hasn't seen her or the baby.  BUT there's a baby toy on the floor!! Aunie might be lying!! 
The only way this story would be interesting is if Felix and Michael came back a couple. 

Maddox won't say anything about Anna's mental state. I am going to say A LOT about this Anna "STORY" in Sunday Surgery, btw. 
Anna and Paul just yabber it up SO MUCH today. UGH.
Jordan is jelly of Anna when it comes to Maddox. She tells him she knows he has feelings for her. Then he kisses her. 
Scotty is hired by Felicia and Mac to represent Anna. He tells her to stop talking to Paul. 

Griffin got a hair cut.  He flashed back to being shot after he talked to Nathan. Hmmm. 

Franco got Nina a puppy..she's mad. It's not a replacement for a child!!  Franco is like "I was trying to do something NICE for you..geeesh" . She gets mad and walks away as the puppy licks Franco lovingly lol. She tells him either get rid of the dog or go live somewhere else. 



  1. Yesterday's episode:

    Sonny's office:

    Badger the badger: I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!! I was on a long vacation. Do I really have to watch Sonny and Carly make out on my first day back?!

    Me: Happy birthday Sonny!!!

    Alexis and Sonny: Hehehehehehhe. *snicker snicker* Love the scene!!! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Julexis's table: Olivia and her uncle Leo video!!! Leo is learning to walk! Awwwwww! :)

    Julian: I love you Alexis.

    Alexis: I love you too.

    Julian's big hair: I love you too Alexis!

    Olivia and Julian: Awwww Julian is crying. It's okay Julian!!!

    Ned and Olivia: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Get back together!!!!! :)

    Ned: We broke up because of the lie, now that the lie doesn't exist anymore,


    Ned: Unfortunately I probably won't be here May 6th.


    The hospital:

    Tracy's room:

    McFinFinFinster and Tracy: I love that thing that Tracy is wearing on her head. :) Love the McFinFinFinster and Tracy scene! Love that their are playing a game, and love that she wants him to stay!!!!! :)

    Ned and Tracy: Yes Ned! Listen to your mother! You HAVE to stay in Port Chuckles!!!!!

    McFinFinFinster and Dr O: Their scene is so full of win! :)

    Dr. O and Joss: Dr. O wins the line of the day.

    Dr. O: Children are supposed to be seen and not heard!


    Monica and Dr O. OHHHHH! Is Monica going to have Dr. O fired from COS!?!?!! :)

    McFinFinFinster and Joss: Awwww Joss gets to meet Gugu!!!! I want to see that scene!!! I hope it's not off screen!

    Police station:

    Jordan and Maddox: Oh there goes Maddox's frightened/scared/worried look on his face for Anna!!!!

    Jail: Oh Anna has got 2 men in love with her and trying to protect her!!!! If only Robert was around trying to help her too! *sigh*

    1. I hope Monica does get her fired, and might I ask what took her so long? LOL!

  2. Police station: Oh wow!!!! Griffy's haircut makes him look like a 12 year old! :)

    Interrogation room: That was one strange scene between Jordan and Maddox.. Between her yelling at him, and him grabbing her to kiss her! Oh you don't fool me Maddox! You are only kissing her, so that you don't have to admit to her or yourself that you are inlove with Anna!!

    Anna's jail cell: Doth protest too much Anna! Oh hi Scotty!!! Yes Anna listen to Scotty. Shut up! :) Oh I thought it was Maddox who hired Scotty for Anna!

    The floating rib: Happy engagement party! Although they probably won't get married, cus he is probably still married to Claudette. :) Oh 12 year old Griffy is all jittery! MAC! FELICIA!!! :) Oh Lante are going to move in together. Well are you at least going to move to another home?!!?! Please?!!?! 12 year old Griffy still jittery! Nathan doesn't like him! Hahahahaha! When the lights went out, I thought Nathan was going to sing! I was going to say, hey Nathan will be the first to join the band Verbal diarrhea! But alas no. :( He proposes instead, making 12 year old Griffy STILL jittery!!!! Oh Griffy hears a gunshot in his head! That's it! He had sex with Claudette and Nathan shot him! :) But wait why didn't he recognize him? Did Griffy have plastic surgery? Nah. I mean Felicia and Mac both see the resemblance of Duke in Griffy.

    Nico's home: I was thinking is Nina going to remember kissing Dillon? YES SHE DOES HAHAHAHAHA! I had a feeling there was a puppy in that box!!!! Awwwww a puppy!!!!!!!! Hi Daisy!!!! Sweet sweet face!!!!!!! :) Boy that puppy is so quiet! Oh oh Nina going berserk! BobTodd was just trying to help! I want to see the puppy again. :( BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: We could name her whatever you want Brianna, Miley, Hillary, Odessa.


    "Karen says She gets mad and walks away as the puppy licks Franco lovingly lol."

    Hahahahaha. Yeah that was sweet! :)

    Preview for tomorrow:

    Ric: RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC! Baby sweetie honey bear!!!!!! :)

  3. Of course we have Fiesta going on here and they keep interrupting our regular programming, saw it airs in a couple hrs. Glad I didn't miss anything too good.

  4. OMG that puppy was so cute, and he loved RH! Dr. Monroe's haircut was a welcome change. Happy to see Mac and Felicia and thrilled Ric will be back. Great idea to have Scotty represent Anna-he never fails to entertain. The conversations at the jail were getting too tedious and repetitive but I am glad that Finola is finally getting the front burner time she deserves. Maxie has way too much personality to be with such a dud like Nate.

  5. I don't get why some don't like Nathan?

  6. Scotty and Anna is an interesting on-screen pairing. Actually, being a fan of Kin and Fin, I could forgive the stupidness of the recent Anna storyline if they gave them gave them more stuff together. Would love to see the look on Robert's face if he shows back up in town to see them buddies - he has a long history with Scotty and his head might just explode LOL


  7. Michelle, I think Nate ithe character is ok but the actor is so wooden, especially next to the vivacious Kirsten S. Cute can only go but so far.

  8. "OldSchoolGHfan said...Actually, being a fan of Kin and Fin,"

    Hehehe Kin and Fin. :) That would be a great squish name! KinFin! :) I am a fan of both of them too!

  9. A cute puppy licking Roger....adorable!

    I was hoping Franco would move out with the puppy, but it looks like he gives it to Jake per the preview.

    1. I was shocked he's giving the puppy away :( He should move out and take Daisy with him! Nina is being unreasonable. Yeh it's sad she can't have a kid but OMG Franco is really trying here! I thought it was really sweet. I also have to say I'm not liking Griffins hair cut, he looks totally different. Loved seeing Mac and Felicia.

  10. I finally got to watch Fri show but because it aired early Sat it cut off some. Michael saw the baby toy and picked it up, what happened after that?

  11. Here is my first stab at featured players for the band "Verbal Diarrhea"

    - Nate on (non) lead vocals
    - Dante (beating the same old drum beat) on drums
    - Michael on lead guitar (til Tracy takes over)
    - Scotty on bass (cuz - the hair)
    - Finn on keyboards (when able and available)

  12. "L Jefe said... Here is my first stab at featured players for the band "Verbal Diarrhea"

    - Nate on (non) lead vocals
    - Dante (beating the same old drum beat) on drums
    - Michael on lead guitar (til Tracy takes over)
    - Scotty on bass (cuz - the hair)
    - Finn on keyboards (when able and available)"

    HAHAHAHAHA! Good one! :) Especially Scotty is on bass cus of the hair! ROFL!



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