Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Surgery: The Waiting Room

It's crowded in there folks...really crowded. We knew that Wolf was ushering in a new 'era' on GH  but this? The POST-GUZA ERA  is getting to be amazingly complex. Let's list them, shall we? 

1. Writers: David Goldschmid and Meg Bennett were let go from GH.(Meg is Bob Guza's wife) . Replacing them on the breakdown team will be Shelly Altman, who's been writing breakdowns for "One Life to Live" for the past 11 years, and current "GH" script writer Tracey Thomson. (SON)

2. New Doctor: 30-something, I think a replacement for the failed "Ian" character that Wolf wrote for during the writer's strike. His name is Ewan and he's mysterious and angst-ridden. 

3. "The Woman in White": 30 something, Ethan will see her like a 'vision' but she's real. A Gothic mystery will unfold.  Can you say: ANGEL SOREL??! Those that remember her know just what I'm saying.

4. Stuart Damon:  Is back... as a vision or ghost..not real

5. Skye is back...she's real. 

6. Newbie Mob-Daughter: 19 years old, from NYC possibly connected to Tracy Q from the old 
 "City" days... 

7. Recast Kate:  Well, a new Kate-- after we've been hoping "Crimson" would resurface, we get a whole NEW face for the editor--and she's 16 years younger than Maurice. I know people want me to "get over"that fact but hell, I'm mad. There are MANY 40 something actresses needing jobs out there.

What did I forget??  Lucky's going to be a druggie, Skye is coming back and I think she'll be in the mob story --the mob may jump to the Q's with all this news. The whole Mob connection seems to not fit the "getting away from the mob". Oh hell, as long as the STORY is good, we don't care, right!!?A wedding is coming (I'm always up for those)-- and Siobhan is going a little crackers. I think she's the new "Lisa"!!  Helena's back. *sigh* thank you

SID weighs in on CYBER SOAP NEWS: ABC's press release said that Prospect Park would continue to broadcast AMC and ONE LIFE TO LIVE in their same length, but made no mention of how often the shows would air? Our spy reports that the latest scuttlebutt is that AMC may become a seasonal series -- not a daily one -- thus opening up the door for the cast to pursue other projects.

TO ALL at the FAN Club weekend people, thanks for all the photos and tweets and Facebook updates. I so appreciate you letting me use some pics on this blog as well. It helps keep everyone informed and makes us feel like WE WERE THERE!!  

SCENE OF THE WEEK: TIE: Jax in the Police Station and Sonny/Brenda saying good-bye. It was a good week for actors. 

SEE who won BEST DRESSED this week on the WUBS NET!!  

One more note: Heart goes out to Norway. Such sadness. 


  1. I also read that Liz may be the one that runs down Jason, leaving him in a coma. sigh. How many times has Liz "run" someone down? Even many times has anyone run someone down, leaving them in a coma?
    But, it also said that he comes back as Jason Quartermaine. Maybe him and Robin will make it back togeter?
    What I don't want to see is him and Liz get together from this. She is better than Jason and Lucky.

  2. I would LOVE seeing Jason knocked back to his old self as a Quartermaine again. I doubt Steve Burton would like it, though.

  3. Jason IS Jason Morgan. I don't believe the 'change' will last at all.

  4. soapzone rumor--- jason is in a car accident and goes into a coma and comes out jason quartermaine.

  5. @Andrea When has Liz EVER ran down anyone? lol. I mean, SHE's been the one ran down.

    I don't want Liz to run down Jason, but if she does, serves him right for lying and covering up Courtney running Liz down w/ her car. Liz had full trust in him, and he did something totally out of character.

  6. I love Jason Morgan, Jason Q was boring. But would like to see Jason M. play a role in the Q family. Will love the Jason & Sam wedding. Shibhan should turn out to be the long lost daughter of Christina Cassidine (given up a birth) hair matchs and then she has a built in family already with Alexis & the girls.

  7. IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO REUNITE LIASON, STOP HAVING JASON AND LIZ INTERACT!!!!! It's frustrating, and a spit in the face to what we'll never get a fair chance in having. Why torture us? All that this event is going to do is pimp Jasam... at Liason's expense. STOP IT, ugh.

  8. It does seem like their constantly throwing Liz under the bus (so to speak) in order to pump JaSam up. We get it their TPTB it couple and that's fine but stop making Liz out to be so horrible. I hope it's just a rumor that she is the one to run Jason down let it be someone else. It's about time that Jason regains his memory I'm not saying he has to become a doctor but he needs to remember his past and have to come to terms with what he did as Jason Morgan!


  9. From the what I understand , jason will be in a coma and dream of a life with quartermaines. He does not wake up as a quartermaine. Garin said in an interview that the story is what if a decision is made, then what would people's lives be like. I think it's a way of bringing back other characters and looking at if different life choices were made then how does that affect your life. I would like to see jason with Liz but I doubt they would do it and, as Karen posted, the jasam wedding is still on for september. I think this may be a shortlived story, unless there will be dramatic recasts and shocking firing of some main characters as is rumored.
    Supposedly , again, many people will be on the road for this car accident , including sonny and olivia, and locicero says fans will be very mad at Olivia soon , Hmmm. Did she cause the accident?
    Anyway, I've said it before, and that is that Liz is not going to be given a good storyline unless Garin has the courage to go against Frons, JFP and all those who think the show is only about Sonny, Jason and Carly. At some point , years ago , the decision was made and every other character remains in the background unless you're tied to sonny.My wish, as wonderful as an actor I think he is, is for maurice eo leave, and carly and jason to be given less screen time.
    Sorry, just my opinion.

