Thursday, July 21, 2011

Two New Characters to Kick of Wolf's Era..

Well, it's official... ABC floated the script for the new DOC-- the 30-something "Ewan" I mentioned earlier this week. Raven has the Full script up.  Excerpt: 

Dr. Ewen Keenan is an analyst who heals outside the rules. He's 30, Thick blonde hair, scruff of a beard, blue eyes. Handsome and masculine, but accessible. A man with nothing to prove. A big unpredictable kid at heart. Broad and expansive one minute, balled up and tender the next. Kind, affable and funny, Ewen's not afraid to get his hands dirty. He's a sports fan, a water baby. He loves children, animals, and horses in particular. He's a guys best friend, and a woman's fondest wish. He dabbles in art, painting broad canvases of water. He is in the process of writing a book, the contents of which he guards fiercely. He can be absent minded at times and careless about clothing. He's also prone to sudden bouts of brooding melancholia. A moment from his own past threatening to pull him under and drown him in unnamed sorrow. His treatment methods are challenging. Always keying in on one key trigger word rather than dwelling on the past. Something he is very careful to avoid when dealing with his own secrets. Ewen always pushes his patients to find new daring paths of interest. Finding the answers to their most problematic issues along the way.

Now.. why, why why? With Matt and Steve still hanging around, why a newbie? Your guess is as good as mine. The "Unnamed Sorrow and brooding melancholia" just cracks me up. Angst..angst angst.

Lady in White?? Gaga?? ahahhaa

This on the heels of the "Lady In White" that Ethan will see-- and hardly anyone else for awhile. A Gothic Mystery that is supposed to involved the Cassadines/Spencers and Q's.  Hell, at least they are both for something OTHER THAN THE MOB and can I pray NEITHER KNOW Carly??! LOL.

Get ready for the 2 newbies. Asher, the guy connected to ELQ will also figure into the hospital/drug story with Lucky and the prescription story. 

Hit the link for the "Lady in White" description.


  1. funny you brought up carly I figured they would pair her up with the new doc....Maybe they will finially give Liz someone new? As long as they don't try to get another doctor in to break up Robin and Patrick. They can give that a rest for awhile...Or, maybe Monica can have a fling with him and that is when Alan comes back!!!

  2. as much as I have longed for Liason in the past--I don't see them in the future--it could be just me but I think they are done. I also want nothing to do with LS. This doctor sounds exactly what I want for EW and its time folks. Move her away from both men and into a relationship with a no PC baggage man--sorry to my Liason buddies but I'm sick of her being this whiny, weak person and that's what they have both made her into and with either of them it would never change unless the writing changes and they have both moved on already.
    New man, new day!!!!!

  3. OMG. This doctor is sooooo Liz's new love interest. HAS to be lol. I mean, C'mon!: doctor, painter, loves kids, and don't get me started on his description. Blonde, blue eyes, masculine? Sounds like Jason lol. Hmmm... so I guess since they won't give Liz Jason MORGAN (hitman), they're going to give her Jason QUATERMAINE (doctor) pretty much LOL.

    Kind of excited if so. Liz needs someone new, other than Lucky to always back to... only to break up and be blamed for everything. Again, if this is the case, maybe Liz gets tired of hanging on to Lucky and finally moves on... only to make Lucky jealous, realizing he does want Liz but it may be too late. *prays* LOL

    I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but YES to the Robin/Patrick/Liz/Ewen friendship!

  4. VMG tweeted that Sonny was going to be paired with a new character soon. Maybe Lady in White is for him.

  5. Whatever happened to the PEDS Doctor? The one that Lisa brought in to woo Robin?!!??!!!

  6. The script was an interaction between Ewan and Lulu and I didn't know what to make of it. I didn't really like the writing. Ewan could come off as a complete fool depending on how well the actor portrays him.
    Too bad it doesn't sound like he's intended for Liz.


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