Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Garin Wolf Dishes ON General Hospital

He gave an interview to ABC.com about the coming months and here's an excerpt. He talks about JaSam's "conconvential" everything-- and this about the mob. Still no photos because well, you know I think he's invisible LOL 

All right, we'll be waiting with bated breath to see where it goes! Beyond Jason and Sam, can you tease a little bit to the big conflicts coming up in the next weeks and months? It seem like things are kind of headed towards Sonny vs. Anthony. Anthony seems to be consolidating his forces, as it were.

Sonny, Anthony, Johnny – it's going to get personal. It's going to be less about the business, less about the bombs, and more about the fire inside them. Anthony is a loose cannon. Sonny's a loose cannon. Stand back. Don't get in the way


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  2. lmao! Invisible! I wouldn't doubt it. Guza's the wizard behind the curtain. It's all a dream.

  3. Sounds like the more things change the more they stay the same. Honestly, I can tell he's trying to incorporate more of the cast.. but as long as you still have Sonny and Jason centric storylines then you are doing no better. It's still the Sonny and Jason show but now everyone on the canvas is in their problems. BORING.

  4. today was a good show though

  5. I found the interview vague and there were no hard hitting questions. I wish fans had the opportunity to ask questions. I agree with you , Karen, that I liked today's show. One day at a time :) ..

  6. They are taking Liz and Lucky in different directions and I am happy about that. I don't want them together. I hope that they get Liz back into art and with a renewed life and spirit. I felt that moment when jason said he hopes she finds herself because not everyone can. He needs to find himself as well. Liz deserves growth and new love .


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