Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wolf: Day Two

 Want the latest Jax rumor? Go to WUBS NET and find out!!

SO, most people liked yesterday's show!! Many of us are figuring out GW is going back to his days of writing during the GH strike--the drugs, the carnival ("Gothic warning)-- it will also be interesting to see JJ play drug addict.
I had the BEST dental appointment today! The power went off 1/2 way through so they did the cleaning by hand, fast and I was OUTTA THERE!! woot!! 

OLTL: I love Trevor, it's going to be so hard when he goes. I also love RH so I'm so torn! I wish it could work  out somehow with both of them!!  
It's such a good show!! Loved Roxy and and RH..he growls and she thinks it's totally John! LOL 

GENERAL HOSPTIAL:  Jax was talking to Brenda on the phone today. Nice looking tie too. That was BEFORE he went back to film more (the whole getting Joss) -- (his hair, you can tell). So, they block taped that.

OMG, Swoon with Helena and Nikolas!! He helped her down the stairs. I'm so mad Tyler's gone now!! GET THEM BACK!! ALL the Cassadines!! NOW! Loved Lulu's face when Helena was talking about her being the "second child". Tyler Christopher looked GREAT.

Siobhan is really nuts. heh. You'd think GH would have put a railing up on that dang roof already. Also the backdrop? At least have some twinkling lights, it IS 2011. It's static! 

Steve and Olivia... they just make out all the time. LOL that's about it. Did you hear a drop about "Why did you leave Memphis' and then Steve dropped it. Huh.. wonder what that's about! 

Jax is going back for JOSS..wonder if he'll wear a wig heh.

...a woman who wears desperation like some women wear perfume"-Helena on Liz. She also said "Your father chose to consumate his affair on the Disco Floor"!! ahahaaa. She had some GREAT lines today. 

OFF TOPIC: I think it's hysterical that Kat Von D and Jesse James broke up Monday, and they are running all her dang promos for her show all over TLC!! HAHAHAA..AND in the premiere she gets a TATTOO OF HIS FACE on her!! Oh, the karma. THG has the clip. Pfffft.


  1. So, Monica lost her husband, her son AJ, her daugther Emily and...

    Forgetting someone Monica?


    Slipped your mind?

    Maybe she is still alive...

  2. Another awesome day for GW. Its still to early to tell but I have a feeling he's gonna be way better than Guza.

    Yay for Helena and Nikolas. I hope he comes back, the Cassadines just don't seem right with out him.

    I loved Monica talking to Liz!!! It made me happy.

    Lucky....No comment.

  3. Totally understand Monica's feelings, and she has every right to feel such a way... BUT, this is the number what person now to tell Liz off? lol

    Maxie, Carly, Sam, Lulu, Ric, Olivia, Lucky, Brooke, Nik, Siobhan... now Monica? Sheeeeeeesh. For such a sweet girl, she sure knows how to make some enemies.. if not, heated rounds of words.

  4. I always hoped and still hope that Monica and Liz would be close. Monica could be the mentor and mother-figure Liz needs.

    So, I'm hearing Steven's deal is that his best friend (Ewen??) slept w/ his girlfriend years back. I still feel Ewen is made for Liz, or I hope. But wouldn't it be funny if Liz got w/ Ewen? LOL.. Steve would be PISSED I bet.

    I love Steve and Olivia now! Hot!

  5. I found Shawn's war story very grim and unnecessary. I feel he could have talked about how the war affected him without those awful details. Yesterday Sam told the story of how her mother made Danny live in the basement and that he wore a groove in the floor riding his bike in circles. I hope we are not treated to such punishing details every day as it certainly will wear thin with me very quickly.

  6. Not only has there been more history in the last two days then there was int he previous decade there has also been a hell of a lot more flesh!!!!

  7. Not sure if this GW's writing, because if I recall correctly, he liked the character of Elizabeth???

    Seems to me she's been put through the ringer the past few days...kinda like she's everyones' doormat...smells of remnants of Guza's writing!!!

    Girl can't catch a break, can she??

  8. If they want to bring back a Quartermaine and not have to raise them from the dead why not bring back Jimmy Lee Holt, Edward's son? He has a history on the show not just with Edward, Monica and Tracy but was also connected to the Scorpio's (Anna and Robert) and Webber's (Heather). I can not recall all the details but was he not also involved in the storyline where Jason's biological mother Susan Moore was killed?

  9. Watchintele. But Liz is now being written in a way where she is the victim and you can cheer for her to whoop Siobhan's ass. Prepping us for a re-emergence of strong Liz I think (and hope)!

  10. Exactly, Frisco.

    That's my point. I cannot stand when she's written as a victim for all other characters to dump on her.

    This is so reminiscent of when Sam was berating her at every turn for her own insecurities. Constantly, showing up at her place of work and ripping her a new one.
    Only difference this time around is that Jason has be taken out of the equation and replaced with Lucky.

    Please, some originality!! Is that too much to ask for???

    And, I don't even want to touch the whole issue of Sam being portrayed as a geniune, kind person, like her sh*t smells like roses.
    But, yesterday's scene with her there trying to counsel Elizabeth when it should have been about the parents leaning on one another in their time of grief.

