Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Rumors... New Start.... New Wolf-Howlin'

This is an interesting thing... fans are all over the Rumor that Jax is presumed dead after a plane crash. It's supposed that Sonny is behind the crash--not sure yet. I"m not even 100% on this, but it looks legit. Carly laments that if Jax had taken Josslyn they'd "both be dead". Jax will be off canvas for good. I'm not happy about it because I really was wishing that he could go away for a bit and come back the corporate raider he once was and do some ELQ damage. But..sigh, not to be. The other part of Wolf's interview that got me was the AZ/Sonny war heating up. I'm so tired of Father/Sons. SO TIRED. Well, Helena is back!! That's what I'm concentrating on. :) See? That's me smiling!! The WOLF is in the house today-- NEW SPOILERS are up! 

AMC: I tell you what, If David turns out to be a Cassadine I TOLD YOU FIRST! He's experimenting on everyone! LOL... Can't wait to see Erica's lock up with all the past ladies!

Oh, Monica!! "I've been to every medical convention in the country" heh..Loved the Alan mention. It's all the set up for Jason's coma/dream. 

Molly and Alexis--Alexis mentions Stefan and a wind comes up. Anyone see Chocolat? These were my fave scenes today

What is with Krissy's dizzy stuff? Hmmmmmmmmm. Haven't heard more on that. She was cute today though, looked like she ate the canary! 

Liz and Jason-- Liz sees Sam's ginormous engagement ring!  VERY good scene. SEE---You can have the 3 of them in a room without the fanbase spontaneously combusting!

NO comment on Siobhan today.  I just really see her as goading Liz--she has to be working for Helena. The roof scene?? TOTALLY a Cassadine move!!

Helena taunting Lulu. "Your Mother was the Queen of adventure"!!  I saw Nikolas' shadow!! There he is!! The brooding Cassadine. 

Lucky's drug dealer..heh. 

WELL, more history crammed into today than in 9 years. Sam even mentioned her brother. Monica gave Jason a pic of him on a big wheel... Liz and Jason hug-- Stefan mention--wow. Even Patrick's past dalliances in the hospital.
IF you haven't watched GH in awhile, watch today. Good history-- good balance.



  1. Why do they have to kill Jax? I was all set to get on this bandwagon and I probably will but now with a heavy heart. Jax dead and Carson/Anthony not my cup of tea.

  2. Today was a good day (:

    Once again Helena was magnificent, and Nikolas!!!

    Loved Alexis with Molly, and a Stefan message from the grave, hahaha..

    Kristina and Ethan are quickly becoming my second favorite couple (after Jasam), they are just so damn cute.

    Jason, Sam, and Liz in a room together, it was weird. It's nice that they didn't try to kill each other but still weird.

    Siobhan is crazed. I can just see the psycho stuff starting.

    I think today was an over all good day, and I can totally see the writing change (Thank God)!

    Plus, we got a shirtless Johnny (:

  3. Balance is good. Liking the current direction of the show. Hoping they explore the possibility of Old Jason resurfacing, although not completely. Just enough to cause conflict and have him question what he does. Right now, he does things and later reflects. I think it would be so interesting to have small portions of past/present Jason collide in real time...Med Student vs Hit man each time he is asked to do something immoral and/or illegal.

  4. And so it begins...

    Liked GH 2.0.

    Robin said something to the effect "I have a lot of changes that I genuinely want to make" Did anyone else think that it really wasn't Robin talking, but rather Garin?

    I have a question someone please answer: Isn't Jax the owner of the MetroCourt? Being so, can't he fire Carly and install Olivia as General Manager?

  5. for his 1st day GW did wonderful job making me all excited about this show..
    we had everything history romance balance everything..

    My favorite part was Jason&Monica scenes.I was surprised because I felt Monica will be harder but she was trying to understand him&the talk about his childhood was very moving,My heart broke for Jason&Monica, good acting by Steve&Leslie..
    I think it is huge hint about the Jason/Q's connection..

    Im JaSam fan but I loved the liz Jason/Sam scenes nothing bad happened they were trying to understand each other..

    Loved the Cassadine scenes Helena talking about her son,Alexis talking about Casadine and Nick showing up..
    I wonder if the hint n the Alexis/Molly scenes was about what is coming?? or just GW saying GH is different now...

    Shivone/Liz Im no Liz fan But I was in her team today Shivone was away way too annoying..

    Scrubs were wonderful today..

    1st day GW seem better than Guza..

  6. I love when jason said to Liz that we have a connection and Liz looks at Jason and says " It was so much more than that." AHH!!! So true! Love it and love the exchange. I liked the scene with Liz, jason, and sam . It was awkward but exciting because of the "elephant in the room".

  7. Yea for Garin! I'm so glad Guza is gone!

  8. Wow. The pic on the spoiler page of Sibiohan and Liz...never seen two whiter girls in one scene...besides myself. Nice to see not everyone has to be tan.

  9. I agree, today was a good show! I completely forgot about Sam's brother.

    I do not consider myself a Jasam or Liason fan, as I have liked both couples at one time. As a neutral party, I LOVED the scene with all three of them!

    So if Jax is "presumed" dead... does that really mean he can't come back?

    Love having Helena back, Connie is just fabulous!

    If today is a sign of things to come... welcome Garin!

  10. LOVED the show today. LOVED. Thank you Mr. Wolf, may I have another?

  11. Just a quick question...

    Does Carly have a yellow post-it note on her head?



  12. Yes. She and Jax got physical on his desk and when she raised up, she had a Post-It note on the back of her head. LOL

  13. Love me some Liz and Jason!!!YAY!!

  14. Loved Liz's comment that it was so much more than that. AHHHHHH

  15. regarding liz, sam and jason scene liason fans have given up. gh looks like it will still be about the mob. no reason to kill jax.


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