  10. So, what I'm seeing is: More mob. More of Liz being written as irresponsible. More of women becoming psychopaths if they don't have a man. I won't be coming back to GH any time soon.

  11. My bad, I guess Liz will be written as having hit jason. WOW! Talk about making Liz roadkill for jasam. Again, a prop story, as a way for jason to find his way back to Sam ( even with memory loss , she is his love BIG EYEROLL :) ). Then they have their big wedding and , for a change, it will include characters you don't see just to pull in viewers. I son't see big change in Garin's writing , and feel it's a smoke screen for GH's cancellation.

  12. So I'm really excited for the Jasam wedding because it'll be such a big event (: Plus, I really want Sam and Jason to get married!!

    I would hate it if they make Elizabeth be the one who runs Jason over, that would annoy me. Haven't they done enough to her character? I don't want her with Lucky, and as a Jasam fan I definitely don't want her with Jason. She needs a killer good story line, but what are the chances they give her one?

    And NO NO NO to the whole Jason Quartermaine thing. If it is just a dream sequence then cool, but as for make him remember and then becoming Jason Quartermaine I don't know if I'd like that too much.

  13. Plus, how many times has Jason lost his memory already? sometimes enough is enough.

  14. I have no problem with EW or Carly running jm down and he comes back as JQ and why does he have to be boring as JQ. He has no personality as jm. this might give SBu a chance to show he really can act because he isn't doing that now he goes from glaring to staring to that constipated look and they aren't all that different.
    He gets to show a little emotion now and then but even that looks completely the same he doesn't have a range of emotions IMO as jm. this would open him up for many more s/l and they are only as boring as the writers make them.
    I'd like to see Liason again but so far it doesn't look good for them. Please move her away from the LnL6000 mashup it's giving me a stomachache. Let JJ stay with his wife and co parent with EW.
    I might watch if given good s/l for other characters I have in the past but right now nothing is striking my fancy--hoping for improvement starting this month.

  15. ^Anonymous...The answer is because Steve Burton cannot act. A robot with no emotions is the only thing he can play believably. And, he's just eye candy anyway. JMO.

  16. I miss Jason Q!!! I want him back!!! :)

  17. I don't get how people say that Jason Q. was boring when all Jason Morgan does is blink and stare o and get shot at! lol


  18. maybe the 19 year old mob daughter is lila, skye and alcazar's daughter.

  19. Talk about SORAS'd!

  20. I agree with Trixie in one way- I have no intentions of coming back to GH if this crap is the best they can come up with. But I have to disagree with Trixie in another way- SB CAN act- he has had good material in the (far far distant) past- it is just the crap he has been given by Guza et al that makes him emotionless...And just because Guza is gone doesn't mean the "et al" is gone too...

  21. To me when Maurice,Jason and Carly took over the show they should have changed the soaps name to MOB CITY thats why I left GH a year ago and when they killed off Alan.....Steve Burton did a scifi series a couple of years back and actually was good.But I agree with Lisa until Maurice is gone GH won't stand a chance to stay on the air but thats just my opinion.

  22. Hmm...I don't think Jason lost his memory of being a Q. He was thrown from a car and hit a concrete whatever and he lost part of his brain. He is brain-damaged. His isn't a case of memory--and supposedly he isn't able to recover as a Q. (But who knows if Wolfe has looked at history that closely?) I always figured he stares a lot because his brain isn't functioning on all circuits.

    I liked Liz and Jason together for a while, but always figured it didn't make for much of a story. Put them together and they would soon be boring. Of course, so is Jason and Sam...but that may be me--I just don't care enough to like them one way or another.

    In fact, every story right now is pretty awful. I like Lulu, but Greece? Cassadine compound? Really now.

    Sonny taking off to follow Jax and Brenda--yawn.

    Lucky and the two women, another yawn. I'm so tired of two women of this show calling each other names and being bitchy.

    Robin mismanaging at the hospital? A bigger yawn.
    Spinelli is mildly amusing--very mildly.

    Nope. Nothing to hold me to GH these day.

  23. I don't think Jason will be again Q But I do think he will get close to them GW said in his interviews that the Q's will rise and something about Jason I hope so I always want Jason to be back w/the Q's..

    Steve said in his events this weekend that he works w/Edward ad Monica and maybe will work w/Alan..

    I think Steve Burton is great actor he did wonderful job this year.. the only problem is and that is w/the rest of the cast the writing was so awful we didn't see great stuff.. Guza made every character boring and annoying w/the lazy writing..

    From recaps of the events every actor seem really happy&hopeful about the writing.. only we can do is watch...

  24. When Jason hit the tree, it was his frontal lobe-- which is personality and emotion. I think they even said that at the time.
    I think he'll dream about what it would have been like to BE a "real Q" and when he wakes up will have some more appreciation/feeling for that side of his life.

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