Thursday, July 21, 2011

Going Backwards ..and Frying Eggs on the Sidewalk

PHEW!! What's worse?  A giant blizzard where you can't go outside or 120 degrees with humidity!!? LOL At least I'm not in England (the last time they had a giant heat wave it was 102)-- they had NO AIR! Not even the restaurants. I went into the cheese section of the grocery store to get cool!! ahaha.It's officially 100 here!

 Seamus Dever

Someone on twitter was talking about the new doctor (Ewan) and thinks it's a replacement for Ian Devlin who was at the head of the Wolf story during the writer's strike. Guza had him then shoot Michael... and the actor went to Castle. Interesting, could be!!  Dr. Ian sold illegal/fake Rx drugs, remember? 
Makes sense. 
I'm also wondering if the Lady in White will be connected to Siobhan and the Cassadines... that would make sense as well. Maybe Siobhan is a closet Cassadine? 

Kris Alderson tweeted this pic of her "train buddies"!! A Ford and a Dog.. lol

HEY!! Tina and CORD are coming back to OLTL!! WOW!! Andrea Evans and John Loprieno are going to reprise their roles. I love them, can't more on SID !!
OLTL was funny today and just a great watch. LOVED it.  Vamil's parents came--Bollywood!! David took the tip. Heh.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: More GREAT Alberta SET PHOTOS!! She's a nurse!! Gotta love it! 
I'm glad that Sam and Alexis are talking and NLG is back on the show more. Krissy came in! woot!
Morgan can cry, I'll give him that..sniff. Poor Jax, saying goodbye to Joss. aww.
Brenda and Sonny "I told you that girl would destroy you" -- "Tell me your sorry"!!!  
The house would be real but the rest would be a lie, my power base is here" says Sonny. Wow..that was some powerful Maurice work. "Power isn't something I can keep, hold on to and understand and I'm not giving it up for anybody"....   
"No matter where you are, I will always love you"....
Great scenes, then CARLY has to stomp on in to talk to Sonny--Laura Wright gets a TON of airtime already, did she have to come in at that second and blab to Sonny? Uh, no.
ROBIN and Brenda scene!! NICE!! thank you!!! It could have been longer but I'm not complaining.
JaSam on the rooftop... very romantical "I would be honored to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me"?? Sam says "You have changed me so much".... I hope their wedding is fun and has food, unlike S&Bs LOL The lug nut was fun--can't wait until they find the real one. I loved that dang ring!!
Brenda and Jax:  "Would you allow me to play the white knight for you one last time"???  Alec was cute on the plane! Teaching him Italian..awww.
Sonny says get "my plane ready"--he's going to flee for awhile (MB was touring the East Coast).

SO, CarJax: Over

Sonny and Brenda: Over
Jason and Sam: Getting Married 
Brenda: Leaving
Jax: Leaving 
Carly: Still yappin' 
AND... Sonny threw NO BAR WARE TODAY! 

GREAT GH day in so many ways--- the dialog and acting were really good.


  1. Acting was good but I disliked all the storylines. Especially annoying is Carly. Not a fan of jasam at all. I cannot wait for Q's and new characters and less airtime for sonny, carly and jason.

  2. Sorry Karen, I couldn't stand to watch after the last few episodes with jax being drugged, sonny and carly being the maoral compass, and jasam wedding. I get so angry at the storylines. Congrats, to jasam fans for their special day.

  3. Yes MB was great I loved how he said it was the power but when Brenda was talking to Robin she still blamed Carly! lol


  4. I loved the Brenda/Sonny scene when she tells him to remember the diamonds, it was a nice shout out to there history. I loved MB's acting today it was on point and his whole power speech was magnificent.

    Sam and Alexis just made me happy. I love that they are showing NLG more. All that was missing was Molly, she has been begging for a Jasam wedding for like ever.

    I loved the proposal. It was so sweet. I really do hope the wedding is this big event with food and a ton of people.

    Carly was still annoying today, I really miss the old fun loving, trouble starting Carly.

  5. Oh and Brenda and Jax leaving together was a nice scene with Alec (:

  6. Brenda, Sonny, and Carly: I wish Brenda would stop saying wow and tell Carly off! Or say wow but tell her off! :) Carly made a good point about how Brenda made a promise to Sonny.

    Brenda and Sonny: AHHHH this is so sad!!!! Sonny made me cry! :( He talks about power and love! And that love leaves and power stays! And that he won't give up his power. He needs his power. :'( Sonny had such a messed up childhood that it leads him to this!!! Maurice Bernard you are AWESOME! :)

    Jason and Maxie: Trying to find the ring!!! ROFL ROFL! Jason is so HOTT in that blue shirt! :)

    Jason and Sam: A long proposal from Jason and a long yes from Sam! UGH! Come on Sam just say yes! Geez you two I'm not getting any younger here. :) When Jason purposed, he says would you do me the honor. Honor?!!?! Jason really? Honor? Jason and honor in the same sentence? I don't think so ROFL!

    Carly and Sonny: Okay you two you gonna have sex? :) They usually do when either one is in pain.

    Brenda, Alec, and Jax: Great scene!!!! :) Yeah Brenda teach Alec Italian!!! :) He is a sponge! Teach him all sorts of languages! :)

    Alexis and Sam: Awww! She wants to know what her mom thinks of marrying Jason! And wants her blessing!!! Love the scene. :)

  7. Now you have to get Alberta a little blue cardigan!!

  8. I hope when Jason finally gets back to checking on Spinelli watching the bakery, Spin has actually found REAL corruption at that bakery and Jackal PI is knee-deep into it and has it well in hand...

    But no--I forget. It would take a OLTL writer to think of stuff like that...

  9. HOrrible show today. The worst part? Carly not explaining to her sons that what Sonny did was wrong. Instead she just said, you know your dad will do whatever he can to protect the family. THese boys love Jax as a father figure, but you are telling them it is ok for their real father to drug their step father? HORRIBLE writing on this one!
    Almost as bad as Alexis and Olivia just letting it happen too....


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