    Btw, I just have to say it...when Monica left, and Sam said, sorry, I heard the conversation and I guess it's an occupational hazard as I'm a PI...


  11. Watchintele I don't get why you feel the need to dump on Sam just cause of what they're doing to Elizabeth. I'm pretty sure we are almost all tired of the Siobhan thing, and hopefully Elizabeth gets a really good storyline soon, but that has nothing to do with Sam.

    P.S. The only reason Sam would show up at the hospital back then was because Elizabeth kept showing up at the home she shared with Jason. Just saying.

  12. I remember Dawn, she was murdered but I cannot remember by whom...
    and, I agree with you Shirleedee, the war story was a bit too explicit, not necessary and a turn off for sure...

  13. please no Liz/Sam fights..they had a great scene together yesterday...can't we just leave it at that!?

  14. I agree with Watchintele, that Sam has been made to smell like a rose which I find ridiculous, sorry. That needed to be done to sell the jasam couple and break liason ties to get rid of liason fans. Jasam was not gaining the support so Guza figured out a way to promote them.

  15. Dawn was murdered by Edge... for her money if I remember correctly. Or what he thought was her money.

  16. Lucky going back on drugs reminds me of GV's Lucky.That is what made me dislike Lucky and never want to see him with Liz again. I saw a ravenbeauty script which has him with another lady and I hope they do that. I read Garin's interview saying they will be taken on different paths and I hope that means out of eachother's relationship orbit. GH please don't reunite them. Give Liz a backbone to stop letting people walk all over her. I love Monica and am sorry that she didn't know jake was hers, but Jason should have told his own mother. Liz needs to tell off a lot of people ( especially all those critics of her who have also lied multiple times and caused their family pain including monica ).
    Had to vent because I'm tired of Liz and Jax being the doormats. It's time for them to turn things around.

  17. Dudeitsstar, maybe you are right and I shouldn't have dumped on Sam, but this storyline with Siobhan and Elizabeth is just a rehash of Sam and Elizabeth, hence the mention and easy segway into my rant of Sam.

    And, to clarify, Sam did constantly stalk Elizabeth at work after she (Sam) and Jason were no longer together...trying to goad Elizabeth into an arguement. Threatening to spill Jake's paternity to Lucky.

    Furthermore, Elizabeth and Jason have been friends/more than friends long before Sam was even introduced. So Elizabeth going to Jason's was and still is a normal reaction.

    Sorry Karen, didn't mean to start anything.
    Cannot stand Sam, just find the writing for her so superficial and false!!!
    I feel they've never allowed Jason and Elizabeth to be there for one another in the way they could have been. Thus, my dislike for "Sam's intrusion" on a conversation that should have happened just between Elizabeth and Jason.
    Next time, I will make sure to check myself.

  18. I happen to agree that Sam eavesdrops alot.

  19. I think it frustrating to see Liz , a character , that is loved by many constantly be told off. With a supposedly new perspective ( new writer of which no pictures exist ), one would hope that this would change. It has been 1 solid year of trampling on Liz. Rebecca was fired and sick this year. I wish they could give this girl's character a spine. When she first came to town she wouldn't let anyone trample on her regardless of whether she was wrong. They even have Helena bashing her as desperate. It's so constant that it drives me not to want to watch the show.

  20. Sorry Karen, but no... it can't be left like that. It's more of the same BS. If poor Liz isn't getting moral advice from Sam of all ppl, regarding their history and Sam's actions that got zero consequence, it's the rest of PC inhabitants berating Liz at her work, home, and any other random inappropriate place... as she sits defenseless. I as a Liz fan can't stand by that and be happy. I know it looks like we do nothing but complain, but honestly, we have reason to. Liz hasn't had a rootable story in YEARS, no happiness in her life, cast off to the side w/ child by Jason, only for him to shack back up w/ the woman who added to the "danger" excuse that split them apart, I can go on and on. It's ridiculous. No offense, but now we have to sit by and be happy and grateful that poor Liz was allowed to have a scene w/ St. Jason... AND Mother Samantha (be it may an engagement and life is flaunted that Liz doesn't have)? Call me a bitch, because I can't deal lol.

  21. Guys, it's a soap opera on which nothing lasts forever. The only thing that comes after a wedding on a soap is a major breakup! Just chill and see what happens.

  22. Had a few crazy thoughts about the possibilty of Jax faking his death. What if he had help say from Jerry and Lady Jane? Then we have lady Jane coming to Port Charles and accusing Carly & Sonny of killing her son. She can sue for custody of Joss and win in which we see her bring Joss to Jax.

    Or GH can steal a storyline from DOOL and have Carly convicted of killing Jax and sent to death row. In the last minute Jax pops up alive. Personally Sonny can go to prison and stay there. I am so tired of him and his angst!

    hey Wolf: How about Carly waking up from a coma that's she been in say for 6 months and all that has happened in the last year or so was a crazy dream of hers or some is true and Carly has to figure it all out. We can have Johnny be an orderly, Siohban being a nurse with a normal accent, Liz and Lucky reunited and with Cam & Aidan, Dante can still be a cop but not related to Sonny, Jax is married to Skye and they have a daughter named Joss. Just crazy stuff like that.


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